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Smash Hit Radio at the Barnyard Theatre Tygervalley in Durbanville (2019-10-05) Events & Entertainment | Photo Gallery 01 DEC 2019

So the long running, thoroughly entertaining outfit that was the Barnyard Theatre at Willowbridge is now no longer in the Willowbridge shopping mall. Instead, they have shut up shop at the old venue, gathered up their musical props, and crossed over the road to set it all up again in the venerable Tyger Valley Shopping Centre.

Situated in the big space at the top of the roof parking that used to be home to the Cape Town Fish Market for all these years, the Barnyard Theatre team have done an excellent job of crafting a very warm, industrial themed space that feels like a bit of an update in quality over their old digs – something that I can now confidently say having been to one of the opening shows in October when they at last threw open their new doors.

As for the show we went to watch, it was the standard Barnyard Theatre musical affair, with a talented group of singers doing lots and lots of costume changes whilst belting out radio hit after hit – all themed around a fictional radio station called “Smash Hit Radio”.

Theuns Jordaan at The Barnyard Theatre Music | My Life 19 OCT 2016

I’ve mentioned it more than once on these pages that I’m quite fond of Afrikaans music. It’s a delightful medley of over the top silliness all the way through to the real serious stuff. More importantly, it almost always has that ‘local’ feel, which is probably why I secretly enjoy it so much.

Anyway, halfway into October I was lucky enough to be able to catch a live performance of Theuns Jordaan at the Barnyard Theatre here at Willowbridge Mall in Durbanville – and as expected, it was a great evening out!


(If you aren’t familiar with him, essentially he is one of Afrikaan music’s biggest names, however at the same time, he flies so low under the radar that you pretty much almost never hear about him. Characterized by his deeply emotive bass voice, his music is the stuff that works best when sitting reflectively around the fire with a glass of red wine in hand! Also, now that I’ve seen him live, he tends to point his knees at one another when singing the slow stuff – which is kind of comical and can’t be unseen once you spot it.)

As it happened: Jessica and Emily got to spend some time with my folks, while Chantelle and I joined hers for the Thursday evening performance. Drink was obtained from the bar, and pizza ordered from the pizza counter – which was delicious I might add. (Not so much for Monty and Cheryl mind you, as for some or other reason, their order got kind of lost in the system).

We had a great view from the upper tier as Theuns and his super distinctive, deep voice got off to a slow and serious start, but halfway in he started applying the energy, waking the crowd up with a great mix of both his own material as well as classic English (like Neil Diamond and Johnny Cash) covers.

And of course, once his big hits started making their way into the set, well then things really became alive!

For example, “Net Voor Die Storm Kom” (my favourite by the way):

Also, how can you not like “Sal Jy Bly?”:

And of course, he saved the best for absolute last. I suspect though that the crowd may have killed him if he had walked off without performing this legendary track of his – “Soos Bloed”:

As for the venue: The Barnyard Theatre is a privately-owned group of small to medium-sized, intimate theatres and entertainment venue spaces across the whole of South Africa, primarily used to host local music events and stage performances.

Durbanville’s Willowbridge Mall (which long term readers might recall as playing host to the market that Chantelle and I traded at for the longest during her Cupcakery market stall run), is home to the Cape Town edition of the Barnyard Theatre, which is advertised as being able to seat around 500 guests.

The atmosphere is brilliantly informal and always ready for a party, with guests being able to consume both drink and food in the venue. (Drink can be grabbed from the downstairs bar, and as for food, if you don’t want to brink your own, then you can grab a pizza or two from the pizza service next to the bar as well!)

Needless to say, Chantelle and I have been to quite a few performances put on at Barnyard over the years! ;)


Always a fun option if you are looking for something to do with your evening in the Northern Suburbs of Cape Town.

Of course, just in case you are looking for it on the map, there you go:

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Amadeus Rocks! at Barnyard Theatre Willowbridge My Life | My Reviews 05 JUL 2016

Chantelle and I had a nice run up to Father’s Day this year, first with a date night that saw us enjoy some good food at the recently opened Rooibos restaurant in Strand, followed by the thoroughly entertaining, Shane Black directed “The Nice Guys” starring Russell Crowe and a hilariously good Ryan Gosling.

However, the next evening brought in an even nicer treat in the form of Amadeus Rocks!, a musical show rocking out at the always entertaining Barnyard Theatre at Willowbridge.

Following the success of a previous show entitled Roll Over Beethoven, Amandeus Rocks! replicates the formula by bringing back a resurrected Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart whose goal (other than impressing the ladies) is to change classical music into rock music.

Featuring two pianos, a set of drums, an electric guitar, a bass guitar, and the star of the show, an electric violin – oh, and the fabulous team of nine musicians and singers that brings everything to life, we were treated to a fantastic set of cover songs and instrumentals that covered a range that included classical, classical rock and contemporary pop tunes.

Smoke, lights, sound and a lot of energy makes for an exciting show indeed!

amadeus rocks barnyard theatre willowbridge electric violin in action

Our outing was put together by Rob and Tarryn, who had wanted to treat their respective dads Monty and Herman with a special Father’s Day treat, and in the end we were a nice group of ten (the dads with their wives and all the grown-up kids), with a near front row table and a spread laid out in front of us that definitely was making everyone around us drool in jealousy!

Tarryn certainly doesn’t mess around when she organises a special outing, that’s for sure!

Although the show had less rock content than what I was expecting, it was nevertheless a thoroughly enjoyable, entertaining evening out – with Chantelle salivating over the electric guitar player in particular – and I’m pretty confident that everyone walked out that venue with a massive smile on their faces!

amadeus rocks barnyard theatre willowbridge durbanville bass guitar

amadeus rocks barnyard theatre willowbridge durbanville mozart piano

amadeus rocks barnyard theatre willowbridge durbanville singer

amadeus rocks barnyard theatre willowbridge durbanville

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Dancing Queen My Life | My Reviews 05 AUG 2008

Agnetha FaltskogThe last time I was at the fantastic Barnyard Theatre situated in Willowbridge Mall, Durbanville, was way back in July last year, so you can understand my excitement at the prospect of returning to that great venue this past Saturday evening. It’s just too bad that the reason for returning was none other than a tribute to ABBA and Queen concert, two bands which I truthfully hold no love nor nostalgia for (apart from a miserly handful of songs – like the Highlander series theme tune – which of course sadly did not feature in the lineup).

However, in the quest to be fair, I hereby offer my objective, free from all possible negative thoughts that I might unconsciously be emanating, review of the show: Simply put, it was great. Really, really great (and this pains me so. Saying good things about ABBA comes with great difficulty to me) .

Dancing Queen: A Tribute to ABBA, Queen and the 70’s and 80’s pays homage to admittedly two of the biggest and most influential names in the pop and rock genres, namely Swedish foursome ABBA and British-based Queen, as well as to the period in which glitz, glam and some of the greatest radio tunes were actually written. The show covers both groups’ greatest hits and then takes it a step further by combining the two to leave you with what can only be described as a musical extravaganza!

The show is currently enjoying a highly popular and limited run (it finishes up on the 17 August), meaning that we had to book our tickets literally months ago already. The original plan had been for Chantelle and me to join up with Monty, Cheryl, Mom, Pops, Claire and Riley, but an unfortunate scheduling clash led to Claire and Riley relinquishing their tickets which were then picked up by Daphne and Andre (Mom and Pop’s friends).

So on Saturday evening just after 19:30 with platters of food already in hand and quick trip to the bar to buy overpriced wine, the eight of us settled down in our surprisingly good seats that saw us seated on the upper tier of the venue, directly in front of the stage which gave us the perfect viewpoint from which to survey the evening’s proceedings. It wasn’t a long wait as the theatre quickly became full, packed to capacity, and the lights dimmed to reveal a starry stage and some unusually dressed in white chaps sitting ready behind a piano and a guitar.

And then it happened. Two particularly good looking women in signature furry white ABBA outfits burst onto stage and we were instantly transported back to 1973 when ABBA won the Eurovision Song Contest with Waterloo.

Naturally the slightly older crowd (and Chantelle) went wild as the foursome backed by some talented guys on lead guitar, bass guitar and drums started belting out veritable ABBA hit after hit, driving us back with an explosion of fluffy pop beats and lyrics that saw me drive my head into my hands in despair and the rest of the crowd start swinging their glow sticks about wildly in the air.

Luckily the initial ABBA assault didn’t last too long as the lights once again dimmed and next out on stage were three good looking guys rocking out to some of the older Queen material, which funnily enough not that many of the people instantly recognized. Again, we only got a handful of songs (which were far more enjoyable to me than the ABBA stuff) before the switcheroo happened once again and we got some more ABBA from the ladies (all in completely new outfits again) .

And so the night unfolded. Hit song after hit song, constantly switching between ABBA and Queen, an insane amount of costume changes, an extremely versatile band of musicians which saw almost everyone on stage take the lead on a song, lots of props and even some musical comedy to boot as well!

The music performed moved in pretty much a chronological order, meaning we got to hear almost all the big ABBA hits, including songs like Waterloo, Ring, Ring, SOS, Does your mother know, Thank you for the music, Knowing me Knowing you, Mamma Mia, Money, Money, Take a chance on me, I have a dream and Voulez Vous.

Similarly on the Queen side of the spectrum the crowd got to enjoy hits like Killer Queen, Somebody to love, We are the Champions, Don’t stop me now, Death on two legs, You’re my best friend, Love of my life, It’s a kind of Magic, Radio Ga Ga, The Show Must Go On, Another one bites the dust, Who wants to live forever and of course, Bohemian Rhapsody.

The eleven piece cast consisting of James Dobson on piano and keyboards, Adrian Beecham on guitar and vocals, Jason Guile on guitar and vocals, Adrian Poulsen, Darren Vercuile and Rene’ Kruger on male vocals, Cherise Roberts and Monique Steyn on female vocals, Juan Smit on drums and Donovan Thatcher on bass guitar can all only be described as extremely polished and competent performers and they managed to entertain and hold the crowd’s attention for the entire duration of the show (which is almost a good 3 hours long!).

So in summary, despite the fact that I don’t like the music (well mainly ABBA’s stuff anyway), the show itself was spectacular and an absolute masterpiece in terms of its production, quality and performances, and judging by the crowd’s response, you’ll be a fool to miss this musical spectacle of the year. Thoroughly worth the entrance price and definitely something you should make an effort to go and see – particularly if you are a fan of the 70’s and 80’s music revolution!

Dancing Queen1 Dancing Queen2 Dancing Queen3 Dancing Queen4

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