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Kids, Bikes and Country Mews in Gordon’s Bay (2016-08-20) Photo Gallery 29 AUG 2016

Jessica was enjoying quite a good Saturday. She had already had fun at Courtney’s birthday party in the morning (hence the face paint), then she had ice cream in kleinmond, following by a walk around the harbour and then some adventure on a coastal walkway.


Yet, despite all this, the girls still wanted more, meaning that regardless of the fact that neither Chantelle nor I wanted to leave the comfort of our couch following our return from the day’s outing, we had little choice but to given in to the incessant cry to go out for a sunset complex bike tag-along.


Which in the end wasn’t all that bad mind you.

A beautiful sunset, lots of flowers showing at the communal garden space, some play time on the jungle gym, and I guess, some nice fresh air.


Still, a snooze on the couch would have been rather nice!

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Jessica and her new Bicycle Jessica 10 APR 2015

A couple of weeks ago Chantelle and I surprised Jessica by taking her to Game and letting her choose a new bicycle.

She had outgrown her first bicycle and to be honest, being a second hand buy, it was a bit tired by now – in fact, one of the pedals had even come off the other day! (Not to mention the hard plastic wheels that were now completely devoid of all grip!)

So with the old one out it made sense to get her something a bit bigger and better – which is exactly why I was more than happy to part with my R1,100 and return home with a beautiful purple and white, 16 inch Raleigh kids’ bicycle – accompanied with a bright pink cycle helmet to finish off the ensemble.

IMG_20150325_180226 - jessica lotter on her new purple raleigh bicycle

Well, when I say returned home with, I do of course mean I arrived home with a big cardboard box, which stayed on the dining room table for a day or two before I finally gathered enough strength to open the box, spill out is contents, and attempt to assemble a bicycle.

(Surprisingly, this took me longer than expected – I had some trouble lining up the brakes).

Of course, we immediately needed to take it out for a test drive, and pleasingly a beaming, unable-to-contain-her-excitement, Jessica was more than happy to oblige.

In fact, all the friends around the complex quickly got wind of what we were up to thanks to us tearing about the complex at high speed (seriously, all of a sudden Jessica is rather quick on her two wheels), and soon everyone  was in on the fun!

IMG_20150325_181924 - the girls of country mews on their bicycles

So yeah, I’d definitely say that this was a successful purchase for the Lotter clan! Now I guess the next step is for her to become confident enough that we can start thinking about ditching those side wheels of hers…

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Jessica’s First Bicycle Ride (2014-01-12) Photo Gallery 29 DEC 2014

It’s incredible just how much Jessica has grown in one year. Halfway through January 2014 we bought Zandea’s old bicycle from Dean and Zania, thinking that perhaps it was time for Jess to start learning to ride a bike. She however turned the tables on us, and right there and then, hopped on and went for a pedal.


Fast forward a year and the bicycle, can you believe it, is already too small for her! :)

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