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Winelands Markets fun at Blaauwklippen in Stellenbosch (2019-11-10) Markets | Photo Gallery 10 JAN 2020

It’s all a little confusing really, but for all intents and purposes the famous Blaauwklippen Family Market (which has been running since 2011) doesn’t exist any more – except that it is still very much thriving if you rock up at the beautiful Blaauwklippen wine estate on a Sunday. So what gives?

Well the organisers behind the super successful market have decided to flex their market organizing wings a bit and as such having a name that ties them to a single estate is a bit limiting – hence the birth of Winelands Markets. (Not the most distinct of company names to run a web search against to be honest!)

Anyway, as part of this process they dropped the whole Blaauwklippen Family Market moniker, the signage has all come down, and instead their most famous creation now operates under the name of Winelands Markets at Blaauwklippen, with I suppose the idea being that they can substitute the @ part of the name with each new venue that comes aboard.

Naming shenanigans aside though, the lush green, family-orientated, pet-friendly market still makes for one of the best lazy Sunday afternoons out and about, with plenty of vibe, delicious food and drink options, and interesting crafters offering up all manner of wares for your perusal.

Mind you, on this particular visit both Chantelle and I thought that the number of stalls is now markedly less than what we remember (bear in mind that we did take a year long break from markets), and the market area itself is definitely looking a little more tired than what it used to – but so long as Catje’s and their delicious pancakes remain onboard, we’ll be okay! ;)

Blaauwklippen Market Outing (2014-12-28) Photo Gallery 28 DEC 2014

Wanting to make the most of such a beautiful Sunday morning, Chantelle and I decided to take the kids out to the Blaauwklippen Family Market, a market that neither of us have been to for quite some time.

As it turned out, the good weather and holiday season meant that we weren’t the only ones with this idea, meaning that Blaauwklippen was literally bursting at the seams with all the people. Nevertheless, we did the required queuing, got our hands on the requisite pancakes for Jess, and found a great little space in the shade, from where we could take in the sights, sounds, and vibe of a market properly in full swing.

Like always, the live music on offer was absolutely fantastic (I unfortunately didn’t catch the performing duo’s name), whilst Jess in particular was taken with watching all of the kiddies go for rides on a small white pony (the queue was incredibly long, which made it even more sad when the pony had to go for its rest breaks. So, so many disappointed little faces!).

As for Emily, who spent a lot of time strapped to Mommy for the record (NooNoo Pie Tie for the win), seemed most enthralled with Chantelle’s prize purchase – a little plastic jar of roasted pecan nuts!


(Oh, and if we thought that Blaauwklippen was busy, boy were we in for a surprise when travelling past the Root 44 market on the way home. I don’t think I’ve ever before seen their parking lot so completely filled from top to bottom! In other words, it really was the perfect day to be out and about in the Stellenbosch area…)

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Photo Gallery: Visit to Blaauwklippen Market (2013-01-20) Photo Gallery 20 JAN 2013

A gorgeous sunny day meant that we weren’t quite ready to head home just yet following our visit to the newly opened Root 44 market, and so Chantelle, Jessica and myself found ourselves making the short drive down the road to the more established Blaauwklippen market, which I must say, blew our socks off. We had only been once before, but the rain had meant we didn’t get to see this vibrant market in its full glory – something which I’m quite glad to say we now have! :)


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Photo Gallery: Blaauwklippen Market and Picnic Lunch (2012-04-08) My Life | Photo Gallery 08 APR 2012

We joined up with the Montgomery Clan and headed out to Stellenbosch over the Easter Weekend to check out yet another market hosted by the gorgeous Blaauwklippen Wine Estate, which has been in existence since the late 1600s! (The wine estate, not the market.)

We also organised to partake in their special Easter Sunday picnic, but unfortunately for us, the weather didn’t exactly play along, meaning that the market was held in a barn, and the picnic was shifted into their big restaurant. Nevertheless, the food was simply divine, and in the end, we all enjoyed a fantastic day out!

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