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Compare Two Ubuntu PCs through Performance Benchmark Scores CodeUnit 02 JUL 2012

The ability to compare performance between more than one machine is usually achieved through benchmark performance tests. One such handy tool when running Ubuntu or Linux machines is the nifty HardInfo, written by Leandro A. G. Pereira.

It is able to gather information about your system’s hardware and operating system, perform CPU benchmarks, and generate printable reports either in HTML or in plain text formats.

Simple in design, and very easy to use, HardInfo is well worth the install if you want a quick gut feel of which machine is running quicker, as well as need a slightly more detailed look at your Ubuntu PCs’ insides.

To install, launch the Ubuntu Software Center and do a search for either “benchmark” or “hardinfo”. Puzzling enough, the application appears under the name “System Profiler and Benchmark”, but once you have selected it, you will see that the description starts off with the word “Hardinfo” and the developer website links to “hardinfo.berlios.de”, marking it as being correct.

Install as per normal.

You can access via System Tools -> System Profiler and Benchmark, or from the terminal by entering “hardinfo”.

Until a network update is completed (Information -> Network Updater…) only the results of local tests can be viewed under the ‘Benchmarks’ section. Completing a network update will download additional benchmarks for comparison and against the local machine. Benchmark results will then appear ranked from best performing to lowest performing against other systems.

HardInfo comes with the following benchmark tests: CPU Blowfish, CPU CryptoHash, CPU Fibonacci, CPU N-Queens, FPU FFT, and FPU Raytracing.

And now you know. Nifty.

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Making a Splash with Jessie Jessica 09 SEP 2011

It would appear that Jessica loves the water, as noted by the fact that she starts crying when taken out of the bath, or removed from the shower (yes, she now showers with Chantelle every now and then), or lifted out of the swimming pool.

Wait a minute. Back up there Mr. Narrator. Did you just say pool?

Yup, I said pool. Monday was the official start of Jessica’s career in swimming, with the ultimate goal being of course her role as a top paid swimsuit model who jets around the world and happens to takes her folks along for the ride. But I digress. Anyway, Chantelle and some of the other mommies from the Mommies Club that she now and then attends decided that the time was now right for swimming lessons, and thus it came about that we signed up our little dribble monster at the Blowfish Swimming school in the Strand.

There was a fair bit of scrambling around to get the necessary items like a swimming nappy, baby swimming costume and of course some swimming attire for the big girl accompanying the little girl in the pool, but as per usual Chantelle’s fine administrative skills meant that come Monday the two Lotter girls were ready for some wet and splashy action!

The school is situated in residential Strand and the pool itself is a marvelous temperature controlled indoor pool with all the necessary equipment, layout and what-not required. Apparently the instructor is fabulous and by all accounts, Chantelle, Jessie, Andy and Annabella all enjoyed their outing tremendously! (I’m jealous, because I didn’t get to attend).

Between the two adults, a handful of pictures and short video clips were captured, and seeing as I’m not a particularly greedy man, I thought it prudent to post them up here and thus share with the rest of you lot! :P

A before shot:

An in the pool shot (Jessica is in the pink!):

And some photos. Note that the only pictures I have are these two and the one a little higher up in this post. Hopefully I’ll get the girls to give me a little bit more material to work with next week! *hint hint* :P

In summary: Looks like they had loads of fun while I was stuck at work. Luckily buggers! ;)

2014-01-20 UPDATE: After numerous people contacting me for a contact number for Blowfish Swimming School, my wife went and dug up the number that we used when we were still utilizing their services a couple of years ago: Anke – 082 900 7614. Hopefully that helps.

Shorten Your URLs the Bit.ly Way! CodeUnit 29 JAN 2010

URL shorteners are all the rage at the moment, made particularly popular by the advent of micro-blogging platforms like Twitter and even FaceBook updates for that matter. The concept is pretty simple. Take a long URL, pass it on to the shortening service and receive a far more compact URL that points to the original URL.

Obviously you can see the advantage of this.

Now I must admit that my favourite shortener at the moment (and believe me, there are many of these services out there) is bit.ly.

Aptly support by its bright blowfish mascot, bit.ly performs the basic URL shortening function quickly and with minimal effort, but at the same time enhances the experience with a friendly, quick and quite usable user interface.

On top of all this, they then throw in a whole lot of extra services like tracking shortened URL clicks, storing your converted URL history, and registering a host of other stats against all manner of shortened URLs, never mind all the goodies if you upgrade to a Pro account.

Pro account? Yup, believe it or not, they’ve even managed to figure a way of monetizing this particularly simple concept!

In any event, what I really want to say is that they offer a pretty damn good service – even if it is something as simple as shortening your URLs for you! ;)

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