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Grand Canal Boat Ride aboard the Intaka Island Ferry at Century City (2016-09-18) Photo Gallery | Travel Attractions 20 NOV 2016

In September I took Chantelle and the girls for a bit of a bird watching stroll in the beautiful, 16 ha large wetland and bird sanctuary, Intaka Island – which is situated literally right in the heart of the architecturally beautiful Century City development.


The weather was of course beautiful, the birdlife plentiful – and of course, the girls didn’t really like the long, hot walk at all.

However, what they did enjoy was climbing and playing on the two beautifully restored, plinth-mounted old steam trains outside the entrance to Intaka Island (right across from the Clubhouse and Century City’s Central Park), and even more so, the prospect of going on a boat ride along the Grand Canal on the Intaka Island Ferry.


Tickets for the ferry were bought as part of the entrance package into Intaka Island, and so we made doubly sure that we were back at the boat for the prescribed launch time – not that the girls would have let us miss it anyway!


The short boat ride is actually pretty cool – essentially you get taken out into the waterways surrounding Intaka Island, circle the island and then head onto the Grand Canal, passing through under the massive Knightsbridge towers and then heading all the way down to the beautiful African Pride Crystal Towers Hotel, where you turn around and head back towards the island again.


The  architecture of Century City is of course amazing (seriously, Canal Walk and Ratanga Junction is not Century City. Do yourself a favour and walk out back if you have never done so before – explore the beautiful pathways and art installations that makes Century City such a serene jewel in the first place!), and thanks the the plexiglass and shaded roof, the trip is quite a comfortable one.


Jessica of course walked up and down the boat for pretty much the entire trip, spending most of it hanging over the side to get a better look. (That was of course until the two of them spotted the cute little puppy that was also onboard for the ride!)


All in all, well worth tacking on a boat ride the next time your find yourself buying a ticket into Intaka Island!

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Also, Intaka Island is worth checking out if you’d quite enjoy a spot of birdwatching:

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Viljoensdrift Boat Ride (2015-07-09) Photo Gallery 04 AUG 2015

Situated on the beautiful stretch of country road (R317) between Robertson and Bonnievale, Viljoensdrift wine estate, nestled south of the Elandsberg Mountains, finds itself quite literally on the banks the Breede River – the so-called lifeblood of the Robertson Wine Valley.

Although they have been producing and selling grapes to other wine estates for years, they have recently joined the wine-making game themselves, and by all accounts are doing quite well in that field. However, as part of our Montagu holiday trip, their fine wine was not what we had come for on the day!

IMG_20150709_125658 craig lotter with emily on the viljoensdrift wine estate river boat ride

Viljoensdrift River Cruises are well known in the area – essentially a hour long cruise up and down a section of the Breede river, giving you plenty of birdlife as well as tranquil scenery to take in. Of course, you also have the time to put together a picnic basket from their little deli, meaning that this is a great wine and dine opportunity as well!

IMG_20150709_114631 viljoensdrift wine estate river boat ride

Jessica was particularly excited for the boat ride, and despite the cold, overcast weather, the cruise aboard our aluminum boat proved to be pretty enjoyable. Lots of snacking and drinking was partaken in, and before you knew it (although Jess did start to get a little bored towards the end), our hour on the water was up!

IMG_20150709_130155 lotter clan on the viljoensdrift wine estate river boat ride

Needless to say, my phone’s camera was hard at work as always! ;)

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