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The Avengers Cosplay Quickie: Black Widow (Unidentified) Cosplay 30 MAR 2012

This unidentified cosplayer really pulls off a great version of the Russian spy turned American hero, the Black Widow at the Bostom Comic Con 2011.

Oh and look, she even features Natasha Romanoff’s infamous Widow’s Bite bracelets – for you know, when her martial arts prowess needs a little supplementing.

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Batman: Arkham Asylum Cosplay Quickie: Harley Quinn (Unknown) Cosplay 02 MAR 2012

Batman: Arkham Asylum was a phenomenal game (apart from the plant segments) and definitely remains a must play game on any comic book gamer’s list. Whilst most of the characters retained their classic costumes, Harley Quinn showed up for a laugh in this uber sexy purple and red nurse outfit, which must have been such a hit that it was revisited (with even less cloth!) when DC later launched their major reboot, dubbed the New 52, and dragged her into the new incarnation of Suicide Squad.

Anyway, this unidentified American cosplayer took it upon herself to pick up Harley’s sexy purple and red nurse duds at the 2011 Boston Comic Con, much to every fanboy’s delight we’re sure!