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Grabbing the Bottle with Both Hands Jessica 24 JUN 2011

Jessie’s continued development steam-rolls ahead with each and every passing day, with one such milestone being the ability to at last reach out to something in front of her and try to grab it with both hands. Of course, the applies very nicely to her milk bottle and as you can see from the pics, she’s making great inroads towards feeding herself come bottle time.

Soon she’ll be all like, “Look Mom, both hands!” ;)

(And in case you were wondering, she has quite the steely grip in those little hands of hers. I truly fear for my nose and more importantly, nose hairs, every time I get in close!)

The Power of the Bottle: How to Get Jessica to Stop Screaming Jessica | My Life 16 MAR 2011

If Jessica is hungry then the world knows that Jessica is hungry. What used to be a little mouse squeak has matured into a decent set of lungs, with the stamina to match, and with the little tell of a quivering lip, she can literally drive you up the wall at any given notice.

But it is quite amusing how instantaneously one can stop this little screaming princess dead in her tracks, all with one well-placed prod of a single mommy-milk-drenched teat!

See what I mean? :)