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Tinkerbell Lotter My Life 06 NOV 2009

It’s not like I’ve been neglecting blogging you know, honest. After all, I have been religiously populating The CodeUnit of Craig with code and techbits, but agreed, I haven’t quite been keeping up gear with the blogging regarding my personal life, so much so that I’m only getting around to mentioning my Bachelors now, a full two weeks or so since it actually happened!

Of course, I know it could have been far worse than what it was (the latest horror story I’ve heard featured a guy at a busy cross road weariing nothing else but a woman’s lacy g-string), but given the fact that I wasn’t given the choice between “pain” and “shame”,  all I’ve got to show for a fun night out with my friends are these rather horrible photos courtesy of Damen and Karl. Thanks guys, I may just have to kill you both now (and everyone else who subsequently views the pictures that you guys posted to Facebook of all places! (I’m trusting Malcolm’s video hasn’t appeared online yet!) :P

That said, pink really does bring out my eyes, doesn’t it? ;)

Horrible photo sets in which I don’t look good, you have been warned: Bachelors photoset 1 | Bachelors photoset 2

This is the level of concentration I exude when bowling. Notice the beautiful poise and balance with which I deliver as well. Impressive if I say so myself.

This is the level of concentration I exude when bowling. Notice the beautiful poise and balance with which I deliver as well. Impressive if I say so myself.

Let’s Go Bowling My Life 27 AUG 2008

Bowling BallSeeing as we just didn’t get to go bowling over the weekend as we had originally planned, we turned Monday night into our impromptu bowling night and drove out to Somerset Mall to check out the Let’s Go Bowling franchise out there, in the hopes that it was at least in a bit better condition than the monstrosity that now inhabits Tygervalley.

As it turns out, yes, yes it is better than the one down at Tygervalley. Sure the price is still ridiculously high and the equipment is quite a bit older than that at Tygervalley, but the lanes and equipment are far better cared for and there seems to always be staff on duty watching out for technical difficulties which is an instant plus in my book considering the mess I usually sit with when trying to play out at Tygervalley. Now that I think about it, we didn’t experience a single fault the whole game, something rather impressive if you take into account the older equipment we were using.

It seems that Monday night is league night as a whole lot of people with scary customized balls and single hobo gloves where duking it out in the lanes next to us, but that didn’t stop Chantelle and myself from putting on a dreadful display of just plain bad bowling, with nary a single strike between the two of us! (I’m just going to put it down the fact that this was a practice night, getting all the cobwebs out before we invite the rest of the gang out to GB for a night of pizza and bowling.)

Now a game of two-man bowling does not exactly last long (you really do need to bowl in a group to get the most out of your money!) and when our rather paltry final tally appeared on the board, we decided to lengthen the evening just that little by grabbing the nearby pool cues and getting our game on – something we perhaps really shouldn’t have done.

Seems that lack of practice really does affect one’s game :)

Oh, and for the record, I took the honours in the bowling, with Chantelle trailing behind, but she turned the tables on me by winning both games of pool, thanks to faults on the black by yours truly in each and every game!

Damn the little black ball I tell you!