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Anime Download: Hajime no Ippo: New Challenger Anime 28 MAY 2010

The young, likeable nice guy, Ippo Makunouchi continues his boxing career, forever working towards that goal of finally knowing the meaning of being strong. However, the desire to fight his idol of old, Ichiro Miyata burns as strong as ever, but in order to get there he is going to, as per usual, have to face and beat down a host of strong competitors in the ring first!

Hajime no Ippo was a surprising anime hit when it first kicked off back in 2000, lasting all the way through to 2003 for a run of 76 episodes. The story of the ultimate nice guy underdog shoved into the brutal world of boxing captured the attention of everyone and I must admit to having thoroughly enjoyed this unusual sports anime.

In any event, there was much rejoicing when a follow up series was announced and at the start of January 2009, Hajime no Ippo: New Challenger hit the screens, staying there for a full 26 epsiode run.

The story pretty much follows on from the first season and so fans were thrust straigh back into the life of Ippo, following his training, fighting and personal life in what is actually a pretty engaging, comical and action-packed series.

Well worth watching if you are a sports anime genre fan then in other words!

Anyway, as is now the norm, I’ve scoured the free download sites like MegaUpload, RapidShare and MediaFire and have compiled this list of easy to download files for you to enjoy!

(Trust me, this one is going to be a knockout! :P)


Review: Rocky Balboa (2006) My Reviews 15 MAR 2007

For lack of anything else to watch at Stellenboschs Eikestad Mall, Liz and I settled on watching Rocky Balboa, Sylvester Stallones last attempt at cashing in on what is probably Philadelphias most famous fictional character. But call it what you may, debase it, hurl insults at it, Rocky Balboa brings is the perfect conclusion to this legendary franchise. It pits the much older Stallone as an aging Rocky Balboa who now lives a quiet life running a restaurant, content with living out his past through the stories he tells to his customers.

But the beast inside has quite been lost yet, and when the opportunity to bring it out for one final fight arrives, Rocky sees himself having one last shot at glory against the worlds current heavyweight champ, Macy Dixon.

The film is written by Stallone and its a perfect match as Sylvester is more intimate with the character than probably anybody else. The film is slow, clichd, predictable – and yet thoroughly enjoyable to anyone who has ever seen the previous movies and know anything about the character. A lot of homages are made and in the end, one cant help but walk out of the cinema feeling good.

(And yes, Stallone still looks and sounds like hes slow, stupid and in a permanent drug haze – just in case you were wondering)