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Staying at Stonehill River Lodge in Buffeljagsrivier (2016-09-21) Accommodation | Photo Gallery 28 DEC 2016

We were extremely fortunate in September to get the chance join Chantelle’s folks Monty and Cheryl on a mid-week holiday to the fantastic Stonehill River Lodge, set along the strong flowing Breede river in Buffeljagsrivier (near Swellendam).

Stonehill River Lodge (part of the Dream Resorts group) consists of a small number of luxury self-catering units dotted along the Breede river, fronted by a stretch of lush green lawn and completed with breathtaking views of the Langeberg Mountains.

We arrived at the lodge early evening on the Wednesday, having been treated to some spectacular sunset skies along the dirt back roads you need to take in order to reach the destination.

The fire was already going strong, and that pretty much set the tone for our short two night stay in this truly stunning venue. (I.e. this setting calls for a braai every evening!)

The kids had a ball running and playing on the vast stretch of rolling lawn that fronts the river, while Chantelle and I got a kick out of enjoying some time in the jacuzzi that comes with quite the view.

Frisbee, trampoline, chess, and if you don’t have little ones to entertain, hiking and some good river fishing is all on offer at this particularly tranquil space.

I had to of course do some support work while I was there (it was mid-week after all), but for the most part it was all explore and play.

Thursday saw us encounter slightly wet weather (and a river whose level rose frighteningly overnight – a valid concern mind you, seeing as this place floods ever three or so years thanks to the way the river bends in the area!),  which then meant a slightly damp sightseeing trip into nearby Swellendam – where we visited a chocolatier, spotted a spectacular church, had lunch in an old house, and explored a faerie sanctuary!

As you may have guessed by now, this little getaway was a huge success. Loads of fun was had in these stunning surroundings and I have to admit – I’m kind of eager to head out that way again once the opportunity arises!

(Primarily because I’m rather eager to cross the river on the famous pontoon at Malgas! Incidentally, it is the last hand-drawn pont of its kind in the country…)

Naturally, a place like this demands a fair bit of photos be taken whenever you take break from all the fun!

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A handy map. You’ll have to travel along a couple of dirt roads, but the final destination is well worth it!

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Viljoensdrift Boat Ride (2015-07-09) Photo Gallery 04 AUG 2015

Situated on the beautiful stretch of country road (R317) between Robertson and Bonnievale, Viljoensdrift wine estate, nestled south of the Elandsberg Mountains, finds itself quite literally on the banks the Breede River – the so-called lifeblood of the Robertson Wine Valley.

Although they have been producing and selling grapes to other wine estates for years, they have recently joined the wine-making game themselves, and by all accounts are doing quite well in that field. However, as part of our Montagu holiday trip, their fine wine was not what we had come for on the day!

IMG_20150709_125658 craig lotter with emily on the viljoensdrift wine estate river boat ride

Viljoensdrift River Cruises are well known in the area – essentially a hour long cruise up and down a section of the Breede river, giving you plenty of birdlife as well as tranquil scenery to take in. Of course, you also have the time to put together a picnic basket from their little deli, meaning that this is a great wine and dine opportunity as well!

IMG_20150709_114631 viljoensdrift wine estate river boat ride

Jessica was particularly excited for the boat ride, and despite the cold, overcast weather, the cruise aboard our aluminum boat proved to be pretty enjoyable. Lots of snacking and drinking was partaken in, and before you knew it (although Jess did start to get a little bored towards the end), our hour on the water was up!

IMG_20150709_130155 lotter clan on the viljoensdrift wine estate river boat ride

Needless to say, my phone’s camera was hard at work as always! ;)

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