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Burgers and Colouring Pages at Villa Visaggio’s in Klapmuts (2018-07-28) Food and Drink | Photo Gallery 02 OCT 2018

Jessica, Emily and I paid a long overdue visit to Butterfly World back in July, and after a nice lengthy walkabout of butterfly spotting and guinea pig stroking, I decided that we now wanted something to eat. So, I was rather pleased to discover that there is actually quite a nice lunch option situated right next door to the animal sanctuary these days – in the form of one Villa Visaggio’s.

Set up primarily as a stylish venue intended for weddings, conferences, corporate parties and other event gatherings, Villa Visaggio’s is also home to a really nice restaurant – featuring a decent menu packed with well priced, particularly good food. (I had their Mexican burger on the day, and I have to say, it was pretty damn delicious.)

Although not necessarily spacious enough (in terms of grounds) to be labelled as a kid friendly restaurant, there is however a small play area (complete with jumping castle) out back (though not visible from the dining area), and the menu certainly does a great job of doubling up as a neat little colouring page.

[subvertedgallery link=”file” columns=”7″ ids=”56264,56265,56266,56267,56268,56269,56270,56271,56272,56273,56274″]

All in all, I rather enjoyed stumbling upon this new option for our annual Butterfly World visit, and honestly, it might just be enough to lure Chantelle to also come out butterfly spotting with us for a change! ;)

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Bikes and Burgers at The Cafe Racer in Somerset West (2017-10-20) Food and Drink | Photo Gallery 04 FEB 2018

The Beehive building in Somerset West is old, pretty rundown and has been home to a little family run shop for years. It now also happens to be home to a particularly interesting newcomer to the Somerset West restaurant/bar scene – The Cafe Racer.

As you might guess from either the name, the logo, or the shiny hunk of polished chrome standing on two wheels outside the front door, The Cafe Racer is a restaurant that marries biking culture with beer and gourmet burgers – and rather successfully at that mind you.

The staff (and chef) are all relaxed and super friendly, the atmosphere super chill, the balcony space surprisingly nice, and most important of all, the menu mind boggling interesting.

Apart from a seriously good selection of craft beers on offer, The Cafe Racer specializes in some rather unique (and well made) gourmet burgers.

For example, my Mikachu burger (named after one of the waitresses) consists of a beef brisket patty topped with grilled pineapple, bacon, sliced banana – and then drenched in condensed milk of all things!

Chantelle on the other hand had a burger which forgoes standard hamburger buns in favour of chocolate doughnuts. Chocolate doughnuts!?! Who even thought of that!

The place is quirky, the younger crowd seems to like it, and as you might imagine, guys into bikes get a kick out of it.

[subvertedgallery link=”file” columns=”7″ ids=”48763,48764,48765,48766,48767,48768,48769,48770,48771,48772,48773,48774″]

So certainly a very unusual, but pleasantly enjoyable, addition to the Somerset West food scene.

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Stomach versus Sunset Spur My Life 12 JAN 2010

I had a good week last week, that I did. Had a good start to work for Touchwork 2010, caught Cats at the Artscape with the Montgomery Clan on Thursday evening and then spent the weekend in Betty’s Bay on a Karate Camp with my fellow Funakoshi karateka, before finally returning on Sunday afternoon to join Chantelle in her quest to spring clean our pad for good, 2010 style.

However, I did make one short pitstop in between.

You see, the weather was perfect on my arrival back to Sunny Gordon’s Bay, and wanting specifically to spend some time with Chantelle who had knocked off work a little early on the day, I suggested we either go to supper, catch a movie or even just do lunch as a treat from me to her. Eagerly agreeing to the lunch idea (because she didn’t really want to break the spring cleaning flow later the evening), Chantelle suggested we head out to our old nemesis the Sunset Spur in Gordon’s Bay on the beachfront in order to enjoy some friendly cuisine while sitting in the outside area and enjoying the sun and all the people milling around the beach for a change.

Surprised at her choice, based on our bad experiences with that particular branch of Spur in the past, I nevertheless agreed, and off we hopped and hit the busy Gordon’s Bay beach road in search of parking or at least a place we could leave the car without the fear of returning to find one of those much maligned pink tickets that seem to always appear on your car’s windscreen when you aren’t looking (and are parked in an area surrounded by red lines).

Eventually we did find a spot (up in the narrow streets far removed from the beach I’ll add), and off we toddled to the Spur, who wasn’t doing too bad business on a fairly late Sunday afternoon after all. Our waiter was friendly and for a change we even ordered starters, kicking off our dining experience with some buffalo wings and then followed up with mains, this time taking me back to an old favourite classic of mine, Spur’s usually delicious bacon and guacamole burger.

Surprisingly enough though, the food was actually really good for a change, arrived on time and came with absolutely no complaints attached, and so sated from an excellent meal in a good location, Chantelle and I bid farewell to the beach crowds and headed off home.

Which is exactly when it hit me.

All of a sudden my well functioning stomache which had played its part so perfectly over the rest of the weekend, was reduced to a quivering, liquidity mess, coupled with headaches and a seemingly malicious intent to drain all the blood out of my face and rob me of my strength while at it!

Now I’m not saying it was necessarily Sunset Spur’s fault (though the Spur has hit both Chantelle and I before), but what I do know is this little bug completely knocked me for a six and had me curled up in a little ball, so much so that yesterday I opted to stay and attempt to work from home – rather than risk facing the wrath of my fellow colleagues for spoiling the clean-smelling and usable office space environment! :)

(Though unfortunately in the process Chantelle was somewhat affected by the unpleasantness of the situation as she had the misfortune of also being at home thanks to an unexpected off day granted by her bosses. Sorry love, I didn’t mean to make the flat that uninhabitable for you after all…)

P.S. Well at least I’m feeling a little better now. Been back at work for two hours now so far, and have yet to run for the bathroom! A good sign, I’m sure! ;)