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How to Get Jessica to Pull a Sad Face Jessica | My Life 21 MAR 2011

The easiest way to get Jessica to pull the most hilarious of faces is through the simple act of burping her.

To achieve this effect, first feed her a yummy bottle full of mommy’s freshly juiced milk. Next, sit her upright and grab the front of her so that she doesn’t topple forward. Finally, rub vigorously on her back in order to induce the wind out of her.

(And if that fails, sling her over the shoulder and pat).

See what I mean? :)

The House of C 011: Excuse Me The House of C 15 FEB 2010

This actually happened to Chantelle while she was happily sitting alone, working away in her office one day. As the uncomfortable feeling of trapped gas slowly rose up inside her, she decided the best course of action was to allow the eruption of this unnatural trapped air and so bellowed out a mighty burp – which of course was exactly when the guest standing behind her in the office door decided to pipe up.

Doh! ;)