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Visiting Montreal: FlightHub Helps You Plan Your Trip
[Partner Content] 14 FEB 2016

Montreal, Quebec is a product of historical French settlement and new Canadian multiculturalism. Situated on a spiritual border between English Canada and French Canada, Montreal its at the collision point of what makes Canada great. While this cultural mishmash makes Montreal unique all to itself, it is also loaded with exceptional attractions that evoke fun and heritage. Montreal’s own FlightHub, an online travel agency, is obviously very familiar with what brings people to Montreal. As a business that operates on attracting people to tourism, FlightHub reviews the best of cities all the time. With that in mind I asked them some of the best places to see in Montreal, Quebec.

The Old Port

Lined with cobblestone streets, historical buildings, and quaint shops and restaurants, The Old Port is one of the premier attractions in the city. Running along the mighty St Lawrence River, The Old Port existed in some form as early as 1611. It now features the aforementioned surroundings as well as The Montreal Science Centre, The Montreal Clock Tower, as well as an urban beach. The Old Port attracts over 6 million people annually.

Montreal Canadiens

Montreal is filled with churches, but none may be as holy as the Bell Centre. While it isn’t religiously affiliated, it is the home of the Montreal Canadiens, a hockey team that is near and dear to the hearts of Montrealers and fans across the world. The Canadiens have had a home in the city since 1909. From the old Montreal Forum to the newly christened Bell Centre, a home game is a must see for anyone heading to Montreal according to FlightHub.

Olympic Park

A remnant of Montreal’s Olympic past, Montreal’s Olympic Park features the facilities that housed the 1976 Summer Olympics. Located on the current grounds are the Olympic Stadium, the Biodome, and The Athletic Village among other facilities. While previously used for the Olympics, Olympic Stadium was also the home of the MLB’s Montreal Expos before they relocated to Washington D.C.

Montreal Mount Royal View

World Wonders: Spotted Lake (British Columbia, Canada) Travel Attractions 17 OCT 2013

Like Mono Lake 1,000 miles south, British Columbia’s Spotted Lake is landlocked, resulting in salty, alkaline waters. Over the summer, much of the water dries, leaving behind a lava lamp pattern of mineral “spots” that can appear white, pale yellow, green, or blue, depending on their composition. These mini-islands consist mostly of magnesium sulfate, which crystallizes to form grayish walkways around and between the spots.

Spotted Lake also has a spotted history. The First Nations tribes of the Okanagan Valley have long viewed the lake as sacred. After World War I, the Ernest Smith family assumed control of the area and in 1979 tried to raise interest in building a lakeside spa. After a long struggle to buy the lake, the First Nations finally purchased 54 acres 12 years ago. Though the lake is fenced off, it is visible from the highway.

spotted lake in british columbia, canada

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