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Birds of Prey Cosplay: Black Canary (CanduStark) Cosplay 21 OCT 2013

Hailing from Argentina, cosplayer CanduStark (known as Candela to her friends) struts her stuff as DC Comics’ Black Canary, taken from the hugely popular all female covert ops team, Birds of Prey.

birds of prey cosplay black canary by argentinian cosplayer candustark 1

Daughter of the original Black Canary, Dinah Lance certainly hasn’t had an easy life being a super hero. After being involved with Green Lantern for many years, and after a number of traumatic experiences and revelations, as well as the stripping of her natural ultrasonic scream (The Canary Cry), she eventually found purpose in her life once more when Oracle formed up the remarkably efficient Birds of Prey organization and immediately asked her to join.

An exceptional athlete with remarkable martial arts skills, Black Canary also happens to be an expert motorbike rider, meaning she is certainly not one to be underestimated. Never mind the fact that her now digitally enhanced ultrasonic scream is still a huge pain in the head!

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