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The Case of the Sporadically Broken Hyundai Getz Central Locking System My Life 05 AUG 2011

My nifty little midnight grey Hyundai Getz is now around a year and a half old by my reckoning, with 40,000 km on the clock (ouch, I know). However, here is the kicker. It seems to have developed this sporadic habit of breaking the driver’s side central locking system.

Every now and then, out of the blue, the “unlock all doors” functionality works as expected when exiting via the driver’s front door, but the “lock all doors” fails, which is quite inconvenient when you realise that you now have to walk around the car and lock each and every individual door by hand (because remember, the central locking was kind enough to still unlock all the other doors!)

Funnily enough, Chantelle has a similar but reversed problem with the central locking on her older 2006 model Getz, where basically the other doors don’t want to unlock. Which by the way is a far more convenient problem to sit with than mine when you think about it!

So the question is, has anyone else experienced the same problems with the central locking on their Hyundai Getz?

Crappit. My Life 14 MAY 2009

Crappit. Still haven’t got my car back from the mechanics… apparently the manifold took some time in coming back from the subcontractors who were welding and skimming it.

So missed out on karate practice last night and am once again having to work from home today (which is now the third day in the row!). Thank goodness my desktop RAM module seems to have sorted itself out now because my Jaunty installation is proving as stable as can be and with nifty old FileZilla and new find Komodo Edit to back me up, things are at least moving forward which is a good thing to know when you realise just how many of these ‘urgent deadlines’ just cropped out of nowhere!

Still, hope I’m not being charged for all these extra days my car service is not taking. I already had a mini heart-attack at the first quote so I’m kind of gritting my teeth and hoping it doesn’t grow any bigger while I wasn’t looking!

Sigh, one forgets how tough life without a car is sometimes! :(