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Play at Vredenhof Organic Estate in Somerset West (2016-09-03) Food and Drink | Photo Gallery 25 SEP 2016

Having been tasked with entertaining ourselves for the day while Chantelle treated her mother with a birthday high tea at the Mount Nelson, the girls and I stumbled across a great little find in the Somerset West area – Vredenhof Organic Estate.


Billing itself as an organic, eco friendly estate of the Cape Winelands, the estate is run by a Swiss family that immigrated to South Africa from Geneva, Switzerland, settling at Vredenhof in 2002.

Following their belief that processed foods are inherently nutrient poor and that poor food quality is a leading cause of many health problems, they established Vredenhof as an organic farm with a farm store in order to supply locals concerned with their health with good quality, fresh organic produce all year round.


Vredenhof itself is a farm of 27 hectares situated on Bredell Road between Stellenbosch and Somerset West which has been certified organic (complying with European organic standards) every year without interruption since 2004, either by AFRISCO or SGS.

Around 50 different herbs, fruits and vegetables are grown, and you are guaranteed to almost always find something rather unusual being grown out in their fields. Organic seeds are both produced and bought, with sowing and harvesting happening all year around.


Of course, absolutely nothing of the above are things that interest the girls or myself – what we were however interested in seeing was Vredenhof Organic Estate’s absolutely fabulous play area, which simply put, one of the better ones that I’ve seen in a long time. Covered in wall to wall Disney story murals, the play area features wooden castles, walkways, a pirate ship, and even a gypsy caravan.

(In other words, expect to lose your child to their play area for more than just a little while!)


On arrival, the girls and I first explored the lower ends of the premises, playing with the giant chess set, examining the mini golf course, and of course interacting with the pigs, goats, and yes chickens that roam about in the pens.


From there we had a stroll through the rose garden, wandered about the gazeebo, examined the giant stone harp and bucket well water features, looked at the seedlings in the nursery section, splashed in the fountain, admired the art in the art studio, studied the carrots and other vegetables in the farm shop – and then sat down for some coffee, milkshake – and delicious carrot cake.


It was at this point that my kids ran off to play, leaving me to enjoy a peaceful morning of contemplation over a nice cup of coffee.


Also, I took a LOT of photos on the morning – much to the annoyance of my kids of course!

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Here’s a handy map if you want your kids to experience this brilliant playground for themselves:

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Coffee at Fred & Max Eatery in Elgin (2015-11-05) Photo Gallery 13 NOV 2015

Chantelle and I took a mid-week break last week and headed out towards Caledon Hotel & Spa to take advantage of their long running Real Deal promotion. Chantelle decided very much that she’d like to stop for breakfast on the way, and as such settled on stopping at the recently opened Fred & Max Eatery in Elgin, based purely on how awesome this hip little eatery’s spot in Somerset West is. (Seriously, we’ve eaten there before and it’s impossible not to like!)

IMG_20151105_094155 at fred & max eatery in elgin

The Elgin branch of this great little establishment is situated at the Elgin train station, meaning that if you want to, you can sit outside, right next to the train tracks and enjoy the beautiful tranquility of Elgin and its surrounds.

IMG_20151105_091152 craig lotter at fred & max eatery in elgin

Sadly for us though, Chantelle probably should have done her homework first, because on arrival, after taking our seats, we discovered that Fred & Max don’t actually serve breakfast!

(No wonder the staff seemed a little confused by having such early visitors to their premises!)

IMG_20151105_092345 hot chocolate and carrot cake at fred & max eatery in elgin

Feeling a little silly, and seeing as we were already seated, we decided to have something warm to drink anyway.

(For the record, their hot chocolate is fantastic – as is their carrot cake, which Chantelle simply could not resist giving a try!)

IMG_20151105_094140 craig lotter with chantelle at fred & max eatery in elgin

So in summary, great for a lunch or supper stop, but skip if you want an actual breakfast! :)

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