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Photo Gallery: Jukani Animal Sanctuary (2010-08-07) My Life | Photo Gallery 07 AUG 2010

The Jukani Animal Sanctuary is a fantastic initiative that can be found just outside of Mossel Bay, its primary concern being the safe-keeping and eduction of the public in respect to big cats. And when I say big cats, I mean big cats. On the premises in huge open expanse cages they have everything from lions, Siberian tigers, jaguars, panthers, cheetahs to Bengal tigers. They even have a small reptile park going as well!

Definitely a must visit spot if you are ever in the area!

(This photo shoot comes from the weekend Chantelle and I spent in the company of Retha and Miguel over at Dad’s holiday house in Pinnacle Point in case you were wondering).

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Photo Gallery: Honeymoon Road Trip – Tenikwa Wildcat Activity Park (The Crags, Plettenberg Bay) (2009-11-19) My Life | Photo Gallery 19 NOV 2009

Whilst out on the Garden Route leg of our honeymoon road trip, we found ourselves heading out for the day to The Crags, an area just outside of Plettenberg Bay, and more importantly, host to many tourist attractions all located in just about walking distance from one another! Tenikwa Wildcat Activity Park is a cat sanctuary that plays host to a good variety of cats, both big and small. Chantelle and I even got up close and personal with some cheetah! (That’s my foot in the picture below!)

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