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Blast from the Past: Chantelle’s Cuisine My Life 02 JAN 2013

chantelle's cuisine thumbnailI came across some old files of Chantelle’s and thought I simply had to post: So Chantelle’s Cookies & Cakes isn’t the first – looks like my wifey has tried her hand at running her own little side project before! :)

Started in July 2006 by Chantelle, Chantelle’s Cuisine attempted to fill a gap in the market by providing home-cooked, healthy meals for young working couples and students, who mostly lived on take-away junk foods. The emphasis was on good quality at an affordable and competitive price.

From her brochure:

Chantelle’s Cuisine


Feel like having friends over for that braai, sit-down dinner or just relaxing in front of the telly with a delicious meal, but don’t feel like the mess or the fuss?” Then I’m the one to call!

Catering to suit your exact needs or specifications, anything from mouth-watering side-dishes to go with the braai, or fantastic lasagne to serve up for friends or what about an indulgent dessert to go with coffee afterwards?

I also cater for special dietary requirements e.g. Vegetarian, or Low-GI diets

Speak to me for any further information.


Heh. Who knew my wife had such an entrepreneurial spirit?

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Weekend in Review (19-21 October) My Life 22 OCT 2007

I’m sitting here in the office on a rather grey and overcast Cape Town Monday morning, and cant help but smile if I think back to the enjoyable weekend I’ve just had. It started on Friday (as most weekends generally do), where I enjoyed a productive day at work, cramming in a lot of programming and other generally fun stuff. From there it was off to gym where I had a good super circuit workout and then it was back home to await Chantelle’s arrival.

We met up with Retha at Ocean Basket in the Waterfront a little later, where we enjoyed a delicious supper (though I wish they could afford plates instead of a crocked up old pan to be honest) and good conversation, followed by a decadent ice-cream filled sugar cone from Dodge outside. However, I now need to watch my pocket if we ever go to the Waterfront again Chantelle has just discovered Haagen Daz has moved in!

Saturday morning we were up bright and early (well, only I really had to get up shame, C suffered from insomnia the evening and apparently didn’t sleep a wink unlike me who snored so loud I kept the pigeons off the balcony), all ready for our big adventure up Lion’s Head. It was our trial walk, a test to see a) whether or not we would make it up okay, and b) if we make it up, can we invite people with us next time around. The weather couldnt have been any better, with us enjoying a morning of glorious sunshine, touched with a gentle cool breeze just when we needed it. We had a great walk up, ambling along and taking it all in at our own gentle pace. We eventually reached the top after an hour and a half of walking, ate our snacks and then descended, taking around an hour to get back down.

lion's head cape town

An added bonus was that both Chantelle’s ankle and my knee held out just fine on this expedition. It got a little sensitive towards the end of the walk, but was strong enough to make it just fine, meaning were definitely going to be doing this more often, especially now that summer is finally upon us!

From there we drove straight through to a house in Fresnay (it’s in Sea Point – I didn’t know that, I thought it might be on the Cape Flats to be honest), where Retha is currently house-sitting for one of her tutoring clients. Crazy, skimpy-pajama-wearing-in-front-of-guests-teenage-dropout-that-comes-with-the-house aside, the place Retha is sitting is absolutely gorgeous. Its one of those places that oozes money on the inside, and really, it isn’t often you get to experience such high class living outside of Top Billing (Of course, you’ll note that I only talk of the inside the outside is rather kak. I’ll pick a nice suburban home like my moms any day!) Once wed finished playing with the wonderfully textured carpets littering the home, we tucked into a delicious avocado and toast breakfast while cooling our feet after the long walk.

Chantelle’s lack of sleep the previous night was taking its toll on her and we went back home where I tucked her in bed, stole her snacks and continued to play some Final Fantasy X-2 for the afternoon. However, it would seem that the karate chop to the back of her neck didn’t work and again, she just couldn’t grab any shuteye.

Saturday evening was of course dominated by the Rugby World Cup Final. Also, we had sneakily organised to make Saturday evening the night where Chantelle and my parents meet each other for the first time. Monty (Cs dad) organised a feast fit for the kings (featuring the most succulent and tender fillet I have ever tasted!) and the meet and greet seemed to go down exceptionally well. Stomachs full, we shifted to the lounge where we settled down to the main course for the evening the Final! I’ll sheepishly admit to being a bit bored by it, particularly the lengthy aerial ping pong sections and secretly wished the English had had their try awarded so that the game might have opened up a little, but man, winning the cup comes first and I’m very proud that our boys have finally done it again! A tightly contested game in which defence mattered the most, and our boys went in and did the job that was required of them. A great victory and a very proud moment for South African rugby. Well done Bokke!

(Damn, South Africa turned into one big party zone following the win the streets remained noisy well into Sunday morning!)

Not that we spent much time celebrating though Chantelle had decided to take a sleeping tablet just in order to get some rest, and the thing worked like a bomb (I was almost afraid I would have had to drag her up the steps to the flat!). But what matters most is she slept through the night (even with all the cars hooters going off all around us, and woke up fresh and ready to go on Sunday morning.

Which, believe it or not, we actually did. We managed to pull ourselves out of bed for church in the morning and were even so energised that we planned on going up Tygerberg Hill in the afternoon which was eventually dropped when we couldnt wake up from our long afternoon nap! :P We did a bit of visiting with the folks in the evening, dropping by Cs parents place to catch Idols (*yuck*) and steal the leftover chocolate cake pudding (*yum*) and then popping around to my parents place for some burgers and to pick up my racing bike which Chantelle plans on now using in Gordon’s Bay.

So yeah, this past weekend certainly had its share of ups and I can safely tick this one off on my calendar as having been another thoroughly enjoyable and busy weekend :)

Terrific Tuesday My Life 19 SEP 2007

Sometimes you have a good day, sometimes you don’t. Yesterday was certainly not one of the worst days I’ve ever had. It started off interestingly enough. I just got into the office after my leisurely 20 minute stroll up to campus which I’m now doing every day (got do something to get fit damn it!) and was surprised to find a mail in my inbox from my ex, Liz, asking whether or not I am still on MSN.

I dutifully replied, and a little while later I received a pensive hello via Messenger. Had a nice long chat with Liz, but shame, sounds like things arent going all that great for her at the moment. Chantelle also popped up, and I had a nice quick chat with her, culminating in the news that she was coming through to Bellville to visit a friend that had come down to stay at Sunbell Lodge for a short while, meaning that she would be crashing by me the evening.

Work wise, I have just about managed to finish the final polishes to the ICIS website, the first outside paid work I’ve done in a year or two. Also managed to squeeze in some programming, but was hard-pressed to finish all my work when I discovered the delightfully entertaining anime, Black Lagoon sitting on my machine (before I knew it, I had watched two episodes, and was forced to grab my right hand and force it to hit the KVM switch to return to my work machine instead of hitting for the next episode to start).

Yesterday then saw me do something I have never even contemplated doing before even though I’ve been using the train system for well over 4 years now. The ever decreasing operating train sets has lead to a situation where the train is so full that I hardly ever get an opportunity to sit anymore. As this is beginning to now frustrate me, I changed my tactic for the first time ever and purposefully rode past Salt River station and went straight through to Cape Town. There I boarded the train to Bellville at the point of departure, meaning I could actually grab a seat and enjoy a relaxed trip home. Sure it cost me an extra 10 minutes in travel time, but hey, now that I don’t have the strict karate schedule that saw me racing to get home to make it in time, this seems like a pretty good deal to me.

Seeing as my knee isnt up for jogging just yet thanks to its collapse on Saturday, I skipped gym again and instead headed down to Willowbridge Mall, for a leisurely shopping trip that involved me purchasing chocolates, flowers and cupcakes I made it a little more manly by browsing through Look & Listen though, just in case you are worried.

My master plan was to lay the flowers on Chantelles pillow, with the chocolates strategically placed in front of them with a little card bearing the cheesy inscription of You are always welcome to Le Lotter Manor. Corny I know, but sometimes one must make an effort to make your partner feel good (and extra Brownie points always prove invaluable for those times that you screw up). However, as well laid out as my intentions were, my plan was dashed when upon arrival at the flat, who should be getting out of their car, but Chantelle. *sigh* So much for the element of surprise, but at least I got my Brownie points for the thought. As they say, it is the thought that counts :)

starlite diner bellville - classic car run

She decided not to visit her friend in the end, so instead we visited over a glass of red wine, before heading out to Starlight Diner in search of their Mexican Burger which I was absolutely craving for. The delicious meal was followed up by a vicious pillow fight, in which Chantelle had to swallow her pride and admit defeat at the hands of my dual wield pillow technique.

Happy in the knowledge of my victory, I eventually settled down and went to bed, a pretty successful day behind me as far as I’m concerned.

If you are wondering as to the reason behind this rather pointless posting, it is in fact pretty simple. On arrival this morning, all UCT network connectivity was down, leaving me pretty much nothing but a standalone machine – hence me passing the time by typing this entry up in Word for later posting. See, a simple reason for the crap that I sometimes spew :)

I don’t get Saying Good bye My Life 17 SEP 2007

keep calm and wave goodbyeSo as Chantelle has been doing since starting her job in Gordon’s Bay, she spent most of the weekend by my place. She’s pretty lucky that most times that she comes to spend the night by me, she only needs to be at work round 11 or 12 the next morning (thank goodness for shift work at last!).

The thing is, I leave for work early in the morning, anything between 6:00 or 6:30 in the morning. This morning was pretty much the same as all the others, except this time as my departure time approached, Chantelle was still fast asleep.

She has a key to the place, so I usually let her stay in the flat and leave on her own time, rather than forcing her to exit the place the same crazy time that I do. So as I got all my stuff together in order to leave, I went back into the bedroom to say good bye to her. But seeing as she was sleeping so soundly, I really didn’t want to disturb her, so instead I just gently kissed her forehead and whispered good bye before sneaking out the door, careful to not wake my sleeping beauty.

I don’t know, I thought I was just being thoughtful.

But after a slightly emotional phone call asking why I hadn’t woken her in order to say goodbye, I have to question my actions it seems. And seeing as I’ve experienced this particular scenario before, it is becoming apparent that the simple act of saying hello or good bye means a lot more to girls than what it does to guys.

I don’t know, I honestly can’t wrap my head around it, and I’m beginning to think I need to write this off as one of those inexplicable differences between men and women.

Sometimes it is difficult to get it right X|

Thursday night out and a special delivery! My Life 14 SEP 2007

I had a rather nice evening last night. Squeezed in an embarrassing gym session after work (embarrassing because I couldnt make it through the super circuit for the first time ever – man I’ve become unfit. Need to get back into squash ASAP!), followed by me wolfing down a quick supper of fried eggs and chicken steaklets before rushing off to pick up a special delivery from Chantelle at her parents place.

Surprise, surprise, she caught me out. There awaiting me with a bottle of wine, box of chocolates and even a delivery note, was my very babe herself (and here I thought it might have been something edible. Well, I guess she is kinda edible).

From there we dashed off to grab my stuff from the flat quickly and then headed off to Tygervalley, to meet up with the rest of the family for our pre-booked Rush Hour 3 evening. Luckily the cinema wasnt full, so I could organise a ticket for Chantelle in a seat next to our booked ones. After the entertaining movie, pops, mom, ryan, Chantelle and I headed off for some coffee and muffins, spending about an hour there chatting away and generally making a nuisance of ourselves (Eventually mom and Chantelle had to hush us quiet – we were being so loud that we were attracting stares. Apparently. I think they just wanted to be part of the conversation XD). –

After all that was said and done, Chantelle and I headed back home, safe in the knowledge that the bottle of wine and Lindt chocolates were awaiting our return – which explains why I only got around 3 hours of sleep last night! :)

See, told you it was a pleasant evening.