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Coffee and Cake at Old Mill Guest House and Restaurant in Swellendam (2017-12-26) Food and Drink | Photo Gallery 07 APR 2018

When I am in the mood to holiday then I holiday, and invariably that then means that I double the length of all long drives because I pretty much want to stop anywhere and everywhere.

Case in point: I felt like a Swellendam cake and coffee stop on the way up to Mossel Bay last December, but I didn’t feel like popping into (the almost always busy) Tredici as per the norm. So instead, Chantelle dug deep into her memory banks and came up with this little gem: the Old Mill Restaurant.

Situated at the foot of the Langeberg Mountain range, in the heart of the Overberg, the Old Mill business is primarily that of a guest house, operating out from a beautiful old, protected national monument building set along the main road, where Belgian owner Nikki and his staff do their utmost to offer accommodation that comes intertwined with warm, friendly Flemish hospitality.

In addition to the guest house (and art gallery/curio store), the Old Mill also operates a lovely restaurant, featuring both an indoor and outdoor dining area.

The menu on offer is a diverse à la carte menu inspired by both traditional Afrikaans and international recipes, all waiting to be washed down with some imported Belgian beer. (The Old Mill appears to be rather proud of this offering).

And yes, as it turned out, they also do good cake and coffee as well.

We were of course super interested in finding a space under the canopy of trees that provides the much needed shade over the outside dining area, and pleasingly we did manage to grab just such a table on what was a particularly warm Summer’s afternoon in the end.

So. Coffee, cheesecake, carrot cake and sorbet was then (more or less equally) shared all around, thus making for a lovely little road trip leg stretch stop.

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Lovely find and definitely a place I’ll stop for a bit longer at the next time that I find myself back in the Swellendam area again!

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Cheesecake at the Lourensford Harvest Market My Life 11 MAR 2015

With Jessica and Emily having slept over at Monty and Cheryl’s place on Saturday evening to allow Chantelle and myself enjoy a rare date night together, we found ourselves childless on a beautiful Sunday morning – and so with no actual morning children chores required of us for a change, we headed out to Somerset West, making our way to the beautiful and celebrated Lourensford Harvest Market (a particular favourite of Chantelle).

IMG_20150308_101636 lourensford harvest market in somerset west

Since it launched in October 2014, the Lourensford Harvest Market has received rave reviews and simply put, its layout is one of the nicest around – with food, craft and fashion stalls arranged in a big, shaded horseshoe shape around a big patch of lawn where both young and old, two and four legged visitors can frolic freely.

There are plenty of tables and chairs surrounding the grassy patch, all in the shade, with lovely views of the Hottentots Holland mountains to complement the setting. These days you can even be lucky and snag one of the gorgeous white leather couches they have scattered about!

The Lourensford Harvest Market trades every Sunday from 10h00 to 15h00 and features around 77 stall spaces, including the odd food truck or two, all filled with some pretty amazing, handpicked vendors.

As expected from a market, a wide selection of varied foods and treats are available, plus some great examples of art and crafts, all handmade of course! For me, probably the most interesting of the lot is the Funki Fungi stall which features all sorts of dried and gourmet mushrooms – most of which I’ve never ever seen before to be quite honest!

However, this time around it was the cheesecake stall that won us over, and so we selected two cuts to share, namely a carrot cake with cheesecake combo, and a peanut butter cheesecake creation – both of which were particularly rich and delicious I’ll have you know!

IMG_20150308_103830 cheesecake and coffee at the lourensford market

Finally, and yet another big plus, the live music was absolutely fantastic (sadly, I don’t know the bearded artist’s name) – the guitar strumming singer’s sound and vocals suiting the summery and lively market atmosphere perfectly! Seriously, it is no wonder that this market keeps bringing in all these rave reviews! :)

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Jacobsbaai Weekend Away with the Montgomery Clan My Life 17 FEB 2012

Xander (short for Alexander) is the tenant who has been inhabiting Monty’s Granny flat for the last couple of years, and in that time, Xander and his mom have struck up a great friendship with the family. A month or two ago, Xander’s mom set up her very first guest house in the quaint fishing town of Jacobsbaai, and as luck would have it, she invited Chantelle, Jessie and myself to come through for a weekend, so that Chantelle could maybe give her some tips on how she might improve her fledgling business.

And as it turned out, the weekend we picked just happened to coincide with the weekend that Monty and company were heading through in order to drop off furniture which Priscilla had purchased from Monty’s dad.

In other words, family-in-law weekend time! :)

I took the Friday off to maximise our weekend, and early afternoon the three of us finished up with packing, bundled ourselves into the car, and made the long trip through to Jacobsbaai, a good couple of hours away from Gordon’s Bay up the West Coast. Again, we struck it lucky when we fell in behind Monty on the road, as he knew exactly where we needed to go, a bit of information which we ourselves didn’t actually possess!

Anyway, we got there well before the sun had set, and set about making ourselves at home in Priscilla’s fantastic little “farmhouse at the sea” guest house, better known as Artists’ Retreat. After that, the boys got busy carrying in and rearranging the new furniture in the lounge, a process that took far longer than what it should have thanks to “too many cooks in the kitchen”! :)

Priscilla treated us to a delicious homemade supper, and after much chatter, pool versus Robert (they have a pool table, bonus!), and catching up, we eventually all turned in for the night, where I must admit, I enjoyed a thoroughly restful sleep.

Saturday enjoyed a nice and lazy start, but after a hearty breakfast courtesy of Chantelle and her helpers, we did eventually head out, first to the lovely Weskus Mall where Chantelle insisted we try the cheesecake from Café Graze, before hitting Paternoster where we stopped in at the fabulous Modo Mio for a sumptuous, lazy seafood lunch. Chantelle, Jessie and I then split from the Montgomery Clan and did a bit of a drive around Paternoster to take in the tranquil sights.

The remaining part of Saturday was taken up by a stroll through Jacobsbaai with Monty, loads more pool with Robert, a fantastic braai for supper, and then a couple of highly competitive rounds of 30 Seconds to round off another late night!

Sunday started off in a very similar fashion to Saturday, with a thoroughly enjoyable breakfast, followed by more pool with Robert, and then a walk with Chantelle, Rob, Xander and Jess all the way down to the abandoned sea lookout at the edge of Jacobsbaai.

Afternoon rolled in and after a tasty chicken lunch, it was time for the dreaded packing up to begin, after which goodbyes were spoken and we bustled back into our cars, hitting the long road home with the goal in mind of making it back to Gordon’s Bay in time for Jessie’s night time routine to kick in.

I can’t quite remember now off the top of my head, but I do think we came pretty close!

So yeah, thanks to Priscilla and her mom for their hospitality in their awesome little guest house, thanks to the Montgomery Clan for the great companionship, and thanks to wifey and baby for making it such an awesome and relaxing weekend away from television, technology and the working world! :)

(Photos of the weekend can be found here, here and here)