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Photo Gallery: Christmas Lunch at Country Mews (2011-12-25) My Life | Photo Gallery 25 DEC 2011

For probably the first time ever, we hosted Christmas lunch at our pad here in Country Mews. Joining us for the delicious spread was the Montgomery Clan, and as these pictures show, it was a pretty good way to spend a warm Summer’s Christmas afternoon! :)

(Although I did have to go to the shed to drag out the fan – the air conditioner alone wasn’t good enough!)

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Christmas 2010 My Life 27 DEC 2010

Can’t say that the Christmas period has been all that fantastic this year, considering the fact that I’m working straight through and the number of associated public holidays are nothing more than scraps here and there, never mind the fact that Chantelle is spending each and every day, seven days a week, in the hospital feeding Jessica, with me stopping by for a visit every second day or so.

Nevertheless, we did end up spending a marvellous Christmas 2010 in the company of family and friends, kicking off proceedings with Christmas Eve hosted at Claire and Riley’s pad there in Newlands.

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Photo Gallery: Christmas Lunch (2010-12-25) My Life | Photo Gallery 25 DEC 2010

Mom and Dad hosted us, the rest of the Lotter Clan and even the Montgomery Clan, as we enjoyed a lazy Christmas lunch on a beautiful Summer’s day, complete with lengthy swim in the inviting pool!

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Merry Christmas 2009! My Life 25 DEC 2009

What’s the difference between Santa Claus and Tiger Woods?

…Santa Claus stops after three Ho’s!

And so kicking off this post like that, allow me to continue and wish each and every one of you a merry, merry Christmas 2009.

For me, well I am officially on leave at the moment, having started yesterday, and of course my first day off the job was spent on the job cleaning up the house, doing washing, doing dishes, baking Chantelle a cake, setting up my home entertainment system properly – yup, basically everything that the modern domesticated man does.

The awesome heart cake I made for Chantelle. A piece of art, isn't it? :P

That’s not to say that I didn’t find time to entertain myself either though. Outside of my walk on the beach (alone as Chantelle is still working of course), I did put in a copious amount of time behind the controller on John Woo’s Stranglehold (a most excellent game!), watch lots of Superman: The Animated Series and even knuckle down to watch Batman: Gotham Knight one more time.

But of course, none of the above is particularly Christmassy, and so I’ll skip through to the part when after supper, after Chantelle had finished wrapping the last of the late bought gifts, we sat down to open up some presents – well when I say some, Chantelle had one miserly gift to open while I had a veritable truckload from her! :)

The sneaky wrapper had managed to completely throw me off the scent by doing some crazy packing tricks, the result of which was that I was completely flummoxed each and every time when it came to guessing a package’s contents! My gifts included a fine haul of Marvel t-shirts (Captain America, Spider-man, Hulk), all three Rush Hour DVDs (Chantelle will be driven mad, I assure you), nougat and chocolate, and then a bunch of braai-related stuff including heat-resistant paint, turps and a brush of all things!? O.o

But that all became quite apparent when she had me open the back sliding doors and lo and behold, there stood a magnificent, fully fledged mobile braai unit, enough to bring a tear to any true South African man! Wow, what a gift I tell you! :D

Though not all is lost yet. Now that she has shown me her hand, it will be her turn today. Sure, she’s already got a box full of Patricia Cornwell books to contend with, but the real gift is still sitting somewhere, waiting to be found. I’ll give her one clue though – it’s big, really big. And I’m not sure how I’m going to get it back here to the flat at Gordon’s Bay! ;)

So what is on for the GB Lotter clan today? Well, Chantelle is off to work to handle breakfast this morning (17 guests!) and once she’s back, we’ll shoot through to Bellville for Christmas lunch with the Montgomery Clan before bouncing down the road to the Lotter Clan Senior and then finally a visit with Dean and Zania, who have requested an audience in the most secretive of manner. Mysteries abound I tell you.

So anyway, that should keep us pretty busy (and well fed), so here’s to hoping that you too have as great a Christmas as what we’re going to have! :P

Merry Christmas 2008! My Life 25 DEC 2008

Champagne GlassesMerry Christmas 2008 to you all! Here’s wishing each and everyone a most joyous of family celebrations – have a good one! (Drinks not on me though).

So day 1 of my leave yesterday was spent with an inordinate amount of time in front of the telly (thankfully the weather wasn’t all that great outside – meaning I had a good excuse for it!), playing lots of God Hand (an infuriatingly fun game) and finishing up watching Code Geass R2, watching the last two thirds of the series all in one go! It’s been a while since an anime title has intrigued me thus and I most certainly thoroughly enjoyed each and every minute of it (even if the innumerable twists and turns were becoming slightly ridiculous towards the end)!

As always, Chantelle was working a longer than normal length shift, but at least she took a quick break to come and prepare the food for today’s family lunch at my mom’s place, and secret in some KFC for an early supper, so it was all good. In any event, when she finally finished up shift and arrived back home at about 21:15, I’d already cleared the dining room table, piled up the presents on it, placed a bowl of chocolates in the center and had the champagne glasses at the ready.

I’m pleased to announce that she seems to have thoroughly enjoyed receiving a Mamma Mia DVD (which she’s been bugging me about for ages!) and her very own copy of Balderdash – so beware circle of friends: there’s going to be a lot more games evenings out here in Gordon’s Bay now! :)

I on the other hand was thrilled to receive this brilliant satin-rubber (it really is the only way to describe it) protective cover (complete with carry strap and carry pouch) for my iPod Nano and I can’t wait for the other half of my gift from Chantelle (and the rest of the Montgomery AND Lotter clans – it’s a big one I tell you!)

I was also most surprised and overjoyed at receiving a mystery gift from some or other blokes named Craig, Coco and Olympus – my very own copy of Katsuhiro Otomo’s brilliant 2004 Steamboy! ;)

So thanks for our first little mini Christmas eve together babes – it was small, it was intimate and it was thoroughly delectable. And who knows, next year we might even have a Christmas tree up on display for a change! :)