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Jackie Chan, 30 Seconds and Bertie’s Mooring My Life 03 MAY 2010

Apart from the big office move that happened over the course of Friday which saw Touchwork uproot itself from Unit 4 and move everything across to Unit 1 of the office block (lots of heavy lifting and installing everything from scratch), this past weekend turned out to be quite an enjoyable affair! :)

Craig Lotter, certified braai adept.

Friday night was kicked off with a visit to Gordon’s Beach Lodge from Wayne and Candice, Retha and Miguel, Laluna and of course, your fabulous hosts Craig and Chantelle (well considering Chantelle was on duty, she kind of had to be there), and started out with a magnificently crafted braai that saw Tong Master Craig produce some fine specimens of tasty cooked Meat and Chicken, complemented by an array of extra goodies whipped up by the ever handy Chantelle, who seems to have a spent a fair amount of time in the kitchen as of late (peanut butter cookies, chocolate cake, orange tart, etc.). The meal and booze going down a treat, we then supplemented the chatting and food with a competitive game or two of 30 Seconds that saw the ladies take on the might of the men, coming up short on both occasions as expected. As per usual it was loads of fun, and as a bit of a surprise, it turns out that Chantelle isn’t the only one who gets quite into it – Retha seems to be right up there with her! Despite the obvious disadvantage thanks to his Spanish native tongue, Miguel actually held up his end of the team pretty well and a cleverly crafted clue gifted us the final game in a unfair sudden death situation that had been shoved upon us by the desperate girls – Crocodile Dundee for the win! :P

Wayne, Candice and Laluna, all called in action to pose for the camera-wielding Chantelle!

Calling it quits just before the clock struck 01:00, we left the guests to enjoy the hospitality of the guest house while Chantelle and I returned home for some well deserved rest – but not for too long as come morning we were up and ready, dressed in our walking clothes and heading out to the guest house in order to deal with providing breakfast for our guests (Needless to say, you can tell there weren’t exactly any real guests hanging around).

Although scaled back from the normal huge feast (hey, no one is paying right?), the breakfast was still a delicious combination of fresh muffins, eggs, toast and bacon and everyone enjoyed themselves as expected. From there Wayne and Candice bid their farewell and left to take care of all their other business elsewhere, and saved from the walk thanks to the miserable wind that whipped up, I said my goodbyes and headed back home – spending the rest of the day toddling around working on my broken PC, downloaded and upgrading to the new Ubuntu (twice because I screwed up – a whole 1.4 GB needed to be pulled down in the end instead of the 700 MB actually required), and messing around doing house chores and watching television. Oh, and Jackie Chan.

Twin Dragons, an oldie but a goodie of his where he plays his twin brother, the one a street smart low level crook with a penchant with violence and the other a gifted music conductor. Fun, irrelevant and packed with loads of action, the movie went down an absolute treat with my Ooskus fish and chips I ordered for myself! :)

Needless to say, Chantelle was more than happy to have missed out on the Jackie Chan spectacular, but on her eventual arrival home she was mortified to discover that there wasn’t a single thing worth watching on the telly, so after a quick supper for herself, I finally relented and allowed her to entertain herself by taking a rasp to my always in a bad conditions heels. So she was in heaven playing beautician while I got to lie on the bed and finish up my Mythical Detective Loki: Ragnarok manga.

Claire and Chantelle, forced to share a bench while I got to share with the umbrella stand parked next to me.

Sunday saw Chantelle back off to work and me catching up on the latest episodes of Mazinkaiser that I laid my grubby paws on, before getting ready to welcome Claire who decided to pop in for a visit and take us out to lunch at Bertie’s Mooring in the process. As it turned out, the weather did a complete 180 degree turn and we were blessed with beautiful weather, meaning we could sit next to the harbour and all the sailing boats eating our lunch on a beautiful day, followed by a walk down Gordon’s Bay main beach with soft serve firmly in hand and dripping all over our toes!

The view of the day, courtesy of Bertie's Mooring

Of course, Claire couldn’t quite escape without a showing of the fabled wedding album (which really is fantastic – completely obliterated my low expectations!), after which she eventually decided to call it a day and headed off back to her side of the woods on the other side of the Boerewors Curtain. Chantelle too returned to her work and so I spent the rest of Sunday watching the ICC T20 world cup match between India and South Africa and fiddling around on my blog during the breaks.

And supper? Well I got a playful SMS declaring someone’s love of ribs and the desire to have ribs and the fact that this someone must now have ribs, meaning that old Sunset Spur got to host the two of us one more time (so much for this someone’s healthy eating drive, eh? :P)

Oh, and somewhere in between all of this I played some more Red Faction: Guerilla, got extremely frustrated on the last mission and vowed never to play it again.

But outside of that, it really was an awesome, relaxing weekend with a good balance of friends, family and my own little hobbies. Nice! :)

The Craig, a picture of relaxed serenity. Awesome, I know.

The Long, Long Weekend My Life 06 APR 2010

Well, we’re finally back from what has been an absolutely brilliant break from work, the excellent four day weekend courtesy of Easter Weekend. Unfortunately Chantelle worked every single day of my four days off, but luckily for me, I was able to sketch in some great social time dashed with a splash of personal time! :)

This is what your brother does behind you when you're trying to hide behind oven mitts!

Thursday evening kicked off with a braai at our place (well technically I suppose I should mention that we had already gone out on Tuesday night to Ben’s on the Beach to celebrate Chantelle’s raise and on Wednesday night to Panarottis to celebrate my new car), with Chantelle and myself playing host to Terrance and his new beau, Lize. As what now seems the order of the day, I put in a fantastic performance behind the coals (must be the new braai and classic Champion Braaier apron I tell you!), and ignoring the darkness all around me, managed to produce some rather tasty goodies if I say so myself! We sat and chatted and ate like kings, before Terrance and I managed to goad Lize and Chantelle to accept a round of 30 Seconds, in which the team of C&C actually did rather well for a change! :P

Friday saw me tackle some housework in the morning before my doorbell rang and I ushered in Mr. Brown, back again but this time sans the new partner. In other words, it was gaming time. And so we got stuck in to some Resident Evil 5, Gears of War 2 and Modern Warfare 2, before eventually powering down and heading out to the mall with the plan of grabbing some new gear… which unfortunately didn’t exactly pan out as what we had planned. It turns out that on a public holiday, Somerset Mall pretty much shuts the doors of all its shops! So settling for a delicious Subway for lunch, we headed back home in the Getz and got to grips with our game controllers once more. Evening rushed upon us pretty quickly and so the decision was made to pick up some Ooskus for supper (as per tradition) and Rush Hour 2 was selected as the viewing for the night, an action-packed Jackie Chan comedy that simply never lets one down! (Needless to say, Chantelle was quite keen to still be at work when she heard that was what we chose to watch for the evening!) :)

Saturday morning I busied myself with housework (still left over dishes from Thursday evening!) and some shopping, trying my best to hunt down a chocolate Lindt bunny for Chantelle – but can you believe everywhere I looked they were simply sold out!! I also tried my luck in getting some transfer papers from the traffic department, but alas, I should have known that the GB office was closed. Back home I pottered about, writing some blog posts and watching some Mazinkaiser anime, before heading out to the mall once again with the purpose of meeting up with Chantelle and her two miniature charges, Holly and Maddy, for a movie and a hunt to try and locate a standalone scanner.

Now the movie, How to Train Your Dragon, was a really fun blast, thoroughly enjoyed it, but the hunt for a standalone scanner was a completely different animal. Browsing around, it quickly became apparent that it is in fact cheaper to buy a all-in-one printer with a scanning option than purchasing a standalone scanner unit – are these people insane?!? Anyway, I couldn’t find one that I like on the shops’ floors, so it looks like I might buy the entry-level Canon LIDE 100 scanner, but hell, that’s going to set me back R737! On the other hand, I did stumble across Red Faction: Guerilla for a R100 at Incredible Connection, and of course knowing me, couldn’t resist this bargain which I then purchased and went home to play, spending the next three or four hours straight with controller in hand!

Sunday and Chantelle was straight off to work again, leaving me behind to take care of even more household chores and get a little blogging in, before I put on my walking shoes and trotted down to Pick ‘n Pay in order to buy a cooldrink which was to accompany on my lunch time trip through to Claire and Riley’s pad in Newlands.

As it turned out, lunch at Claire and Riley’s was really enjoyable, as it was a family affair starring Mom, Dad, Ryan, myself and obviously Claire and Riley, making it the first family get together since Mom’s birthday back in Feb. Claire’s newly renovated flat looks amazing and now with their large and in charge 50 inch Panasonic plasma and matching PS3 to dominate their lounge, the flat is really beginning to look rather ultra stylish! I took some photos of the pad for Chantelle’s sake, and boy is she jealous! :P

Oh, the food was simply divine as well. Weber chicken, roast potato, etc. You get the idea, proper Sunday lunch! :)

Back home I managed to convince myself not to do any work and instead told myself I’ll just quickly play an hour or so of Red Faction: Guerilla. Yeah right. I spent the rest of the entire day, well into midnight playing the damn game and loving every minute of it. The only break I took was to watch a quick episode of Mezzo DSA (fun show) and have some of the delicious stew Chantelle brought back with her from work. Oh, and to make Chantelle a much needed cup of coffee!

Monday morning, and having survived the embarrassment of Chantelle once again recording my snoring concerto, I set about quickly tidying up the place in expectation of Ryan’s arrival, for a planned day of manly bonding over a super long XBOX 360 session. And when I say play XBOX I mean play XBOX. We started just after 10:00 playing Gears of War and drove all the way through until about 18:00, polishing off all five chapters without resorting to violence towards one another. The only pit stop we put in was for a stroll over the road to Pick ‘n Pay and then a making of toasted cheese sarmies in the pan, but man was it worth it. From start to finish, I can see just why the original Gears of War was a popular a game as what it is.

However, the time for Ryan to finally go home was upon us, and kicking him out into traffic, Chantelle and I finally got to spend some quality Easter 2010 time together by hitting the Tallahassee Spur in Somerset Mall for a nice supper and then into Ster Kinekor for a viewing of Sandra Bullock in The Blind Side.

And that wraps it up for what in the end turned out to be quite an enjoyable Easter 2010, even if it was filled mainly with an inordinate amount of gaming! :)

No Break from being Social Just Yet My Life 24 MAR 2010

Wow. Serious, I’ll get around to organising another day in GB event when I get the chance boys, but before then I need my social calendar to calm down just that little bit and give me some time to breathe! ;)

It all started last week really when on Tuesday evening Chantelle and I made our way over to the cinema to catch It’s Complicated, which turned out to be a pretty fun watch. Wednesday then followed up with an impromptu visit from Retha and Miguel to our part of the world on the pretense of putting the necessary kilometers on for his new shocks. We met up at the Waterstone Village Spur after karate practice and ended up spending a good chunk of the evening dining and catching up as per the norm.

Thursday evening Chantelle and I then met up with Mom, Dad and Claire to watch the stage production of Grease at the Artscape, also a brilliantly fun bit of popular culture to absorb I tell you. Friday then saw me abandon Chantelle to her own devices (she was working in case you’re wondering) and I joined with Ryan, Dean and Terrance at Ryan’s noisy pad for some excellent Modern Warfare 2 and FIFA 10 XBOX action!

(Admittedly, Saturday I took a breather, but I did work on my CodeUnit blog all day so you can’t really call that a day off, now can you? :P)

Sunday we played host to Rob and Laluna, though our planned visit to Barbados for some drinks was cut tragically short by a whole lot of yawning and snoring emanating from the instigators themselves, i.e. Laluna and Rob of all people! But I did spend two hours on the golf driving range so technically I was out and about.

Monday saw Chantelle nip off work at lunch and join me on a trip through to Durbanville where we hooked up with Trish and Karl and their peeps (including Wayne, Candice and Mr. Brown) to partake in a birthday braai bash in honour of Trish’s upcoming birthday on Wednesday.

Yesterday I got off again (though Chantelle was working a late so again  it probably doesn’t quite count), but come today it’s back in full swing, with a visit tonight to the Barnyard Theatre to catch Broadway Rocks with Karl and Trish in support of the Fisantekraal Animal Welfare group. Thursday I’m sitting without a car seeing as it is back in the shop, so nothing planned as of yet, but don’t hold your breath, Friday we’re back to being social butterflies when Wayne and Candice join us for supper here in Nagua Bay (as well as for breakfast the next morning).

Oh, and Saturday evening happens to be the Funakoshi Karate Fundraiser Ball event, meaning dress-up fun for everyone.

And then Sunday, finally a proper day off, where weather permitting I plan on sneaking out with Chantelle to some remote forest conservation area, take with some good reading materials and pack a nice yummy picnic basket.

You really can’t say we don’t deserve it! :P

Moo, Braai and Chill My Life 01 MAR 2010

It turned out to be quite the sociable and relaxed weekend this time around, with Chantelle and I kicking Friday off by heading out to Bellville after work in order to visit with Mom and the rest of the family in celebration of mom’s 53rd birthday. As per usual it was an excellent braai followed up with lots of catching up chatter between the brothers, sister and folks, all nicely washed down with lots of great tasting little snack goodies – the perfect family get together in other words! :P (Not that Chantelle lasted all that long mind you – before I blinked twice she had taken her leave of us Lotters Original and sneaked off to the couch where she happily snored away much of the evening!)

Saturday was a pretty chill affair for the first part, with Chantelle sleeping away just about the whole morning like a dead person and I happily entertaining myself with Ryan’s Devil May Cry 4, before we finally set foot outdoors in order to hit the Pick ‘n Pay and grab all the necessary goodies for afternoon braai time. So whirlwind housekeeping and setting up, and pretty soon our guests of Damen, Michelle, Robert, Karl, Trish, Dean, Zania and little Zandea arrived, heralding the start of an awesome evening in the company of good friends. As is now quickly becoming the norm, I served up a masterful array of good tasting meat off the braai (seriously this ultimate braai that Chantelle bought me is awesome!) and it combined well with all the light snacks that Chantelle created including green salad, spanspek and some home made garlic roll. And don’t forget the ice cream filled, chocolate lathered sugar cones for dessert either!

Yes indeed, these new couches ARE comfy. Thumbs up!

And while watching the South African cricket team take on India provided the bulk of the day’s entertainment, the evening was not to pass without building some competitive spirit and so out came our 30 Seconds for its maiden voyage, providing some excellent games in which I’m sad to say, Team Lotter/Montgomery were soundly beaten by Team Storbeck/Oosthuizen! (But boy did Chantelle become a little bit too competitive by the end of the matches – get one little thing clue or description wrong and she’ll take your head clean off, mark my words! :D)

Seeing as we had held the braai early afternoon (15:00 to be exact) in order to accommodate the Stapelbergs and their little one, the rest of the crowd bid their farewells while there was still plenty of time left on the day’s clock, meaning that Rob and I got to ring in bedtime by watching the surprisingly fun Death Race starring Jason Statham in the lead – lots of car and gun action in case you are wondering!

Sunday morning saw us sleep in pretty late, before finally rousing and setting Chantelle to work on crafting some delicious french toast with bacon and fried banana for breakfast, after which Rob and I set about playing around with Dean’s copy of Ashes, which turns out to be a surprisingly fun cricket game – not that I can bat to save my life of course!

Following that we kicked Rob out of the house and set off for the mall, where I finally picked up a copy of Twilight (the first book) for Chantelle from CNA and then an awesome little paper shredded for my study here at home. (But no toaster mind you. Still can’t find a four piece toaster that both my wife and I see eye to eye on!)

Back home it was time for serious chillax as Chantelle stretched herself out on the couch in front of American Idols for the next couple of hours while I faffed around writing blog posts, doing the dishes and in the end playing some games (Again, Devil May Cry 4 is awesome. ‘Nuff said). Evening eventually rolled by and we found ourselves surely but steadily drawn in by the amazing Will Smith Seven Pounds drama, before ending the night off with Chantelle working on her Sarie competition entry, toasted cheese sarmies and just some general office and braai dishes cleaning up.

And testing the new office shredder of course! :)

Comfort and style. That's how we roll here in Nagua Bay! ;)

Michelle, Damen and Dean - Group Hug Now! (We command it!)

Little Zandea teaching Craig and Chantelle just who's boss!

Don't ask.

Muppet on a T-Shirt: Kermit the Frog My Life 14 JAN 2010

Posted entirely for the sake of Sven and his insatiable love for all things Muppet, I thought it prudent to put up this picture of the t-shirt given to me by Claire and Riley for Christmas and now worn proudly around the home when in relaxation mode (but which hasn’t quite made it all the way through to the work office just yet).

Needless to say, when adorned by the ever sexy and beckoning Kermit the Frog, I can’t help but feel like a great big lean green love machine! ;)

Kermit looking quite debonair as per usual...

And We Carry on Rolling My Life 27 NOV 2009

Sjoe, talk about an exciting time of the year. Our wedding and honeymoon aside, Juan and Lynne have just had a bouncing baby boy (named Kai), Zania and Dean are due in a week or two’s time (a girl named Zandea), Dean’s birthday was on Wednesday, Michelle’s birthday is today and Chantelle’s birthday is next week Sunday.


Claire and Riley are just about ready to move into their flat after the mammoth renovations have been completed, Ryan moves into his new house next week, My karate grading up to green belt happens next week Saturday, and Dean’s trying to scrape an Action cricket match in some time.

Work is getting busy with a crunching deadline for SANParks approaching and on top of all that, I haven’t even thought of Christmas gifts, nevermind Chantelle’s birthday gift, yet either!

But at least it is good to be back at gym, eating more healthy again (man, the honeymoon was bad in terms of overindulging!) and I can’t wait to pick up karate training next Monday again.

Oh, and Chantelle may just have broken her record for the amount of times she’s used the complex pool in a year. She’s been in it twice with me since our return! :)

Disclaimer: Yes, yes, another pointless post before I tackle the meaty stuff like breaking down the wedding, posting some photos and chronicling the honeymoon. All in good time people, all in good time! :P

A Royal Cock-Up My Life | Sport & Health 06 JUN 2008

BadmintonI don’t usually sleep around, hell, I don’t think I’ve slept around at all since going out with Chantelle, but last night, last night was different…

…I slept over at my mom’s place.

Why, you might be asking at this point? Well, not for any sinister reason I assure you. The Bellvile Methodist Church hall is currently housing around 150 odd destitute xenophobic victims, which obviously means that the weekly social badminton held there every Thursday evening and Monday morning has been put on hold indefinitely. However, the ever intrepid Aunty Elsa came up with a neat little solution – set up a friendly social match with the nearby Bellville badminton club, whose headquarters sit in 8th Avenue Boston.

Now to make up a team you need six players, three male and three female, and with my dad out on crutches after undergoing a knee operation this week and mom also out with a niggle, Claire and myself found ourselves being asked to fill in and help out.

Now I am currently at the lowest point of fitness that I have experienced in my life and haven’t been on a court (for any sport) in literally months, but nevertheless, I immediately agreed to help out and joined up with Ryan and Claire at mom’s place last night, before heading out to the match location.

On entering the premises, I was more than pleasantly surprised to recognize at least six or so people I used to play with back at Sanlam when I still played league, way back in the early 2000s. Of course, having undergone quite a few dramatic changes to my appearance, not a single one of them recognized or recalled me, but still, it was good to see them and catch up a little on what they had been up to over these last couple of years.

Our team for the night consisted of Elsa, Colleen and Claire for the ladies, while Ryan, Nicky and I made up the men, and all were eager for a little court action. Unfortunately for us social bumpkins, picking a fight, albeit a social fight, with a league playing team is not the greatest of ideas, especially if you normally play on a court that has almost no space around it, has a fairly low ceiling, and you play with plastic shuttlecocks. No, these opponents are the type of opponents that take the game seriously – with or without the ‘social’ tag.

Firstly, the use of feather shuttlecocks was a prerequisite. Now for any of you who have played the game with both types before, you will know the huge difference in weight and thus playing style and timing that comes with playing with feather instead of plastic. Now for me it isn’t that much of a problem because I used to play with feather back in my league days, but for some of the others it was pretty much their first time knocking about a feather in match conditions.

Of course, the diffenerce in level between the two sides was always going to be great (never judge a badminton player by their age – often the older you get, the better your placement gets, and thus the easier it is to win games) and it was thus no surprise that we lost all of our games in the end. Out of all of us, probably only Colleen stood a good chance of winning her singles games, but unfortunately for her, lack of match fitness cost her and she lost her nerve and in doing so lost the match.

Ryan and Nicky didn’t do too horribly in the men’s doubles, but they were dealt with easily enough, while Claire and Elsa went down fairly quickly in the ladies’ doubles, only putting up a bit of fight in the second game. Elsa asked me to play the singles, which a year or two wouldn’t have been a problem, but in my current state of health, it probably was not the greatest of ideas.

Funnily enough, despite the new scoring system that they used (which none of us were familiar with), I actually managed to win my first game, but I was huffing and puffing so much that I thought I might die of a heart-attack there and then! (As it was, I even had to deal with a stitch in my side at one point in the match!) Unfortunately, from that point onwards it was pretty much all downhill, as once again my bum knee gave out on me during an early point in the second game (you play the best of three) when I had to hustle to pick up a short shot. And with the knee blown, there went the game with it.

The mixed doubles didn’t fare any better unfortunately, with Ryan and Elsa going down (but after a good fight) and Colleen and Nicky also losing out. Claire and I played together for a change, and although we normally play quite nicely together, my immobility cost us heavily as we spent most of the games trying to come up with tactics in which Claire was responsible for most of the covering work. A lot of unforced and positioning errors later, and we were down and out for the count.

Despite the losses that we suffered, I at least can take some consolation in the fact that I managed to chow through at least half of their tube of new shuttles, four or five of which had to be replaced during our singles games alone! True, it was mostly my opponent that kept switching between shuttles because he wasn’t happy (generally as soon as he lost two or more points in a row), but secretly I know that my slicing action on the feathers WAS the main cause for the shuttlecocks’ early demise! :)

The actual badminton aside, the people we played against last night were really friendly and welcoming, and once all the games had been said and done, it was time for a nice round of tea and cake to end off the evening, a practice I remember from the good old league days. From there it was back to mom’s place where Ryan and I stayed up past midnight, battling each other in both PES 2008 and Table Tennis, with Ryan gaining the upper hand in almost all of the clashes :( (But don’t worry, I’m starting to get used to the Xbox controller at last! Next time it will be a different story, I promise!)

I have to admit, last night was tons of fun, and I didn’t realize just how much I missed this part of my life. Now that I am far removed from Bellville, all my badminton and squash activities are no more, with the result that I am now completely and utterly court unfit. Add a bum knee into the mix and you are left with a very depressed Craig. The most frustrating thing about last night was the fact that I know that my singles (and doubles) games would have been a walk in the park a year or two ago, but that I severely let myself down by having let my body down as much as I have this last year or so.

Yes, I keep saying “oh my knee this” and “oh my knee that” and yes, it is the truth because that has been a major problem for me, but I also know that when it gets to the nitty gritty of the matter, I really only have myself to blame. Hopefully last night’s excruciatingly poor performance will be enough of a kickstart to get me back to where I once was in terms of fitness, if not perhaps a little better. One can only hope.

In any event, last night’s badminton was really fun and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Hopefully Aunty Elsa doesn’t drag her feet too long and organizes another social match – and more importantly – they need me to fill in for them again! :)

Weekend in Review: Saturday (21-24 March) My Life 25 MAR 2008

Bikini BeachSomehow we only managed to get to bed after 03:00 on Saturday morning and after five or so hours it was up and at them as I realized that we don’t have any food or drink at the GB flat which is a major catastrophe considering that we had Claire and Riley passed out on the couches in the lounge. So with everyone asleep around me, I sneaked out the front door and made my way over to Pick ‘n Pay to stock up on some supplies.

As it is, I should perhaps not have bothered at all as Claire and Riley kind of skipped breakfast anyway, instead getting up, getting dressed and going off to gym – a kind of dedication that Chantelle and I can only dream of :)

The morning passed by quite quickly in all honesty with me once more stuck into the mess that is the man room, trying to sort a path out of all my junk that has been steadily piling up there now. Luckily our flat became a little lighter when Andrea showed up with Albert’s bakkie in tow and dragged off a sizeable pile of all her stuff that we had been using to recreate Mt. Fuji on our patio, meaning that we could at last take a little step back and admire the space that we are soon going to be turning into “home”. Chantelle already has her interior designer hat firmly in place and is coming up with sweeping plans that involves black, white and a furry mat.

My workflow for the day received a bit of a blow when we got a phone call from Claire a little later, asking us if we wanted to join them for lunch in Gordon’s Bay seeing as they were still in the area. It turned out that Claire’s friends in Pringle Bay had let them down and so to pass the time, we became the final option. No matter, who turns away friends and family who have come out to our corner of the world anyway? It is going to be pretty scarce occurrence so we had best pounce on all opportunities that come our way! :)

Chantelle organized for us to all meet up at The Tavern, a quaint little sea-themed pub sitting in the old harbour next to Bikini Beach, and so after rushing to get ready, we darted out to go and meet up with Claire and Riley who were already sitting and waiting for us. Managing to avoid getting blown off the road by the crazy strong wind that was gusting through Gordon’s Bay (as always), we reached the pub in good health and quickly discovered that Claire and Riley had abandoned the upstairs open deck, seeking refuge inside the rickety old building instead. So surrounded by tranquil blue shades of paint adorned by all sorts of colourful plaster fishies, we got down to the serious business of choosing what to chow for lunch.

As always Chantelle headed straight for the calamari (which she will rue one day when a tentacle reaches out and grabs her I tell you!), Claire and Riley opted for the chicken burgers and I went straight (more or less) for a basket of crumbed chicken strips – not very fishy, I know. While the four of us had a great time chatting and talking nonsense, we didn’t have such a great time waiting for our food. Our particularly short waitress turned out to be one of the worst waitresses I’ve ever had serve me and by the end of the day I was seriously considering “short-changing” her on the bill. Just a “little” payback if you know what I mean! ;)

(As it is, the silly girl even managed to forget the portable credit card machine on our table after processing our bill! The perfect cherry on the cake for her)

Disappointed in that we had managed to create a bad impression of GB eating venues to Claire and Riley, we parted ways and made our way back to the flat for… you guessed it… more unpacking and packing. *sigh* Wait, actually, we didn’t do that. Chantelle reminded me that we still needed to do a spot of shopping, so we jetted off to a rather quiet Somerset Mall where we browsed for our missing carpet at House and Home and priced the washing machines for good measure. As it is, I think we have found our match in a little 6kg LG machine that is shallower in depth than most other machines and should fit rather nicely under our open counter space. The window shopping done, it was time for the real thing as we entered Game intent on buying a nice shiny steel dustbin for the kitchen. Girding my loins, I boldly stepped into the store and promptly walked out clutching two sets of shiny stainless steel, heavy duty cutlery, a bread box and a copy of Tiger Woods 07 for Ryan.

Thankfully no dustbin had managed to woo my wallet in time.

Not wishing to abuse my debit card anymore than what I absolutely had to, I grabbed Chantelled and raced off back to the flat to get my work done. Or at least that was the plan, because truth be told we did not have all that much time left to us anyway.

19:00 and we needed to be back in Bellville to join up with Malcolm and Andri for supper with them and little old Corban (probably the REAL reason why Chantelle wanted to meet up with them in the first place!) On arrival and one nappy change later, we were treated to a delicious supper (although it could have done without the twirly noodles and mushrooms in my humble opinion) and were soon talking the evening away, covering all topics from application selling to iridology and our upcoming outing to Madame Zingara’s in April to boot. However, after a fairly lengthy stay, eventually fatigue got the best of everyone (well, us mainly) and we bid them a fond farewell, heading back to my rather empty flat for a well deserved, good night’s rest.

Well, it would have been a good night’s rest if it wasn’t for the strangest muscle spasm that gripped my right tricep in the meanest of vices in the early hours of Sunday morning, causing me to writhe around in pain for a good half an hour, swearing like a sailor and generally scaring Chantelle out of her own good night’s sleep. So with that extremely painful and excruciatingly long period behind me, I didn’t get the best of rests and as it ended up, needed to traverse the whole of Sunday with a generally stiff and painful right arm.

Wonderful :(