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Programming Blast from the Past: GameFAQs CodeUnit 28 DEC 2012

GameFAQsFound this little self-produced gem on an old USB disk lying in my drawer and thought it a good idea to post up here to try and save it for prosperity.

Basically, I wrote this handy little offline GameFAQs application to have FAQs close at hand back in the day when Internet Connection at home was non-existent and PS2 play time was plenty!

Essentially the application took a structured approach to storing text file FAQs which I would download from www.gamefaqs.com to mirror my at that time pretty large PS2 game collection.

Of course these days I don’t collect games and pretty much have a get rid of once done with policy in place, never mind the uncapped Internet Connection at home, thus relegating this little bit of application programming firmly into the realm of nostalgia.


A Retouch or Two CodeUnit 28 APR 2010

So yesterday was Freedom Day, an important (aren’t they all) public holiday on the South African calendar and one which you can see I made good use of in terms of tinkering a bit with my CodeUnit site (not to mention sleeping in, watching Batman: Brave and the Bold, going for a walk with my wife along the beach and enjoying a nice follow-up lunch on the deck at Bertie’s Mooring).

Yes, yes, I hear you, yet another “meta” post that doesn’t contain any tech, code or website info and yes, I know I kind of just upgraded the site’s look and feel pretty damn recently – but hey, sue me, I change my mind – and preferences – quite a bit! :P

Also, it is pretty important to let all of you regular readers know that you need to press Ctrl+F5 to force a cache refresh of the page in order to see all the new stylesheet and image changes.

C’mon, it’s definitely worth it.

Now the CodeUnit of Craig feels all nice and clean and pretty – far better than that grungy feel I was going with last time around! :P

The New CodeUnit Skin CodeUnit 21 MAR 2010

Alright boys and girls, it is time to hit that good old Ctrl+F5 to force a cache refresh of http://www.craiglotter.co.za once more. As well aware as I am that there are far better and more constructive ways in which to spend an whole Saturday afternoon at home in front of the PC, it turns out that the lure of churning out something special is just that much stronger than what I thought and so I slaved away yesterday with scant regard for time in order to present you with what you now see in front of you:

The totally new look CodeUnit of Craig website.

I’ve added and fiddled with some functionality, made a few tweaks, increased site advertising and most of all, ran an extensive overhaul in terms of graphics and layout on the site, the end result being something that turns out to be quite… pleasing to my eye for a change.

I like it, and I hope you do to.

(Still, ever the perfectionist there are still some small niggles I want to iron out, but those I’ll get to in the background… you know, when I don’t feel like doing household chores or something like that! :P)

Ctrl+F5 Press Required Please! CodeUnit 11 DEC 2009

If you’re browsing this site, chances are pretty good that it’s looking rather dishevelled at the moment. That is of course because over the last couple of weeks I’ve been fiddling around with themes, customising them and then stripping them down again. But I think I’m pretty happy with this final result I’ve now got in place, so you can go ahead and press ctrl+F5 in order to refresh the cache and view my site in all of its updated glory.

Just a couple of widgets and menu items to add and shift around and then I’ll be done. And finally CodeUnit at www.codeunit.co.za will be back to its stable self! :)


(Man I wish that I actually had time to work on my all of my online stuff – guess that’s the one thing I miss most of not being in either varsity or school any more… all that free time to do whatever I wanted to, all gone, or at least gone until I go on pension one day!)

MD5 Hash Prefixer and Image Size Standardiser Projects | Software & Sites 03 SEP 2007

Two more quick and dirty applications that I needed can now be found under the CodeUnit banner.

MD5 Hash Prefixer

MD5 Hash Prefixer takes all the files in a specified folder, creates a MD5 hash for all the file names and then prefixes that hash to each file name. Note that the folder parsing is not recursive in nature.

The files are all backed up before the process is undertaken.

md5 hash prefixer screenshot

Image Size Standardiser

Image Size Standardiser allows you to force all the image files in a specified folder to either a specific width or height (in pixels). The images are all stretched and shrunk to meet the required measure, though this is done while maintaining the image’s original aspect ratio.

The files are all backed up before the process is undertaken.

image size standardiser screenshot

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