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Selecting Your Own Contact Lenses My Life 13 APR 2015

As per the norm, I had stretched my last six month contact lenses supply well past its intended duration – in fact, records pointed out that I had last been to the optometrist in something like 18 months or so! So of course, when my current supply of lenses did finally dry up, I had little choice but to call up the optometrist for an obligatory eye test in order to get some new lenses.

Seeing as I’m particularly fond of the Aquity SI contact lenses that Spec-Savers stocks, I made an appointment with Spec-Savers in Somerset Mall, the same optometrist that I used (and was suitably impressed with) the last time I needed some new lenses.

That said, I’m pretty sure that the optometrist now staffing the branch is not the same optometrist that helped me out last time, but regardless, I really do have to highly recommend her. Wonderfully warm, friendly and professional, I was more than pleased with my interaction with her.

(Even more exciting though was the fact that it was a slew of new equipment and tests that awaited me since the last time I had been – always super interesting for someone as curious as what I am!)

Anyway, our first stab at the eye test was interesting enough. For around R450 I was told that for some inexplicable reason my prescription strength appears to have dropped, meaning that my left eye had improved from -5.00 to -4.75, and my right eye improved by a massive jump of -4.75 up to -4.00!

That seemed a bit weird, but the optometrist balanced everything nicely out and gave me a trial pair of lenses to test out this new, weaker prescription. (Also, she couldn’t quite believe the good condition of my eyeballs, considering the length of time that I wear contact lenses – a lot – and the fact that I don’t ever rub clean my lenses!)

Alas, the weaker prescription was quickly revealed to be a lie, because over the next few days of testing them out, I quickly spotted a flaw in our diagnosis – driving was proving a bit tricky now that all the signs were kind of blurry!

So back I went for another test, and this time I sensed that the optometrist was getting a little impatient and confused with all of my ‘uhms’ and ‘ahs’ when it came to deciding between lenses whilst reading the tiny letters (seriously, it is so difficult to decide!), so much so that she eventually gave up and instructed me to twiddle between the various strengths until I arrived at a point where I was happy.

And so I worked out my own prescription (technically).

The new readings: well sadly my left eye is in fact a lot weaker, it is now -5.50 (originally -5.00) whilst my right eye did in fact improve to -4.50 (originally -4.75) .

The good news of course is that there is now no longer any magical, unexplained giant jump in my eyesight, plus of course, after handing over a further R800, I now have new contact lenses for the next sixth months (read: one year).

spec-savers optometrist logo

Bonus: Turns out the optometrist recognises me from walking around Country Mews with Jessica and Emily – as it turns out, her little one year old daughter stays during the day with her mom who also has a place in Country Mews!

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Lens Solution My Life 09 JUL 2013

Contact_LensOh dear.

I woke up yesterday morning with my eyes feeling particularly puffy, irritated and glued shut. The more worrying part was that I could see perfectly fine, which if you put two and two together, means that I made a contact lenses rookie mistake which I haven’t made in absolutely years.

I had accidently slept with my contact lenses still in.

Not so good, particularly when considering the fact that my eyeballs would like to breathe while I sleep.

Sigh. Well, at least it’s only a minor inconvenience to deal with – poor Chantelle has such bad neck and back pain at the moment that she was forced to seek out a deep tissue massage over the weekend – only problem is, now it hurts even more, so much so that she missed last night’s class of Tamashii Daiko (Japanese drumming).

Which is a bit of a shame considering that she just started it last week…

An Eye for Disaster My Life 02 JUL 2007

Did you know that dry eyes, slightly sharp nails and eyes that don’t want to fully open don’t work so well with contact lenses? The other evening I thought I have ripped my eyeball out whilst removing my contact lens from the left eye. I was struggling to get a grip on it to yank it out, and when I finally lost patience and ripped at it, I only succeeding in tearing half of the lens out of my eye!

I’ve been wearing lenses since April now and it still takes me ages to work with this stuff :(

Insertion Success My Life 07 MAY 2007

Finally! Finally I have come up with a more efficient way of inserting these damn contact lenses. Where in the past I would do this by using a mirror, I’ve discovered it is far more easier and I get a far higher insertion success rate by simpy staring at my finger as it approaches in order to poke my eye out.

So instead of trying to watch myself in the mirror, my eye concentrates on watching my finger, meaning I can force it open for longer and also control the eyeball movement better because it isn’t trying to auto focus on an object in a mirror.

Genius I know :) – and yes, I assume this is what everyone else does and have been doing for centuries, but for me it’s a new idea, so there :P

Raindrops My Life 01 MAY 2007

Monday morning I experienced something I haven’t experienced in a very long time. Cape Town has the most glorious winter weather sometimes. The skies are grey and overcast, the wind will lie still and a soft drizzle will permeate the air. Now there is nothing more refreshing than walking in the rain, feeling the water as it runs over your body, cleansing and renewing your very spirit.

Now that I’m wearing contact lenses, the experience has been amplified for me. The added sense of near perfect sight adds a new dimension to this cleansing ritual, something I’ve never truly been able to appreciate before. Before I would have to remove my spectacles and walk half blind towards my destination, having to take extra care to ensure that I don’t stumble along the way. Now it was as if I could just slowly stroll along, taking in everything around me, enjoying every moment of it.

I guess some of the people on campus must have thought me quite crazy, removing my long top and tucking it under my arm to enjoy a leisurely stroll in just my jeans and t-shirt in the falling rain, but to me this was just too perfect for words.

To start the week with a cleansed soul, I certainly couldnt possibly ask for more.

Now thats just strange My Life 28 MAR 2007

I had the weirdest strangest sensation yesterday when I truly saw myself in the mirror for the first time without spectacles on. I’ve decided to try contact lenses out and so far so good – apart from me trying to gouge my own eyes out every time I try to insert and remove the damn little things. My decent eyesight abandoned me when I was twelve, leaving me with no choice but to don the horrible but necessary and essential invention known as spectacles.

Being a sissy when it comes to change and being the latest adopter of anything that I know, I finally decided to bite the bullet and go to the optometrist for some contact lenses. Benefits too many to mention. Cons – getting the things in and out, cleaning them the whole time and of course dropping them.

That said, I’m liking it so far. It really feels a lot better without the spectacles perched on my nose and the lenses are so unobtrusive a person doesnt even know that they are there. And if my trial run is successful then I’m definitely going to go all out and go for laser therapy.

But the thing I’m looking forward to the most: contact sparring with an opponent that I can now finally see in hi-def!

woman busy inserting a contact lens into her right eye