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Cookies and Coffee at Ikigai Artisan Coffee Bar and Deli in Riversdale (2017-12-26) Food and Drink | Photo Gallery 18 FEB 2018

I don’t normally pull over at Riversdale on any of my N2 jaunts (it’s usually too close to my destination), and on the odd occasion that I do stop, it’s usually to give Die Rooi Aalwyn/Bali Trading a spin so that the girls can have a little run around on their lush green lawn and enjoy their play area.

However, thanks entirely to the power of Instagram and clearly a very clever restaurateur, Chantelle and I now most definitely do have a reason to stop. Ikigai.

Named for the Japanese concept meaning “a reason for being”, Ikigai is sandwiched in next to the Spur (to your left as you travel on the N2 towards the Garden Route), and is best described as an artisan coffee bar and deli, with a sense of style that leaves you confused as to whether or not you forgot to leave home and are actually still lounging about in Observatory, Cape Town.

Trendy decor and inspirational quotes aside, Ikigai is obviously known first and foremost for its good selection of coffee and other warm drinks. Then of course there are its light meals and snacks, the most important being their delectable selection of pies – which Chantelle and I simply couldn’t get enough of!

(That said the girls would of course argue that no, their massive selection of baked cookies are by far the best!)

In summary: The space is small and intimate, the service prompt and friendly, the food good, and thanks to Ikigai’s trendy decor, visually everything is a treat for the eye.

Definitely well worth a coffee run stop then!

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P.S. Chantelle and I enjoyed Ikigai enough to prompt a return visit on our way back home!

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Baking Peanut Butter Cookies with the Girls (2016-06-11) Photo Gallery 15 JUN 2016

With me still waylaid due to my battle with German Measles, we didn’t exactly go out this weekend (I was still rather contagious, so better safe than sorry). As such, Chantelle made some time in the afternoon to treat the girls (and Cara who had been spending the day with us) to some peanut butter cookie baking – which needless to say went down quite the treat!

All three girls eagerly perched up high on the bar stools, taking in all the instructions that Chantelle was feeding them bit by bit. Getting involved is of course the super fun bit, and before long the girls were rolling their dough balls, patting them down on the baking tray, and sprinkling them with sugar.

Isabella dropped by to show us her gymnastics medals that she had just won, and she ended up joining in on the cookie bake as well!

The end result? Some delicious cookies for the rest of the weekend, and a well deserved Zootopia movie break for mommy and the girls!

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How to Set a Cookie using jQuery Programming 27 AUG 2013

jquery-logoIf jQuery is your javascript manipulation library of choice, then you would be pretty pleased that developer Klaus Hartl took the time and whipped up his excellent jquery-cookie plugin, thereby making the act of setting or retrieving browser cookies in your jQuery JavaScript a snap!

To set the value of a cookie is pretty simple, just pass along a key and a value, and as expected, you can make it a little more verbose by including a selection of all the standard cookie stuff like expiry date, path, or domain.

In action:

$.cookie("mycookie", "on!");

//Additionally, to set a timeout of a certain number of days (10 here) on the cookie:
$.cookie("mycookie", "on!", { expires : 10 });

Note, if the expires option is omitted, then the cookie becomes a session cookie, and is deleted when the browser exits.

This snippet covers most of the options in setting up a cookie that are available to you:

$.cookie("mycookie", "on!", {
   expires : 10,           //expires in 10 days

   path    : '/',          //The value of the path attribute of the cookie 
                           //(default: path of page that created the cookie).

   domain  : 'jquery.com',  //The value of the domain attribute of the cookie
                           //(default: domain of page that created the cookie).

   secure  : true          //If set to true the secure attribute of the cookie
                           //will be set and the cookie transmission will
                           //require a secure protocol (defaults to false).

To read back the value of the cookie:

var cookieValue = $.cookie("mycookie");

//You may wish to specify the path parameter if the cookie was created on a different path to the current one:
var cookieValue = $.cookie("mycookie", { path: '/view' });

To delete a cookie:


Right, that should now be enough to get you up and running!

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How to Remember which Tab was Open with jQueryUI and Cookies CodeUnit 13 FEB 2013

jqueryui logoIt is often quite useful on page reload or when coming back to a previously visited page, to open up that page with the last tab that was being viewed still activated. In the past jQuery UI tabs made this fairly easy through browser cookies being baked into the tabs initialization call.

Unfortunately, with the release of jQuery UI 1.10, the cookie option for tabs has been deprecated, rendering all your previous statements that looked like this, pretty much useless:

cookie: {
name: 'mytabs',
expires: 1

From the official upgrade path notes:

Support for cookies is not part of the core functionality for tabs and there are many ways to manage state across page loads. Therefore, the cookie option has been deprecated in favor of setting the active option appropriately during initialization.

Luckily for us though, just because native tab support for cookies is gone doesn’t mean that we can’t still remember which tab was open using cookies – we just need to alter our approach first!

The idea is simple enough. As before, use a cookie to store the currently activated tab index. On load, if the cookie exists, activate the associated tab index. If it doesn’t exist, load the first one. Finally, on tab activate, update the cookie with the new index value.

In practice:

var tabCookieName = "mytabs";
active : ($.cookie(tabCookieName) || 0),
activate : function( event, ui ) {
var newIndex = ui.newTab.parent().children().index(ui.newTab);
$.cookie(tabCookieName, newIndex, { expires: 1 });

Simple, but works like a charm!

Chantelle’s Cookies and Cakes My Life 14 DEC 2011

So a little earlier this month, wifey Chantelle got her game on and went ahead and launched her homemade treats as gifts business (just in time for Christmas!), which I then went and duly dubbed Chantelle’s Cookies and Cakes after deciding that she needed a website to support her new venture.

So why Chantelle’s Cookies and Cakes as a name then? One, it describes pretty accurately what Chantelle is doing and two, her previous venture back when she was fresh and just starting out had been called Chantelle’s Cuisine, so this just seemed kind of apt.

Pleasingly, she seems to like it.

She’s already taken a couple of orders which is pretty exciting, and after being “forced” to do some quality assurance after I convinced her she needs to make trial batches in order to get the pricing right and so that I could get some pictures for the site, I’m happy to announce that if you have a sweet tooth or are keen on giving someone something pretty awesome this festive season (or any other time for that matter), then you should certainly give Chantelle a shout at chantellelouiselotter@gmail.com!

So far the pricelist includes such decadent delights as chocolate truffles, chocolate-dipped turkish delight, chocolate brownies, real butter shortbread, peanut butter cookies and outydse soetkoekies.

And yes, I can indeed vouch for them all in terms of quality and taste! ;)

So yeah, now you know.

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(And for the record, the website is coming along quite nicely, though there are still a lot of tweaks and whatnot I need to give it under the hood before I’m completely happy with it. But at least it is up and running, populated and ready to inform, just as a website should be!)

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