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Tall Ships: La Grace Tall Ships 30 AUG 2015

Launched in 2010, Czech Republic-flagged La Grace is an authentic replica of the famed original La Grace brig from the second half of the 18th century.

czech republic brig replica la grace tall ship 1

The construction of the vessel started at the end of 2008 in a commercial shipyard at Suez, Egypt (chosen partly due to utilization of traditional boat building procedures and good availability of high quality Scandinavian wood), under supervision of vessel’s captain Josef Dvorský and ship constructor Daniel Rosecký, with the construction being based on blueprints published in 1768 by Swedish Admiral Fredrik Henrik af Chapman in the book Architectura navalis mercatoria.

czech republic brig replica la grace tall ship 2

The original La Grace was captained by Augustine Herman, and saw many merchant and exploratory travels around Europe, United States, Caribbean and across the Atlantic Ocean. La Grace was also renowned for her corsair (privateer) activities, including her well-known victory over two Spanish barques carrying sugar, tobacco and wine near the coast of Guatemala.

czech republic brig replica la grace tall ship 3

This modern replica is utilised solely to teach the art of old-time seamanship and her crew is mainly from the Czech Republic.

czech republic brig replica la grace tall ship 4

czech republic brig replica la grace tall ship 5

czech republic brig replica la grace tall ship 6

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Mike Mignola: X-Men Classic #58 Cover (1991) Comic Book Art | Comic Books 04 FEB 2012

Always eager to make some money off their huge back issue archive, Marvel at one stage had a dig through their old X-Men archives, pulled a couple of great story arcs from the vault and commissioned some new cover art to wrap it in before making a further $1.25 off old material. Certainly not the worst business plan ever, and actually something I quite appreciated because it meant access to classic story lines I would otherwise never be exposed to!

For issue 58 which was a reprint of 1982’s Uncanny X-Men #154 featuring the X-Men and Corsair taking on a horde of Sidrian Hunters, Hellboy superstar creator Mike Mignola got assigned the job of producing a new cover for the reprint, and so he whipped up this particularly dynamic piece in his classic heavily shadowed style, depicting a stressed group of Storm, Cyclops and Corsair, as they huddle together against a seemingly endless barrage of insidious Sidrian Hunters!