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New X-Men Cosplay: X-23 (Nadyasonika) Cosplay 15 MAY 2014

Mexican industrial design student, costume designer and maker, cosplayer, model, and gamer Nadya Anton is perhaps better known by her online handle Nadyasonika. For this particular cosplay outing she brings to life the wickedly effective mutant X-23!

Cloned from a damaged copy of Wolverine’s genome, X-23 was created to be the perfect killing machine. For years, she proved herself a notable assassin, though a series of tragedies eventually led her to Wolverine and the X-Men, with whom she now seeks to turn her life around.

new x-men cosplay x-23 by mexican cosplayer nadya anton aka nadyasonika 1

X-23 is a female clone created from Wolverine’s genetic material. Consequently, her mutant powers are similar to his. Like Wolverine, X-23’s primary mutant ability is an accelerated healing factor that allows her to regenerate damaged or destroyed tissues with far greater speed and efficiency than an ordinary human. Injuries such as gunshot wounds, slashes, and puncture wounds completely heal within a matter of minutes. Her healing factor is developed to such a degree that she can reattach severed limbs. She has also been shown to be able to regrow limbs.

The effects of her accelerated healing powers extend to her body’s immune system, rendering her immune to disease and infection. She is also immune to most drugs and toxins, although she can be affected by certain drugs if given sufficient dosage.

X-23’s mutant healing factor heightened her physical senses, strength, speed, agility, reflexes/reactions, coordination, balance, endurance to superhuman levels. Like Wolverine, X-23 possesses retractable claws sheathed within her forearms (though unlike Wolverine, she only sports two claws). She releases the claws through the tissue of her knuckles, leaving small wounds which are healed by her healing factor.

She also possesses a single, retractable claw housed within each foot. Although her skeletal structure wasn’t fused with adamantium like Wolverine’s was, her claws were all extracted, coated and then re-inserted, meaning that she comes with the same cutting power as the original.

Born and raised in captivity, X-23 has been trained to become a living weapon. She is highly trained in the use of long range weapons and explosives and is a formidable hand-to-hand combatant, with intensive training in numerous armed and unarmed martial arts techniques. She has also been subjected to conditioning in which a specific “trigger scent” has been used to send her into a berserker rage, killing anything in sight; Emma Frost is unsure if this will ever be fully suppressed.

She is also highly educated and so far has displayed that she is fluent in French and Japanese.

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No More Heroes Cosplay: Bad Girl (Yasemin Arslan) Cosplay 10 MAY 2014

Yasemin Arslan of Vera Chimera Cosplay is an Australian-based cosplayer, model, actress, psychotic nerd and visual artist – or at least that is how she describes herself. Game franchise No More Heroes is Yasemin’s target of choice this time around, as she brings to life the deadly Bad Girl, bat and all!

no more heroes cosplay bad girl by cosplayer yasemin arslan 1

Bad Girl is a 23-year-old assassin who lives in the basement of Destroy Stadium; her real name as well as her nationality are unknown. She is ranked 2nd in the UAA. She drinks frequently (as is evident from her refrigerator, which is filled with nothing but canned beer; the refrigerator itself has “Chiller 7” written on it as a reference to Killer 7), dresses in a style similar to that of the Sweet Lolita fashion (which directly contrasts with her murderous personality) and bludgeons cloned men dressed in S&M gear with a baseball bat. After listening about how she feels no remorse whatsoever about killing (claiming it to just be a job), Travis takes an immediate disliking to her, saying that she is not a true assassin, but a “perverted killing maniac”. In retaliation, she claims that Travis is no better than her because although she resorts to more cruel methods to killing, they both are assassins and kill who they must all the same. She attacks Travis with her baseball bat, as well as using her bat to hit gimps with enough force to turn them into living projectiles. She is not above trickery, either; should Travis approach her when she falls to her knees and begins crying, she will sweep his legs out from under him and bludgeon him to death with her bat. When heavily injured, she also spits liquor on her bat and sets it alight, increasing her damage.

After their fight, she stands with Travis’ beam katana sticking through her abdomen, refusing to give up. She continues to brutally assault Travis until he tells her he gives up, in order to make her stop her assault; she then dies on top of him, making Travis 2nd rank regardless of his forfeiture.

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Uncanny X-Men Cosplay: Rogue (Constantine in Tokyo) Cosplay 25 DEC 2013

Constantine, better identified as Constantine in Tokyo, dons the famous green and yellow bodysuit of everyone’s favourite mutant Uncanny X-Man and southern belle – Rogue!

uncanny x-men cosplay rogue by constantine in tokyo 1

Rogue has worn a number of costumes and been on both sides of the fence during her long run as a comic book character, being consistently one of the most popular female characters from the X-Men canon.

Identified by her trademark white streak in her dark hair, Rogue packs a powerful punch, possessing superhuman strength and durability, as well as the power of flight. Of course these were all gained through her primary mutant ability, the power to absorb both the power and memory of others through contact with her skin, often resulting in a comatose state of those that she touches.

With a complex and painful background, Rogue is certainly a tragic character, but her powerful resolve and strength of character always ensures that she is a proper force to be reckoned with!

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Gantz Cosplay: Kei Kishimoto (Natsumi ii) Cosplay 15 DEC 2013

Japanese cosplayer Natsumi (ii) manages to squeeze herself into this pretty cool costume for her Kei Kishimoto cosplay from the hit Gantz franchise.

Gantz is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Hiroya Oku. Gantz tells the story of Kei Kurono and his friend Masaru Kato who die in a train accident and become part of a semi-posthumous “game” in which they and several other recently deceased people are forced to hunt down and kill aliens armed with a handful of futuristic items of equipment and weaponry.

Kei Kishimoto first appears naked in the Apartment as her death involved slitting her wrists while in a bathtub. Unlike many of the characters of the series, she did not exactly die. As Nishi revealed, Gantz can make mistakes. Gantz accidentally created a copy of Kishimoto to use in missions while her original self survived.

Kurono has a deep crush on her, but she herself has a crush on Masaru Kato. Finding her ‘real self’ alive, she is forced to live with Kurono who is delighted to see her at first but later resents being used by her as she is clearly not interested in him.

Gantz calls her by the names “Boiled eggs”, “Titz” and “Miss Melons” (in the original Japanese: “Kyonyū”) due to her fairly large breasts. She dies during the Buddha mission to protect Kato from the acid attack of the boss alien, Thousand Arms.

Her seiyu is Hitomi Nabatame, and her English voice actress Shannon Emerick.

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Soul Eater Cosplay: Blair (Heidi Rogers) Cosplay 20 NOV 2013

Soul Eater is a Japanese manga written and illustrated by Atsushi Ōkubo. Set at the “Death Weapon Meister Academy”, the series revolves around three teams consisting of a weapon meister and at least one human weapon. Trying to turn the latter into a “Death Scythe” (and thus fit for use by the academy’s headmaster, Shinigami), they must collect the souls of 99 evil humans and one witch, in that order; otherwise, they will have to start all over again!

American cosplayer Heidi Rogers, otherwise known as Cosplay Kitten tackles Blair and her pumpkin for this particular cosplay outing.


Despite having the appearance of a witch, Blair is actually a black cat with exceptionally strong magic powers, including the power to transform into a sexy young woman, leading Maka and Soul Eater to mistake her for a witch and forcing them to start their soul collection over after they collect her soul (which she survives since cats have nine souls)!

She continually flirts with Soul and moves into Maka and Soul’s apartment for this reason, much to Soul’s dismay and Maka’s jealousy. Despite this, the two are able to generally tolerate her presence, though Soul suffers from nosebleeds whenever he sees her doing something risqué, such as wandering around the apartment naked. She also gets a job at the local cabaret and befriends the employees there. Her magic is largely Halloween-themed, and she utters the chant “pum-pumpkin pumpkin” before casting her spells. She can summon a giant floating pumpkin, which she uses as transportation.

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Djibril – The Devil Angel Cosplay: Hikari Jinno | Djibril Aries (Arisa Kamui) Cosplay 17 NOV 2013

Jiburiru – The Devil Angel is a hentai anime OVA series, composed of three four-episode series. It is based on the erotic video game series (eroge) Makai Tenshi Djibril, Makai Tenshi Djibril, which were created by Front Wing.

Probably best known for her Fate/Stay cosplay outings, Japanese cosplayer Arisa Kamui opts to dress down and show some skin in order to bring this particular cosplay to life!

Hikari Jinno: Introduced in the second game, Hikari is visiting her brother, and witnesses the defeat of the original Jibril. Partially due to being exposed to the secret of Djibril, and partially because she was the only person available to replace Rika, she ends up recruited as the second Djibril, with the suffix of Aries, in order to rescue Rika from the clutches of Misty May and Rococo. Later in the third game, Similar to kidnapping of Rika, she was captured by demons and becomes her darker self, and becomes a major role of the game.

Djibril Aries: The second of the three Devil Angels, Aries was recruited to replace Rika when she is defeated in battle and taken as spoils. She also spends most of the third game in a second, corrupted, persona of Dark Aries, which has a unique power to control minds. She is stronger willed than Rika, managing to break the controlling influence of Misty May in the third game multiple times, and, at least in the anime, summoning her own ‘Super Nova’ style attack despite being almost completely controlled.

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X-Men Cosplay: Psylocke (Constantine in Tokyo) Cosplay 13 NOV 2013

For today’s cosplay entry, Constantine, better known as Constantine in Tokyo, tackles one of the hottest ninja, psychic warriors to ever come out of Britain, Ms. Betsy Braddock, a.k.a Psylocke!

uncanny x-men cosplay psylocke by constantine in tokyo 1

Over the years various writers have certainly put her character through the wringer, but at the start of it all, creator Chris Claremont’s precognitive ninja played supporting character to her fraternal twin brother, Captain Britain, even substituting every now and then for him. Later on she became the mutant superheroine Psylocke, who developed telepathic abilities and then later acquired Jean’s Grey’s telekinesis.

Known for her psychic blades, Psylocke is nevertheless a warrior who can really get into your head!

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Uncanny X-Force Cosplay: Psylocke (Constantine in Tokyo) Cosplay 23 OCT 2013

Constantine, also known as Constantine in Tokyo, turns to the new Uncanny X-Force line for this particular cosplay outing, picking out the delectably deadly Psylocke as her character of choice!

uncanny x-force cosplay psylocke by constantine in tokyo 1

Over the years various writers have certainly put her character through the wringer, but at the start of it all, creator Chris Claremont’s precognitive ninja played supporting character to her fraternal twin brother, Captain Britain, even substituting every now and then for him. Later on she became the mutant superheroine Psylocke, who developed telepathic abilities and then later acquired Jean’s Grey’s telekinesis.

Known for her psychic blades, Psylocke is nevertheless a warrior who can really get into your head!

In her most recent outing, following the aftermath of Second Coming, Psylocke (along with Deadpool, Fantomex, and Archangel) is selected by Wolverine to be a member of the new X-Force, the sole condition being that no one must learn of the team’s existence. Psylocke has been seen using her telepathy to help Warren control the “Archangel” persona in his mind, which has led to the two rekindling their previous relationship. The team’s first mission is to locate and kill Apocalypse, who has been reborn. After the events of SCHISM, while Psylocke has decided to stay on Utopia with Cyclops’ team, she also secretly stays on X-Force to help whenever Wolverine requests. Cyclops also places Psylocke in charge of a new X-Men Security team, asking her to be his spy and spy-hunter.

During the Dark Angel Saga, the Jean Grey of the Age of Apocalypse universe opened up Psylocke’s mind, allowing her to tap into a previously untapped power. Writer Rick Remender confirms that Psylocke is now an Omega Level telepath. She also willingly gives up her capability to feel sorrow and regret as part of a bargain to save Fantomex from death at the hands of Skinlessman.

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Touhou Project Cosplay: Reimu Hakurei (Chii Sakura) Cosplay 22 OCT 2013

Reimu Hakurei is one of the main characters of the Touhou Project series, having appeared in almost every game in the series. As the sole maiden of the Hakurei Shrine, she is commonly called upon (or calls it upon herself) to investigate strange occurrences throughout the world.

Japanese cosplayer Chii Sakura tackles Reimu for this particular cosplay photoshoot, though by the looks of it, she certainly is ramping up the sex appeal on this one!

In earlier games, Reimu’s spiritual abilities were highly limited. (In Highly Responsive to Prayers, she was in fact unable to harm enemies directly at all.) As time went by, however, she developed her abilities, becoming able to use the Yin-Yang Orb, special amulets, and her own (limited) spiritual power in order to fight more effectively. Sometime between Mystic Square and Embodiment of Scarlet Devil, this culminated in her developing the ability to fly under her own power. (Before then, she relied on Genjii, her turtle familiar, to fly, and in fact did not fly at all in HRtP.)

As her abilities have changed, so has Reimu’s personality. She is commonly described as easygoing, curious, at least somewhat dutiful (at least, the shrine hasn’t fallen apart due to negligence on her part), and optimistic – sometimes overly so. Her personality seems sympathetic toward many individuals; there are few people indeed who remain her rivals past the first game in which they appear (though this is not to say she doesn’t get into fights after the first meeting), and the shrine has become a moderately popular hangout for some of Gensokyo’s more interesting female individuals.

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