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The Rugged Rock of Craig v6.0 Redesign My Life 25 AUG 2012

Right. If you are a regular reader of mine, then you might have noticed a fair number of changes around these pages. As I mentioned previously, in an effort to streamline my online presence and thereby reduce the amount of work I needed to do in order to keep everything up to date, I one by one closed down all of my other web presences, pulled in all the data, and merged it with what already existed on the craiglotter.co.za domain. So this means no more sites like codeunit.co.za, ruggedrockstudio.com, guestspark.com or houseofc.co.za, no everything can now be found under the umbrella of The Rugged Rock of Craig site.

In keeping with all of these changes, I also took the time to modify the design of this site, making some pretty big changes like dropping the right hand sidebar completely, fleshing out the footer area, introducing infinite scroll on all the looped pages, and finally compressed all lists such that they only show excerpts, allowing for a more focussed browsing experience.

And seeing as this is the sixth year that this blog is in operation, I’ve arbitrarily decided to refer to this latest redesign as v6.0 of craiglotter.co.za!

(As always, let me know what I might have screwed up. There are a couple of tweaks I still want to make here and there, but for all intent and purposess, this site is now stable again.)

And the New Domain is Good to Go! Blogging 07 OCT 2009

Wow, that was pretty quick and painless. In case you’re wondering what I’m referring to, check the URL you suddenly find yourself at. Yup, finally went ahead and grabbed my vanity URL, meaning that now you’ll find all my goodness sitting at http://www.craiglotter.co.za.


Anyway, everything should be working pretty much as it used to, though you’ll notice a couple of slight branding differences slipping in here every now and then. Now just to get all of the blog.codeunit.co.za friendly URLs to redirect correctly as well…

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