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USA 2016 – 17 Staying in Sabre Springs, San Diego (2016-07-17) Photo Gallery 25 MAR 2018

So, I kind of need to return to pushing out all the posts regarding my business/tourist visit to the USA in 2016. So far I’ve only managed to get to the first 16, and to be honest, there are in fact 14 photo galleries still left to post!

Admittedly, this is not one of the “Cool place that I visited” entries on the list, but instead serves as more of a gentle reminder to myself of the latter part of the trip – You know, because I primarily use this blog as a memory box for myself.

Anyway, so after the successful expo and all the sightseeing around the Anaheim/Los Angeles area, Johann and I bid farewell to Carl and drove out to San Diego, more specifically heading over to Johann’s house in the beautiful Sabre Springs neighbourhood, where I would be staying for the next couple of days while I packed the last bit of being a tourist in.

A healthy amount of driving about and San Diego sightseeing aside (Torre Pines, Del Mar, Cabrillo Monument, USS Midway, Embarcadero, Old Town, Hotel Del Coronado, Balboa Park and of course San Diego Zoo), I rather enjoyed taking in some suburban experiencesas well – like taking the dog on walks, trying out cream cheese on bagels for the first time, sampling a lot of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream flavours, seeing way too much politics (Trump was everywhere!) on the near constant news cycle, cringing at the amount of non-stop medicine-hawking adverts across radio and TV, and of course nipping out burgers, pizza and beer whenever the opportunity arose.

I probably enjoyed that part the most.

(For reference, we paid a visit to Oggi’s and Bruski whilst in the area – both were good, but with not enough photos taken, they are relegated to appearing here as footnotes of my trip memories).

[subvertedgallery link=”file” columns=”7″ ids=”48937,48938,48939,48940,48943,48945,48946,48947,48948,48950,48951,48952,48953,48954,48956,48959,48960,48961,48962″]

Oh, and yes, I did take full advantage of the pool as well. Definitely one thing that I miss having access to back at my own home here in SA.

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The Great Parmalat Cream Cheese Scandal My Life 01 JUL 2013

parmalat low fat cream cheese 2.5 kg tubChantelle bakes for a living, meaning that my home has forever been transformed by the influx of fridges, freezers, stoves, baking tins, and lots and lots of bulk bought ingredients. In her endeavours, she makes use of a fair bit of cream cheese, buying the stuff up in bulk 2.5 kg tubs.

The two main lines that she uses is Lancewood’s fabulously rich and indulgent cream cheese, as well as Parmalat’s slightly cheaper low fat cream cheese, also a tasty and versatile product.

One day, on the spur of the moment, Chantelle plonked one of the Parmalat tubs that she was busy using down on her pretty accurate food scale and noticed that the weight wasn’t quite what it should have been. Intrigued, she set about weighing some more of the sealed tubs that had just been dropped off by her main cheese supplier, Caterix, and was shocked to find that each and every tub was well under the advertised 2.5 kg weight!

So she phoned up Caterix and informed them of the situation. They started to weigh the tubs that were coming in directly from Parmalat and were just as mortified to see them also all under weight!

Now as far as I remember, in South Africa you are not allowed to include the weight of the packaging in the stated weight of the product being sold (and even if they did, they would still be under!), which means Parmalat is seriously out of line here. Chantelle did some calculations and basically figured out that for every 7 sealed tubs she was purchasing (and mind you, it’s a couple of hundred Rand per tub!), she was in fact only receiving just over 6 tubs of cream cheese to use!

Anyway, this immediately put Chantelle in a bad mood and the poor Parmalat help line assistant received the brunt of Chantelle’s displeasure, eventually promising that we’ll get a response from Parmalat in about two weeks’ time.

We await in anticipation.

(Though I suspect, the easiest solution for them is just to do what the chocolate slab and toothpaste manufactures have already done in this country. Simply reduce the size of the product and keep the price exactly the same!)