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GIF: Definitive Proof that Cats don’t like Yoga Jokes & other Funny Stuff 05 JUL 2013

Without a doubt, definitive proof that cats don’t particularly care much for yoga. Or anyone doing yoga for that matter.

As this poor woman found out the particularly painful way.


cat scratching yoga woman in pussy

This animated GIF serves as a reminder that cats really are out to kill you given the chance. (That’s why I gave my two away.)

If you’re still not quite following me, The Oatmeal probably explains this best in his classic (and rather famous) Internet cartoon:

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Misadventures of Major Naughtylust 002: Look Me in the Eyes The Misadventures of Major Naughtylust 12 MAR 2011

Another “probably sounded funnier in his head” pencil, paper, eraser, black ballpoint pen and photoshop comic up for your enjoyment.

Not too many superheroes introduce themselves with the crotch shot (he reckons this is his best side for photos), but as you might have noticed by now, Major Naughtylust is not exactly from your average superhero mould.

He is of course, quite the upstanding fellow.