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The Problem with Taking Cover Jessica 15 AUG 2011

The problem with taking cover behind a Cuddle Cub is that outside of its soft, snuggly cuddly adorableness, the bog standard Cuddle Cub does not provide much cover.

It is simply not large enough and this is something that young Jessica obviously still needs to grasp as she attempts to yet again take cover from the ever present paparazzi that seem intent on following her around everywhere she goes and taking snaps of everything that she does.

Shame, poor child.

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Photo Gallery: Mommy and the New Toy (2011-04-18) My Life | Photo Gallery 18 APR 2011

Chantelle bought Jessica a cuddle cub, the purpose of which is to pick up mommy’s scent after she sleeps holding it for a night or two, before passing it onto to baby as a comfort blanket. Pretty cool, and seemingly, works like a charm.

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