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The Morning of Jessica’s Birthday (2014-11-14) Photo Gallery 31 JAN 2015

Last year Jessica’s actual birthday fell on a Friday, which is of course a normal Vergeet-My-Nie playschool day, which in turn then meant that it was “wake the kids up super early” day!

Sticking to tradition, we spruced up some cupcakes, placed some presents on the floor, and then filed into Jessica’s room singing “Happy Birthday to you!”, which needless to say woke her up with an enormous smile on her face! :)


Then we encountered a bit of a flaw in our plan.

We lit the candles on the cupcakes, placed the tray on the floor, and asked Jessica to blow them out – only to quickly react after she had bent over to blow out the candles and her loose hair dangled in the flame.

Instant smell of burning hair in the morning. Yummy.


Nothing serious though, the cupcakes were devoured, and the presents ripped into – all of which brought tremendous joy to our little girl who had just turned four!

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Playgirl / Playboy Cupcake Disc Toppers Print Design 31 JUL 2014

Chantelle’s client needed some pink and black Playgirl / Playboy themed cupcakes for an upcoming birthday party, meaning of course that I was asked to fire up Photoshop in order to oblige.

Included in the downloadable zip file is a 300 dpi print quality PNG file plus the .PSD for further alterations. The print sheet contains 30 disc toppers, half pink, half black.

Although you could print these out on a edible icing sheet, Chantelle instead chose to print them out on cardboard, stick them to a fondant disc, which then topped the cupcakes in question. Quite funky actually…


Anyway, you can grab the zip file here: Download Cupcake Topper Print File

Photo Gallery: Jessica Birthday Wake Up (2013-11-14) Photo Gallery 19 NOV 2013

Jessica’s 3rd birthday fell on a Thursday this year, which of course then means a weekday cupcake wake up for our little girl – which needless to say she thoroughly enjoyed.

(Seriously though, who wouldn’t love waking up to a freshly prepared cupcake?!)

Armed with a box full of cupcakes for both her friends and the helpers at Baby Steps, Jess then enjoyed a fun day with her ‘maatjies’ at the creche (where she constantly broke out into song, basically singing Happy Birthday to herself should anyone care to listen), before returning home where I then joined her in breaking in her new easel (a present from Chantelle and me) by drawing away an hour or two!


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Photo Gallery: Jessica Birthday Surprise (2012-11-14) Photo Gallery 14 NOV 2012

We didn’t really celebrate on Jessica’s birthday seeing as it was a weekday, but we did wake her up in her cot with a surprise cupcake and candles combo. Needless to say, she still needs to get the hang of candles.

Chantelle also made these cool pink and blue cupcakes which were then sent along to Baby Steps crèche, in celebration of our now 2-year old little girl’s big day!

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