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FIFA Corruption, Sepp Blatter finally Resigns, and of course, South Africa looks Dirty Cartoons | Sport & Health 04 JUN 2015

Each and every year before a FIFA World Cup event, we get reminded by media outlets about the various scandals and controversies surrounding world soccer’s overseeing body FIFA.

Last year was certainly no different, with John Oliver and his research team over at Last Week Tonight with John Oliver having a proper go:

Now of course scandal for FIFA is back again, with the surprise move of the USA arresting a dozen of the highest ranking FIFA officials in Switzerland on corruption charges – instantly opening up a massive can of worms and headaches for the football organisation.

(Particularly funny, because as noted, it’s taken the country with seemingly the least amount of interest in soccer to actually do something about this group that holds itself above countries’ laws!)

Needless to say, comedian John Oliver and his team immediately weighed in on the story:

The reality of all of this is of course that it seems long overdue, but at least it has forced the hand of Sepp Blatter and he has stepped down (at last).

Though of course, this could just be an attempt to jump ship before it completely sinks…

Sadly though, South Africa has now been drawn into the thick of it, and no matter how sports minister Fikile Mbalula and his team try to spin it, it is looking pretty much like we paid bribes in order to get the World Cup in 2010.

Sigh, can this beautiful country of ours not get a break or two sometime?

Of course, FIFA and the World Cup has been an inspiration for Zapiro on more than just a few occasions before, but this particular scandal seems to have brought out the best from one of South Africa’s most recognised political cartoonists:

[subvertedgallery link=”file” columns=”4″ ids=”32196,32195,32194,32193″]

My favourite editorial cartoon coming out of this debacle however has to be the one drawn up by the Dr. Jack and Curtis team for EWN (Eyewitness News):

top fifa officials arrested cartoon ewn eyewitness news cartoon by dr jack and curtis


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Screenshot Saturday: Porco Rosso Anime 03 APR 2010

Studio Ghibli and the master Hayao Miyazaki’s Porco Rosso takes center stage for today’s Screenshot Saturday. Exciting, I know! ;)

Slugfest. There is simply nothing else to call this, now is there?

Porco Rosso was the legendary Hayao Miyazaki’s sixth time in the director’s chair and turned out to be an absolutely enjoyable romp set in Italy in the time just before World War II was to kick in. The film tells the story of Porco Rosso, an unfortunate former World War I Italian Air Force ace pilot that ends up getting cursed and being forced to walk around bearing the face of a pig. Now a bounty hunter that makes a living going after airborne sea pirates that prey upon the Adriatic shipping route, Porco finds himself eventually entangled in a duel to the death with American Ace Pilot, Curtis, set to the background of an unstable political environment and the looming threat of an Austrian-led war.

But first things first, if Porco loses then his trusted young mechanic Fio will be forced to marry Curtis, but if he wins, then Curtis will cover all the necessary repairs that his beloved fighter plan so desperately needs! And surely that’s worth fighting all out for?

Today’s two screenshots are grabbed towards the end of the movie where after an unsuccessful aerial dogfight in which neither pilot was able to shoot the other down, Curtis and Porco now find themselves knee deep in the sea busy clobbering the slobber out of one another. The rule is simple. Last man able to stand on his own two feet  will win…

Thanks to Gina's voice and Fio at his side, Porco manages to get up one last time!

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