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Mad as a Hatter at Inspired in Heidelberg (2019-09-30) Photo Gallery | Shopping 29 OCT 2019

Travelling down the N2, it is impossible not to smile when passing the colourful Inspired in Heidelberg, an Alice in Wonderland Mad Hatter themed home decor shop that just screams “stop and see what we stock”!

So I finally did. The people at Inspired Creations specialize in manufacturing beautiful solid wood furniture and handmade decor items that are not “on the high street”. The brightly hued shop (which is housed in an old refurbished milk shed dating back to 1873) is packed with the most inventive and wonderful pieces of home decor, eager to turn a house into a home.

There is a lot of whimsy, artistry and craftmanship on display, and if you can’t quite make you mind up all at once, then you are welcome to have a cup of coffee, a delicious milkshake, or a yummy panini on their stoep.

Oh, and they have a selfie wall.


The Guest House Bedroom My Life 25 OCT 2010

The one thing I am probably the most relieved about after moving all our furniture into the new house is without a doubt the fact that our brilliant, beautiful queen-sized bed actually fits in our rather small bedroom – but leaving enough space that I can actually walk all the way around it and don’t have to bother Chantelle by doing graceful tuck and roll dives through the air and over her to get to my side of the bed.

(I let her have the side closest to the en-suite toilet. Strategic thinking on my part you see.)

Anyway perhaps not the best of photos for you to see how the bedroom currently looks, but note the beautifully light clay coloured walls painted by yours truly, the delightful suede headboard, the nifty, stylish new bedside lamps on the new (obscured) bedside tables, all complemented by the all important queen-sized bed, draped completely in fluffy white.

Just like a proper guest house room if you ask me (and anyone else who has seen it already).

Oh, and instead of chocolates at the end of the bed, you get your very own furry water bottle for those cold winter nights!

Seriously. Is this luxury or what? :P

Our very guest house inspired bedroom, complete with non matching cats.