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Detective Comics Cosplay: Catwoman (Yaya Han) Cosplay 19 AUG 2012

Asian-American Yaya Han is a well known cosplayer gracing the convention scene, famous for her buxom figure and often meticulously detailed costumes. This time around she has drawn on the popular Adam Hughes’ Catwoman design, donning Selina Kyle’s whip and trademark tight clothes – claws out of course!

Selina Kyle, better known as Catwoman is one of Batman’s oldest adversaries and potential love interests, and as such has seen a number of changes and rewrites over the years. However, one thing that has remained constant is her status as an athletic, elite cat burglar – with a penchant for cats.

Whilst she doesn’t possess an super powers as such, she is an Olympic level athlete and gymnast, a highly skilled combatant and of course has all the attributes necessary for any stealthy burglar. Of course, being a burglar puts her squarely on the opposite side of the line from Batman, but as the years have rolled on by, she has been cast as somewhat more of an antihero, making it particularly difficult to know just which side of the fence she straddles.

Nevertheless, certainly a strong female character whom you most definitely don’t want to end up on the wrong side of!

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Detective Comics Cosplay: Talia al Ghul (Klytaemnestra) Cosplay 24 JUN 2012

Our cosplay entry comes today courtesy of the suitably dark (well for this shoot at least) cosplayer Klytaemnestra, who brings to life a very ready for business (sword and all) Talia al Ghul from the Batman universe.

The now-estranged daughter of Ra’s al Ghul, Talia al Ghul first made her appearance in Detective Comics #411 back in 1971. She has been a long time love interest of Batman, culminating in her being the mother of his son Damian Wayne, the fifth Robin.

Talia has long been a complex character, straddling the line of neither heroine nor villainess. She has committed many criminal acts in her service to her father, but never for personal gain, but at the same time she has saved Batman’s life on numerous occasions as well as help bring about the downfall of Lex Luthor.

In terms of abilities, Talia is an Olympic-level athlete, having been trained since birth in many forms of martial arts. She is also quite proficient with most hand weapons, and her ability as a hand to hand fighter is often underestimated.

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