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How to Mess Less when Drilling Holes My Life 30 JAN 2015

Over the last couple of years I’ve put up a lot – seriously a lot – of shelving around and about our house. Of course, every shelf requires a multitude of holes to be drilled through the plaster and into the concrete/brick walls, which translates into a lot of fun time spent with my old, inherited Black and Decker electric drill.

Now I’ve come across this tip numerous times in the past, but the point is that it does actually work and thus is always worth mentioning again: How to you create less mess when drilling?

mess less when drilling holes 2

Well, one of the simplest ways to mess less when drilling a hole is to simply grab a plastic shopping bag and some masking tape and then stick one end of the open bag directly under the spot where you are about to drill.

As simple as that.

The bag acts as  a dust catcher which in turn means more time putting up shelves and less time becoming acquainted with your vacuum cleaner.

(Unless of course you don’t really like putting up shelving and would rather spend some more time with your vacuum cleaner in the first place. I’m not going to judge if that is the case, promise.)

mess less when drilling holes 1

Anyway, if you want to see how this DIY tip delivered in a funnier, more animated way, check out the always amusing Suzelle DIY and her video demonstration that came out last year:

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The House of C 012: Follow the Drill The House of C 22 FEB 2010

Don’t ask, in hindsight not even I’m sure why I came up with this one. But it does as least serve as a good entry point for the newest member of the stable House of C cast of characters, namely Castle, a lovable but fairly dimwitted, sporty type.

But for the record, power drills do tend to solve a lot more problems than what you would normally think.

Making kebabs could potentially be a lot easier than what it currently is, right? O.o