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So, did You catch Lego Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures?
[Partner Content] 29 DEC 2016

In case you missed it on Disney XD (channel 304 on DSTV), Lego Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures is a brilliantly silly and fun watch to enjoy with your kids. (Seriously, catch the re-runs!)

If you enjoyed the Lego Movie or any of the licensed property Lego games from the last couple of years then you will definitely enjoy this one.

For starters, the show is set between The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi, meaning that you know straight away that you are in at a minimum for Lego Darth Vader and his Lego Stormtroopers to make an appearance.

Then there are the titular Freemakers, consisting of the young Rowan who first starts all the ruckus by discovering the hilt of the shattered Kyber Saber and then insisting on hunting for the rest of the crystal fragments, the older sister Kordi who is forever looking out for the family, and finally the eldest brother Zander, the mechanic who is good at building ships and probably the most important when it comes to keeping the Freemakers’ salvage operation afloat!

(Plus, there is the reprogrammed battledroid R0-GR, who as you may have guessed – in the tradition of the Star Wars universe – is funny as all heck.)

Anyway, essentially the setup is that you have these two forces, the Freemakers and the Galactic Empire who are both racing to find the Kyber crystal fragments in order to restore the powerful, legendary Kyber Saber lightsaber. There is the usual good versus evil, a clever twist and a lot of guest appearances – all generously mixed into this very fun action/comedy story.

It’s thirteen episodes long. The boys/girls will love it, you will grin at it, and essentially, the fanboys will adore it.

Pretty much a winner all around then! ;)

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Catch My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic on Nicktoons Moving Pictures Notes 07 AUG 2016

At four, Jessica was a massive fan of the super fun My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic animated series – with plenty of toy ponies to show for it too!

my little pony friendship is magic tv show

The animated show tells the tale of the studious Twilight Sparkle, and her pet dragon Spike, that gets sent off to Ponyville to do some research. There she quickly becomes friends with the ponies Fluttershy, Applejack, Rarity, Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash, and together they embark on all manner of adventures, with quite often their friendship being the thing that pulls them through!

It’s colourful, the characters cute, the stories a pleasure for both young and old, and quite frankly, I found myself rather enjoying watching the series first time around with Jess. (Less so the 300th time she watched it!)

Anyway, the good news is that My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is finally back on our screens, landing in August courtesy of Nicktoons, which can be found at channel 308 on DSTV.



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Star Wars Rebels hits South African Shores
[Partner Content] 29 OCT 2014

Following the massive success of the CG animated Star Wars: The Clone Wars series by Lucasfilm Animation (it ran for six seasons, hitting 121 episodes, and was popular with both young and old fans alike), it’s no wonder Disney XD was keen on keeping the spark going by commissioning a brand new Star Wars series from the guys and girls over at Lucasfilm Animation.

Set five years before Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope and fourteen years after the fall of the Galactic Republic and the Jedi Council in Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, Star Wars Rebels follows a motley group of rebels – cowboy Jedi Kanan, ace pilot Hera, street-smart teenager Ezra, tough guy Zeb, warrior firebrand Sabine, and cantankerous old astromech droid Chopper – all of whom have been affected by the Galactic Empire in one form or another, that band together aboard a freighter starship called the Ghost.

The evil Galactic Empire is tightening its grip of power on the galaxy, Imperial forces are hunting down the last of the Jedi Knights and slowly but surely the brickwork for what will become the Rebel Alliance is being laid by this most unlikeliest of crews…

star wars rebels screenshot 1

You can join the rebellion (i.e., catch Star Wars Rebels episodes) every Saturday morning at 09:20 on Disney XD (Dstv channel 304).

To celebrate Star Wars Rebels hitting South African shores, The Walt Disney Company Africa (TWDA) just completed a unique graffiti project in Cape Town and Johannesburg to introduce local communities to the characters of Star Wars Rebels.

Professional artists Justin “Nomad” Badenhorst and Charles “Riot” Keylock, created billboard walls outside Mzoli’s, the popular tourist hotspot and hangout for locals in Gugulethu, Cape Town. The Rebels then gathered in Soweto, where a wall in Pimville was transformed. With local residents looking on, each wall took 5 days to bring the eye catching artwork to completion.

In Cape Town:

star wars rebels graffiti cape town 1

star wars rebels graffiti cape town 2

In Soweto:

star wars rebels graffiti soweto 1

star wars rebels graffiti soweto 2

Of course, everything was captured on camera:

So now it’s just a matter of deciding on whose side you are, right?

star wars rebels screenshot 2

(Please note that this is a Sponsored Post, placed via the MyScoop blog advertising network.)

star wars disney xd logo strip

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DStv Open Channel Promotion this Weekend! Moving Pictures Notes 19 JUL 2013

multichoice-dstv-dsd1131-decoderFor all of us out there who are a) too cheap to purchase DStv’s full satellite package or b) don’t have enough cash to burn in order to afford their outrageously priced full bouquet satellite package, now have a reason to grab a cold beer, sit back and relax on the couch for the weekend, thanks to DStv’s open channel promotion which sees them unlock a number of their Premium-only channels and thus make it available to us, their 2nd tier customer base.

Of course, the whole idea is to drive up the number of subscribers to their Premium offering, but to be fair, I’m pretty sure the only reason people don’t already have the Premium package is because a) they can’t afford it or b) they don’t need it.

In other words, this probably won’t achieve all that much. Nevertheless, it does remain pretty cool for us plebs, so here’s the all important info:

The channels will be opened for active DStv customers in those packages to view from Friday, 19 July at 4pm until Monday, 22 July at 6am.

Channels available during the Open Content Weekend will be:


The Silliness of BlackBelt TV Live-Action | Moving Pictures Notes 22 DEC 2012

“Kicks, Flicks, and Chicks”. Oh dear, what a terrible, terrible channel DSTV has deemed fit to shove upon us unsuspecting, paying subscribers, nestling it in at spot 129 in our channels list. BlackBelt TV bills itself as a 24/7 martial arts television network, which in theory could actually be quite a great thing, until you actually take a look at the programming that we get over on this side of the pond.

mma grapple headlock takedown

Flicks are mostly made up of what seems to be hundreds of truly horrendously bad Chinese, American and Hong Kong kung fu action movies, all from the late 70’s and 80’s. So nothing worth mentioning there. The kicks are made up of 90% MMA fights, which as we all know by now is actually pretty boring to watch once it goes to the ground – which is pretty much 99% of the time! Outside of that, the only other fights they seem to screen is kickboxing, meaning variety isn’t exactly the name of the game here. And then don’t forget the fact that because most of this stuff is pretty amateur, visuals are for the most part poor for a good chunk of this stuff.

And then there is the ridiculous Chicks. BlackBelt TV couldn’t possibly get any more sleazier it would seem, basically throwing as many good looking women in as skimpy as possible outfits in front of the screen as what they can possibly find. Even poor Don “The Dragon” Wilson has to show off his move of the day against a skinny blonde girl in shorts and a crop top!

Rockin' Raquel Pomplun on BlackBelt TV green screen set

Verdict? It’s bad, very bad. Avoid unless you have an affinity for old kung fu movies. (Which as it turns out, I don’t).

DSTV Decoder Fail – and Subsequent Replacement My Life 19 APR 2012

Sigh. When money is tight, then things always tend to go wrong. That’s just the way the world works it would seem.

Anyway, towards the end of last week, our DSTV decoder (a classic DSD1110 model) started playing up in that it wasn’t changing channels very smoothly and seemed to be struggling to keep up with the buttons pressed on the remote. Nothing particularly sinister and certainly something both Chantelle and I thought would be fixed easily enough with a battery switch in the remote – after all, we haven’t changed the batteries in the remote since we first bought the thing back in January 2009!

However, the batteries swap didn’t sort things out and so on Sunday during our spring-cleaning operation, I took the decision to power off the decoder and then bring it back up in the hopes that this would sort out its nonsense.

Which of course as Murphy would have it, broke everything.

With the power restored, the decoder indicator panel kept basically rebooting itself as it attempted a scan, powered down, and then restarted, and with no output from the AV cables, I had absolutely no idea what was happening on the inside! After confirming the decoder’s failure on the secondary television set, I bit my lip, broke down in despair and phoned up Multichoice to try and figure out a resolution.

Multichoice’s maze of an automated answering system eventually yielded a live operator on the other side, and after confirming that we didn’t have insurance on the decoder, we were given the option of having the unit repaired at the nearest accredited dealer, that being Satellite Doctor out in Somerset West. This would set us back at least R350. Alternatively, we could replace our standard decoder with a newer model, which currently sells for R500.

Based on past interactions with electronics, I decided to rather replace the unit with a new one (which comes with a warranty) than risk a repaired unit which may give out again in the future and which would thus result in more money forked out to get it working again.

(And no, because we still make use of the standard decoder whose monetary value isn’t that high as compared to its HD and PVR brothers, we still won’t be going for Multichoice’s insurance package just in case you’re wondering.)

Right. After a few phone calls I managed to find someone selling the DSTV DSD1131 decoder without the installation package and who happened to be open on a Sunday afternoon – which turned out to be DionWired in Somerset Mall, meaning a breakaway afternoon trip for Jessie and me to go and pick up the new unit, thus leaving Chantelle to continue with her cleaning operation.

One successful pick up and go operation later, I was back in the car, decoder box in hand. A seriously tiny box at that.

Anyway, I got back home, unboxed the thing, marvelled at how tiny the decoder is (even the remote is halved in size!), as well as how they managed to remove every single piece of metal (apart from the connectors) out of the device, resulting in what is a rather light-weight plastic toy – which I’m rather scared of touching lest it falls apart!

Armed with the knowledge that the Multichoice DSTV smart card, from the decoder model DSD1110 upwards, is paired with the device, I phoned up Multichoice, eventually got through to a live operator, and started the process of disabling the old DSD1110 Smart Card and enabling the new DSD1131 Smart Card.

It was at this point that the lady on the line caught me out, asking me to change to channel 108 during the enabling process. Standing there in the office with the decoder in hand, I had to ask her to quickly hold on as I dashed around the house like a mad thing to get the decoder plugged in, switched on and find a remote that worked (the new one was still sealed, batteries and all!) – all accomplished with a distracting, niggly Jessica and a giggly Chantelle in the background!

With the decoder now switched on and throwing up some images on the screen, the operator quickly got everything up and running from her side, and we were left in the possession of a brand spanking new DSTV decoder, in working order, but with a whole R500 less in this month’s budget.


But at least Chantelle could enjoy Idols that night, so all was good with the world.

Damn You Channel 199! My Life 08 JUN 2011

At last. I though I was free from the television scourge that is Idols this year around, a show that Chantelle religiously watches each and every time around. Seeing as we haven’t had MNET for months now, due to the fact we downgraded to DSTV Compact in order to save a whole wad of cash every month, I contently smirked at the knowledge that I was free from this yawn-a-minute television blight at last.

But damn it, I didn’t know about Channel 199, or rather, I didn’t suspect that we’d be getting it on the Compact bouquet.

When I get home, Idols is on, when I wake up Idols is on, there is just no escape from it! Golden Ticket winners, Wooden Mic contenders, I was on Idols segments, the wall-to-wall list of continuous amateur singing just doesn’t seem to end.

Thank goodness I am able to free myself for a moment when I go off to work for the day, but it isn’t all sunshine and roses, oh no…

For I know that it will be waiting for me when I arrive back home in the evening.

*sigh*, the Winter months are going to be extra long this year. (I really need to invest in that second television set…)

Oh, but I did hear old school chum Mark Hannekom (or Haze) as he now call himself audition. Dude has been doing fantastic work with 12th Avenue over the years, and he rocked the first round audition. Maybe this will be the platform that will boost his reputation even further!