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Tarryn and Robert Announce their Marriage (2015-10-10) Photo Gallery 14 OCT 2015

The Bakesh Food and Wine restaurant in Durbanville seems quite a nice little place to stop for a bite to eat, but now thanks to Rob and Tarryn, it will forever be associated with something much more special.

You see, last weekend we were invited to a hush hush, secret surprise lunch organised by Rob, where on arrival the two of them announced that they had secretly got married three days earlier in Paarl.

Needless to say, there was a moment of stunned silence for both the Botha and Montgomery parents, followed by a LOT of jubilation and tears.

IMG_20151010_172525 mr and mrs montgomery cutting the cake

Congratulations Rob and Tarryn – may this be the start of a wonderful life together! :)

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P.S. It was a good lunch.

Dutch Haven Bistro and Bastille Day at Blaauwklippen (2015-07-18) Photo Gallery 07 AUG 2015

A couple of weekends ago we got to experience two very different bits of European culture – On the Saturday we found ourselves out and about in Durbanville, and ended up enjoying some food at the kid friendly Dutch Haven Bistro, situated in the Garden Court of High Street.

IMG_20150718_132442 playing outside of dutch haven bistro in high street garden court, durbanville

Needless to say, they specialize in Dutch cuisine – and I have to say, their food is particularly excellent and well worth a recommendation!

(Hot Tip: Another gem to be found in the High Street shopping complex is the fantastic little shopfront of The Velvet Cake Co. – modern, funky and with cupcakes and cake to die for! Naturally, Chantelle was in seventh heaven when she finally did get to stop there!)

IMG_20150719_121256 jessica lotter on pearl the pony at blaauwklippen family market

The Sunday saw us head out to Blaauwklippen Family Market for some pancakes and pony rides, and whilst both those were indeed on offer (by this stage Jessica is particularly fond of Pearl the pony), we were pleasantly surprised to discover that they were actually celebrating France’s Bastille Day on the day, meaning everything was naturally in tri-color – and they had both the music and the dancing to match!

IMG_20150719_131002 chantelle lotter at bastille day at blaauwklippen family market

As always, loads of fun and lots to see, and Jessica in particular surprised us by being taken so in with the music that she went up and danced on the stage all by herself!

Mommy and daddy could only but stare with our mouths hanging wide open! :)

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Photo Gallery: D’Aria Doilie Market (2013-10-26) Photo Gallery 29 OCT 2013

This weekend was a pretty hectic weekend for markets, what with Chantelle’s Cupcakery running three separate stalls over the course of Saturday and Sunday!

Saturday played host to our anchor stall at Willowbridge (manned – or I suppose womanned – by Leandra), as well as our first ever stall at the Doilie Market, located on the D’Aria wine estate in Durbanville. To round things off, Sunday played host to our stall at the Century City Natural Goods Market.

Chantelle and I handled the Doilie Market stall and I have to say, I was seriously impressed with the organization of this market. The market assistants were always available if needed, everything was well planned, and the market itself was very well laid out, with plenty of entertainment for both young and old alike. The live music was great, the kids enjoyed the jumping castle and petting zoo, and all in all the atmosphere was really nice – even with the slight breeze that would occasionally whip up over the course of the beautiful sunny day.

Unfortunately for our first Doilie Market though, foot traffic was severely impacted upon thanks to competing markets in the area (Meerendal and Kanonkop all hosted their own little markets), not to mention the Stellenberg Christmas Market and the Fairmont High School Festival that were also happening all on the same day.

Nevertheless, we did okay in terms of sales and in the end, after a visit from Jessica, oupa and ouma (lucky girl got the cutest of yellow dresses out of the deal!), Chantelle and I had a good day out!

(Sadly though, the day didn’t end on the best of notes – on her way home Chantelle crashed her Getz into the back of a bakkie, and to rub salt into the wound, the Stormers went and lost in the Currie Cup final to the Sharks!)


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Losing Grip: World’s Worst Dad Moment #2 My Life 20 DEC 2012

Oh dear. This happened a couple of weeks ago, but boy does it easily slip into second spot on my world’s worst dad moments list. And to be fair, it should firmly feature as Ryan’s first world’s worst uncle moment too! (Just in case you’re wondering what was my first world’s worst dad moment, then undoubtedly it would have to have been that time when I accidentally spilled scalding hot water from my coffee mug over mini Jessica, back when she was still just a couple of months old – thank goodness nothing serious came out of that, other than me feeling like an extremely horrible and useless dad of course).

Anyway, after a fantastic Sunday afternoon spent with my family at Mom and Dad’s pad whilst Chantelle was out watching a theatre show with her family, I decided to cap the day off with a visit to the local duck pond. Jessica and I made the stop off for some bread, and through some surprise circumstances, ended up at Sonstraal Dam with the full roster of Mom, Dad, Ryan, Monty, Cheryl, Chantelle and Robert in attendance, where we then proceeded to feed the ducks and enjoy the fresh, albeit a little chilly, outdoor air.

After all the bread had been gobbled up by the hordes of ducks and Egyptian geese that had descended upon us, Ryan and I thought it would be a good idea to entertain Jessica by walking with her hand in hand and swinging her up into the air we went along. This was coming along swimmingly, and Jessica would giggle in glee as we swung her upwards into the sky after every count of 3, until that infamous and regrettable moment when both Ryan and I simultaneously lost grip on Jessica’s hands at the start of an upward swing, with the result being my daughter flying face first into the gravel before us.

Oh dear.

Blood, tears and a very angry wife, not to mention a deep feeling of shame.

So yes, definitely second in my probably yet to be finished list of World’s Worst Dad moments.

egyptian goose in water swimming

(The creche asked about the scab and the bump the next morning mind you. And my colleagues laughed and made fun of me. Sigh, not my best of moments as a daddy then. Luckily for me, Jessica has a particularly short memory, and quickly got back into the “swing” of things. Snigger. See what I did there?)

Cattle Baron Carvery My Life 29 JUN 2010

I attended my very first session to the well known Durbanville Cattle Baron’s weekly Sunday carvery last Sunday and I must say I walked away quite impressed!

Monty, Cheryl and Robert are well versed in the ways of Cattle Baron’s Sunday spread, and so I guess I was quite pleased to be invited to the club when Chantelle and I received an invite to join them for lunch at the Baron this Sunday past.

For a change, C and I made a monumental effort to leave early from our slighly miserable in terms of weather Gordon’s Bay and so five minute before the scheduled meet up time, we found ourselves sitting in the parking lot, twiddling our thumbs. Of course, on such a beautiful day we probably should have sat outside and soaked up some more of those precious warming rays, but instead we went inside and claimed the best seats (overlooking the big screen, sports-carrying TV of course! :P), waiting for the rest of the Montgomery clan to join us.

The carvery itself is a pretty simple idea, but an extremely well executed one if you ask me. For R70, you get access to the Sunday buffet, a big table hosting a fine (and constantly topped up) selection of roast beef, pork, chicken, potato, sweet potato, veggies… in other words the works – and as with all buffet setups, you get to go back as many times as your poor stomach can handle! :)

The food was absolutely fantastic (so much so that no one caved if for dessert at the end), the conversation kept running, and despite the fact that our table number was drawn in the weekly competition that sees some lucky fellas winning some decent meal vouchers, everyone left quite a satisfied, happy chappy.

The day itself then further played out with some coffee and ice cream at the Montgomery Clan stronghold, an abandonment of a snoozing Chantelle on the couch, a fruitful Jackie Chan DVD hunt at Tygervalley, and then a snacking of some quite frankly divine home-made mini doughnuts in front of a brilliant Germany versus England second round World Cup game, in which those big talking Brits got properly spanked by a very efficient German team! :)

Oh, and back home, C even allowed me to watch a Jackie Chan movie with her in attendance (Mr. Nice Guy if you must know) – must have been that Marilyn Monroe print from Boardmans I surprised her with on our arrival back at the castle! ;)

Photo Gallery: Birthday Fun at Cattle Baron (2010-05-11) My Life | Photo Gallery 11 MAY 2010

I treated my family to a big family dinner at Cattle Baron in Durbanville, in celebration of me reaching my 30th year on this planet. Food was delicious, and the company wonderful as always! :)

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Dining Out – Again! My Life 28 SEP 2007

This weekend is going to be Chantelle’s first full weekend on duty at the guesthouse, meaning that shell be working the late shift today, full day on Saturday and Sunday, and early shift on Monday morning. All which translates into her working and me goofing off this weekend (which translates even further into I probably wont be seeing much of her this weekend).

But she did have yesterday off, so she spent Wednesday and last night with me in Bellville. Wednesday evening was Ratatouille and last night I decided to treat her to a proper supper out for a change. She picked Durbanville’s Cattle Baron and off we went (a little later than planned, but I cant help it if Burnout was just so damn addictive she even managed to beat me in a couple of the Takedown races!)

cattle baron steak and chips

Having removed ourselves from the smoking section due to an unpleasant atmosphere (stupid extractor fan/aircon was just too damn noisy and the smoking section was quiet too quiet), we settled down in our new space and went on to have a thoroughly delectable dinner date.

While she had the gourmet type of food in a camembert cheese starter, followed by C (something French sounding that starts with C I don’t remember – which is basically a delicious fillet drowned in burning brandy) and washed down by some Red Wine, I on the other hand stuck to my plain old ways, settling for a Cheese and Garlic Roll for starters, a good old Castle Lager and a Cordon Bleu for main except they didnt have a Cordon Bleu and all their chicken products were finished for the night, meaning that I settled for a far less satisfying beef schnitzel in the end :(

Of course, her good taste in fine food made the (very) gay waiter pay far more attention to her than me (not that I’m complaining of course). We stayed well past their closing time (it felt like we were the last people there!) and it was a delightful evening out, with us leaving feeling nice and stuffed – always a good sign that the food was good.

So now that my eating out for the week is done, I guess it is back to some healthy eating over this weekend. It always helps when I don’t see Chantelle every time I’m with her I cant help but want to spoil her rotten (and honestly, who orders healthy food when eating out I want my chips damnit!)

Edit: Hmm boy looking over this entry now, it really does seem kind of pointless, doesnt it?