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Now Zlatan Ibrahimovic is just Showing Off! Sport & Health 15 NOV 2012

Ouch, seriously don’t want to be a national English football supporter right now. Sweden delivered a big right hook to the English in last night’s international, and chief destroyer of the English defense turned out to be the one and only Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who scored all four of Sweden’s goals on the night!

The best moment of the night? Without a doubt Ibrahimovic’s jaw-dropping fourth goal to seal the win.

Even England captain Steven Gerrard described Ibrahimovic’s stunning fourth goal in Stockholm on Wednesday night as “the best I’ve ever seen.”

And I kind of have to agree. Check it out:

That takes skill (and a hell of a lot of luck).

How to Greet an Englishman Sport & Health 19 OCT 2007

How to greet an Englishman…

The Aussie way:

english rugby player helping up an australian rugby player

The South African way:

south african rugby players tackling an english rugby player

C’mon boys, the whole of South Africa (apart from perhaps ANC stalwarts and old stick in the muds in general) will be cheering for you come Saturday night. Go out there, show the English how to play and come back with the Cup.

That’s the plan, now stick to it!

Suck on that, you Pommies! Sport & Health 18 APR 2007

cricket-graeme-smithWell last night came as a more than pleasant and totally unexpected surprise. South Africa completely annihilated England in the crunch cricket match of the Super 8 leg, thereby knocking England out of the tournament. And after our dismal performance against the black hats earlier, I really didnt think we were going to do it. Though if we go by what the media is saying, perhaps all the boys needed was a stiff drink and a hell of a hangover to bring the best out of them.

Particularly satisfying of course was the no show of Kevin Pietersen. After his tussle of words with Graeme Smith during the week, he completely failed at getting any kind of decent score whatsoever. Ill bet he wishes he didnt have such a big mouth now :)

It was so nice to see us aggressively chase Englands modest total from the get go though. AB and Graeme shot out of the starting blocks, and basically well need to do it again if we stand any chance against the Almighty Aussies in the Semis.

The boys had better already start drinking then!