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Eric Basadula: Return to Wonderland: #1 Cover (2008) Comic Book Art | Comic Books 10 DEC 2011

2008 saw Zenescope revisit their twisted Alice in Wonderland scenario as part of their Grimm Fairy Tales line, with the aptly titled Return to Wonderland, scripted by Raven Gregory.

From their release note: Years have passed since Alice’s first fell down the rabbit hole. Now an adult with a family, Alice’s mind has drifted away from the safe shores of sanity into a silent world of madness. A madness that will not be denied and a madness her daughter Calie will soon discover for herself.

While the interior art was handled by Rich Bonk, the cover art assignment was handed to one of the stalwart cover artists for Zenescope, Eric Basadula, and as per usual he cranked out one VERY sexy Through the Looking Glass scene!

Eric Basadula and Nei Ruffino: Neverland #2 Cover (2010) Comic Book Art | Comic Books 26 NOV 2011

Zenescope continued their emphasis on making comic books revolving around twisted takes on classic fairy tales with the release of Neverland in 2010. Joe Brusha was the man behind the typewriter and Jean Paul DeShong the man with the pencil for this particular re-imagining of Peter Pan’s world come issue 2.

From their release note: Dr. Harlow approaches Wendy whose claims of her nephews being kidnapped sound a lot like one of his patient’s own stories. Harlow and Wendy plead with Cross to help them but his fear of returning to the horrid place from where he escaped 20 years before might be too much for him to handle. Meanwhile Tinkerbell’s jealousy over Pan’s new interest is causing friction as Pan begins to search for a way to dispose of Tink.

In the classic Zenescope way, this issue was released with multiple available covers, this particular one by artists Eric Basadula and Nei Ruffino being tagged as the retailer’s incentive version. Note the particularly stunning colouring used on the faerie wings – absolutely magical!

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