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Queen’s Blade Cosplay Quickie: Cattleya (Maryou Chouzuki) Cosplay 19 MAR 2012

Japanese plus-sized ero-cosplayer Maryou Chouzuki chose the perfect character to cosplay in Cattleya, matching the big breasted, giant sword-swinging blacksmith in terms of shape and look perfectly!

In Queen’s Blade, Cattleya is a swordswoman/blacksmith running a weapons shop in the small town of Vosk, looking after her devoted child as a single mom, ever since the disappearance of her husband, the adventurer Owen. She is exceptionally strong and can wield her enormous broadsword with ease.

Also, she has giant breasts. Possibly to counterbalance her sword? O.o

Daphne in the Brilliant Blue Cosplay Quickie: Shizuka Hayama (Karin Nonone) Cosplay 24 FEB 2012

The premise for 2004’s Daphne in the Brilliant Blue anime series revolves around global warming which has had a devastating affect on the planet, with the world’s oceans rising to such an extent that humanity now finds itself surviving on giant floating cities.

One of the leads in the unorthodox help-for-hire organization Nereids, busty and bespectacled with purple hair, Shizuka Hayama is a brilliant mechanic who grew up in an inner city district of Shibuya and pretty well connected there. She is known for her poor shooting aim and is friendly, casual, and trusting with a voracious appetite for food.

Japanese cosplayer Karin Nonone on the other hand is known for two things: her fantastic Cammy (of Street Fighter) cosplays, and then her far more titillating ero cosplays.

Needless to say, the skimpy nature of Shizuka’s costume suited her perfectly then!

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