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The Continent of Sulina: A Faerie Sanctuary in Swellendam (2016-09-22) Photo Gallery | Travel Attractions 06 JAN 2017

One day, during our September getaway to the lovely Stonehill River Lodge in Buffeljagsrivier near Swellendam last year, we found ourselves looking for something to do with the kids.

Having remembered seeing it a couple of months back on SABC 2’s Mooiloop‘, I suggested that we hop in the car and take the girls through to see Swellendam’s very own fairy and angel healing sanctuary – The Continent of Sulina.

From what I understand, the Continent of Sulina is run by sculptor Ian and his wife Minky Sulin with the genuine aim of it being a home and a place of safety and healing for Minky’s faerie and angel friends. Minky certainly has a strong belief in the Fae folk and those people for who this magic still exists certainly seem to appreciate this rather ‘enchanting’ space.

For the more practical of us out there, the Continent of Sulina is essentially a house with a rambling garden that has been filled to the brim with little figurines of faeries, gnomes, goblins, frogs, toadstools and other miscellaneous shiny (and sometimes creepy) things.

You essentially pay an entrance fee to walk through the garden around the house, and then enter the gallery house in order to exit, which is of course the point where you get presented with probably a thousand or so figurines of different shapes and sizes (many handmade by local artisans), all awaiting a new home in exchange for some of your money.

Recently, a second property adjacent to the original has also been purchased, meaning that now the fairy sanctuary also sports a dedicated kids play for the little ones.

There is a coffee station in the garden as well, but seeing as a light rain started to descend during our visit, we opted not to sit down and give it a go.

Honestly, unless you have kids (or you yourself perhaps) that are really into things like magic and faeries (none of us are), this isn’t really a place that is going to hold your attention for long.

If you are however looking to buy some fairy trinkets, then these guys definitely have you covered!

Yeah… I can’t say that any of the grown ups enjoyed the outing on the day, and unfortunately the girls didn’t seem to quite love it either. (Plus we all got a little wet thanks to the rather grey weather on the day).

Still it was an outing and that was certainly what we were after in the first place. So, if you have kids and have run out of ideas for things to do in Swellendam, you may as well pop in and see for yourself the ‘magical’ realm of the Continent of Sulina.

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As always, a map for in case you wish to go seek out some faeries yourself:

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Eric Basadula and Nei Ruffino: Neverland #2 Cover (2010) Comic Book Art | Comic Books 26 NOV 2011

Zenescope continued their emphasis on making comic books revolving around twisted takes on classic fairy tales with the release of Neverland in 2010. Joe Brusha was the man behind the typewriter and Jean Paul DeShong the man with the pencil for this particular re-imagining of Peter Pan’s world come issue 2.

From their release note: Dr. Harlow approaches Wendy whose claims of her nephews being kidnapped sound a lot like one of his patient’s own stories. Harlow and Wendy plead with Cross to help them but his fear of returning to the horrid place from where he escaped 20 years before might be too much for him to handle. Meanwhile Tinkerbell’s jealousy over Pan’s new interest is causing friction as Pan begins to search for a way to dispose of Tink.

In the classic Zenescope way, this issue was released with multiple available covers, this particular one by artists Eric Basadula and Nei Ruffino being tagged as the retailer’s incentive version. Note the particularly stunning colouring used on the faerie wings – absolutely magical!

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