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Oh Noes, the attack of the Toes! Jessica 20 SEP 2011

Oh noes, little baby Jessie is under attack from Daddy’s noisy toes! Not that it seems to deter this little intrepid adventurer mind you, seeing as she keeps going back for more! :)

If you know the layout of our house, then you’ll notice that the coffee table is no longer in its usual spot. It has been consigned to a lonely corner in the lounge, opening up acres of prime real estate in terms of floor space, more than enough to throw a couple of soft and warm blankets down on top of.

And with this great new play space available to the spectacular team of Daddy and Jessica and the various squishy toys, you can be sure that I now spend 92.3% of my time here at home, flat on the floor amongst all the dust bunnies and cat fur that seems to come along with the territory! :)

(In case you were wondering, this was shot just after I had returned home from karate practice, hence the peculiar white pants, getting ready to give Jessie her night time bottle, and of course play with her enough (read tire her out) so that she’s ready for a good night’s sleep!)

Baby Jessica and Her Baby Elephant Feet Jessica 18 JAN 2011

As you can see from the photo above, with Mommy Chantelle holding foot and card together while Daddy Craig furiously snaps away in the hopes of capturing a half decent photo before Jessie is squirming around again, our little dark red head girl is growing quite nicely – in both weight, length and size! :)

Just a month in since those footprint impressions were made, and my little dribble monster floppy has elephant-sized feet compared to back then!


Treading Painfully My Life 22 AUG 2010

Ouchie. Weird annoyance I’m sitting with at the moment. For those of you who know me, you know that I’m not the type to dress up very often – hell, I made my last couple of visits to the attorneys and financial planners in shorts and a t-shirt! So the one thing that I don’t do often is wear shoes – I find them restrictive and annoying and so generally go without them for most part of the day, even kicking them off at work when no one is looking! ;)

But this seems to have also been the root cause of my current pickle!

As I have now mentioned in these very pages, I enjoyed a great long weekend over at my Dad’s place in Pinnacle Point the other day. However, the house is one of those modern places with the painted concrete floors – interesting fact – walking about barefoot on them all day seems to have caused the appearance of two large, identical cracks situated on the balls of my feet, running between the two small toes at the ends of each foot!

These two cracks make it seriously painful to walk around on, and if it wasn’t for Chantelle’s great thinking of placing those awesome “winged” plasters over the bottoms of my feet, I would still be hobbling around with a grimace permanently stuck on my face!

Oh, and if you do have these gigantic craters running down the balls of your feet, allow me to advise you that it is not the best idea to attempt karate practice if you are not all plastered up – tried that on Monday after thinking that they had healed and all that happened was that they opened right up again with all that spinning around! Ouchie.

And while I’m on the subject of karate practice, I was amused to find the cause of the discomfort in my right eye on my return home on Wednesday night after an enjoyable session with Sensei Birgitt and the rest of the dojo.

We had started the evening off with some light kumite for the first 30 minutes or so, and somewhere in between someone must have caught me in the eye with a punch – because when I eventually took my contact lens out of my eye to see what was wrong, I discovered a huge chunk had been ripped clean out of it!

Turns out that a mitt glancing your eye will do enough to drag the lens along with it, tearing it off should any part of the lens decide its going to try and hang tough and cling for its life to your eyeball.

Sigh, and here I was doing so well in managing my contact lens supply up to now…

At the Foot of the Bed My Life 15 DEC 2009

hand-massaging-footTechnically I received my very first pedicure on Sunday evening if you want to look at it that way.

Now I’m a barefoot kind of guys, always have been, always will be. That means I spend most of my time without shoes on, meaning that I’m the guy you see walking on the field barefoot or strolling around a mall without any foot gear on. Of course, despite all the freedom this affords me, it does kind of have one little drawback, much to Chantelle’s chagrin: hard, cracked heels due to exposure to hot tar, rough surfaces and the sun.

Now I really don’t mind them at all, hell I don’t even know about them for the most part, but unfortunately it turns out that this bugs the crap out of Chantelle every time she sees my feet, and because it annoys her that my unsupervised heels are forever laddering anything stitched together, she made it her personal mission to take care of my hardened fellas when I least expected it.

Which is why, after having been lulled into a nice sense of security with a much-needed haircut performed by boobies in front of me and Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker in Rush Hour 3 on the TV in the background, I suddenly found myself ushered to the bedroom and plonked down on my stomach on the bed. A comic book was shoved into my hands and the next thing I knew, Chantelle had grabbed hold of one of my feet and began brutally scrubbing it down with some sort of sandpaper torture device.

Of course, my senses completely overwhelmed by the awesomeness of said comic book in my hands, she managed to complete the first foot, from heel to toe and was happily working away at my second foot before I could even think about protesting.

Then, the next thing I knew, my feet were then unceremoniously slathered with some sort of medieval, gritty concoction, generously massaged, and then plonked down in a bucket of water to be rinsed off. More cream and before I could even think of jumping up to escape, out came the toenail clippers and scraper to deal with my unruly feet digits.

My goodness, my poor feet didn’t know what hit them and now I don’t even know if I recognise them any more. But Chantelle had fun, I enjoyed the comic book, so no harm no foul I guess! :)