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The Dynamic Duo of Craig and… Dean My Life 25 MAR 2010

It kind of looks like the boys are going to be doing an XBOX gaming evening just about every second weekend now, pretty much neatly coinciding with Chantelle’s on weekends (fancy that). This week I decided to shake things up a bit and convince Ryan to allow us to host a Modern Warfare 2 evening at his 40 inch equipped pad with the help of my fabulously bling FaceBook event I created especially for the evening. Amazingly enough, he grudgingly agreed (he hates Modern Warfare 2 with a passion it would seem) and so the stage was set for a Friday night of XBOX madness once more.

Or so it could have been if the Modern Warfare 2 fanatic that is Damen was actually in the Western Cape for the weekend, or for that matter Cannon Fodder Karl who chose a coffee date above some manly bonding.

However, despite these two greats falling by the wayside, we could still count on the manly Brigadier Brown, Staunch Stapelberg and the Lethal Lotters to make the night great and so the four of us found ourselves plonked down in front of Ryan’s television come 19:00, with his 3.5 surround sound blasting our eardrums out left right and center.

The obligatory chit chat out of the way, we sank our teeth into a quick spot of Modern Warfare gaming, where the incessant whining of how much he hates the game from Ryan was quickly extinguished by some well place grenade launches and machine gun fire.

As is now the established norm, Brigadier Brown was once again head and shoulders above the rest of us plebs in terms of skill level, but we had some awesome firefights, heightened by the booming sound that threatening to call the complaining neighbours over any minute now. However, Ryan did eventually reach his saturation point and so we abandoned the run and gun gameplay for the more cerebral strafe and shoot, swopping MW2 for good old FIFA 10, our beloved workhorse that has in actual fact not had a decent spin for quite some time now.

I'll have you know that I successfully defended against a number of free kicks by jumping our defensive wall. Seriously, I am that awesome.

Splitting up into teams of Brown + Lotter Jnr. versus Stapelberg and Lotter Snr., the tone and pace was quickly set by messieurs Terrance and Ryan galloping to a quick fire succession of wins, leaving Dean and I scratching our heads and pondering our next move.

However, their speedy dominance was not to last as Dean and I came blasting back in the game, taking a succession of games in our stride despite the blatant, uninterrupted fouling and bad sportsmanship emitting from their every move, and emerging comfortably as the overall victors on the night – leaving a legacy that Terrance and Ryan shall now have to work hard to overcome the next time we lock horns.

In other words, as per usual it was a pretty damn awesome night of chips, drink and thumb twiddling. Truly the best a man can get…

Breaking in Ryan’s New House My Life 14 DEC 2009


So Ryan is all set up in his brand new house now, and of course we can’t let it go without breaking it in properly now can we?

Which is exactly why Saturday evening saw Karl-Heinz, Terrance and myself (admittedly, I was half an hour late) meet up with Ryan at his newly furnished pad, fire up Terrance’s FIFA 10 and proceed to kick the crap out of one another in a host of competitive two-man team soccer battles.

As is the norm, there were plenty of chips, a fair bit of liquid refreshments and chocolate cake to be had, though we did supplement our snacks by sending Terrance and Ryan off to St. Elmos in order to pick up some man-sized pizzas for all us men. (They were nice. The pizzas, not Ryan and Terrance.)

Unfortunately for Karl, he proved to be the night’s weak link by maintaining an awesome record of losing every single game he partook in, all the team battles (we rotated partners constantly), all the single games (against both me and Terrance) as well as the only all four on a side versus the computer game we played on the night. We can only hope he didn’t do anything foolish when he finally made his way home on the motorbike, or that at least Trish did something to make him feel a little better and worth more as a human being once he got home.

Terrance of course left pretty soon after Karl had departed (the call of Newlande is ever strong), but not finished just yet, I then proceeded to challenge Ryan to a game of his newly purchased NBA Live 10 which I must say, is a pretty damn awesome game, both in terms of graphics (including character animations) and even gameplay.

True, we only managed to fit in the one game (hey, it was late and I still needed to drive back), it turned out to be an absolute thriller, with Ryan pulling out with a big lead, me slowly clawing my way back, taking the lead just as the game was about to finish and then Ryan making the game-saving play in order to draw it level at the end of regulation time. Nice.

Anyway, the point of this post is that it was fun, Ryan’s house is now officially broken in, and that we should do these FIFA get togethers more often than we keep saying we should do! ;)

(Oh, and Dean was sorely missed, but we’ll give him this one – little Zandea needs all the attention he can spare at this moment!)