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Epic FIFA Foursome My Life 17 SEP 2013

A little more than a month ago, Damen, Evan, Ryan and I got together for our first proper FIFA 13 Foursome, which saw us playing FIFA on the XBOX from early evening straight through to early the next morning, punctuated only by a quick pizza run.

This weekend we attempted to recreate that epic evening of FIFA – and pleasingly we did!

xbox fifa 13 screenshot

We all arrived at Ryan’s pad at about 16:30 and by 17:00 the pleasantries were over and we gathered around the television, XBOX controllers in hand. We’ve got a pretty fair system of play which sees us rotate partners every second game, with each two game rotation featuring the same two teams – essentially we pick two teams, play a game, then rematch with changed sides, meaning that you are forced to play on both sides of the coin – important if one team turns out to have a rather easy to exploit Achille’s Heel. On that note, we also pick the teams very carefully, basically allowing the first team to be semi-randomly chosen and then manually find a matching team in terms of stats and stars to take them on.

As it turned out, the first game of the evening funnily enough provided the best goal of the night, with Ryan scoring a cheeky 90th minute winner by slotting a goal in via the near post from what should have been a completely impossible angle to score from! And talking about cheeky goals, Evan’s back heel tap-in probably took the cake on that front!

The games were fiercely contested (well, except for when Ryan and I played together on a team – goal scoring came a little too easily to us in the first couple of rounds, though eventually Evan and Damen wised up and started shutting us down), and in some cases the tension was so intense (the Manchester United versus Manchester City game was particularly guilty of this) that by the time the final whistle went we would have to wipe dry our sweaty hands and grab a drink to calm our nerves!

For the first time we implemented a scoring system which basically saw us track points for games played (3 for a win, 1 for a draw) as well as a goals scored tally, and after a full 8 hour stretch of FIFA (we played until after 01:00 am), Ryan emerged as the clear winner in the most valuable player (MVP) category with an incredible 49 points accrued – basically he only lost three times during the entire evening! I snagged the Golden Boot with my 29 goals scored, while sadly Evan brought up the rear, proving beyond any doubt that on the night he was the true wearer of the boot of clay.

Oh, and we did break for some delicious St. Elmos pizza – just to keep the tradition intact.

Overall this was a pretty awesome FIFA 13 Foursome get together and I have to say, I’m already looking forward to the next one! :)

fifa 13 foursome scorecard

(And just for the record, with it being so late I opted to spend the evening at Ryan’s place – which meant that after Damen and Evan left, Ryan and I still sat down for an hour of Topspin 4 tennis before hitting the sack!)

The 2.5 Hour Commute My Life 08 FEB 2013

baden powell drive protestIt wasn’t a particularly enjoyable Monday this week mind you. It started off innocuously enough, with me leaving home at 7am as per the norm and perfectly on time, but that pretty much only lasted until I joined up with the N2 from Sir Lowry, where an accident further down the line had caused a massive back-up of traffic which would happily keep me company for the next 40 minutes or so.

The traffic jam meant that I needed to stop and put in petrol as well, but once we finally made it out of Somerset West, the road opened up in front of me and I gunned it towards my usual off-ramp of choice, Baden Powell Drive.

Except, it turned out that this morning the authorities had closed it due to angry protests blocking the road (burning tyres are difficult to skirt around, so it makes sense to shut the road), meaning that instead I had to do a u-turn and head back on the N2 and into Cape Town to cut across via the M3 or M5. Radio traffic reports were not my friend as we header closer and closer towards Cape Town, happily informing me one after the other of accidents and broken down cars on the highways and the byways, literally damming up just about every conceivable route towards my final destination, and in the end, resulting in a full two and a half hour commute into work!

Two and a half hours! Needless to say, I was not a happy chappy.

Of course, Monday also happened to be the day that the electricians were coming in to install a power meter, which meant that they were waiting on me to power down the server room – which I was naturally now late for, never mind the fact that it took a little while for them to get the installation right, meaning the office was plunged into darkness on more than just one occasion.

And of course the modem server would kick up a problem during the process, the end result being that it was shudown which in turn meant a lovely hour of reconfiguring SMS Tools and the USB modems in order to get it back up and running properly again!

In addition to all of this, and on top of my already hectic workload, we discovered that Steve hadn’t completed any of the Distell work he was meant to do before he left the company at the end of January, meaning that I’ve now got an extra stack of development problems to deal with – which is just wonderful. Oh and some office politics raised its ugly head, which also guaranteed that I didn’t break out into a smile at any point in time.

Finally Tracy and I lost badly to Hypenica’s table tennis team of Ruairi and Tomy, and then to cap off a bad day (at least the drive home was painless apart from the horrible wind), I went and horribly lost pretty much all of my FIFA 13 games against Ryan in the evening.

So no, Monday wasn’t a particular favourite of mine this week as you could probably tell by now…

A XBOX Live Gold Denizen Proper at Last! My Life 21 DEC 2012

xbox 360 black wireless controllerNow that Chantelle’s baking business, Chantelle’s Cookies & Cakes, has taken off like wildfire, i.e. keeping her busy pretty much all hours of the day, and given the fact that Jessica goes to sleep early every evening, I now desperately needed to find something to keep me busy at night – and that thing turned out to be a twelve month XBOX Live Gold subscription card.

Up until now I have largely given the world of online gaming a skip, mainly due to budget constraints and mainly due to the excessive hours I know it would suck up. However, with all this late night time on my hands now, it seemed as good a time as any to finally jump on the bandwagon, and a quick search on the web indicated that getting online in South Africa is no longer as expensive or as technically challenging as what it used to be (i.e. they now cater for South African XBOX Live users!).

So I convinced Ryan via phone that this is a good idea and after a frustrating weekend of trying to purchase our membership codes via BT Games (I eventually skipped them and obtained my subscription code from the excellent mspoints.co.za site), and an exhilarating mall rush to pick up FIFA 13 before the store closed it doors with Jessica (we literally ran into BT Games with less than a minute to spare!), the both of us were finally online and managed to hookup for some awesome online FIFA 13 fun.

Since then I’ve progressed to playing FIFA against people from all over the world, and as of now, Ryan and I have started a co-op play through of the classic Gears of War 2, a game which Ryan picked up for super cheap via the also excellent evopoints.co.za website.

So far so good, and apart from a few dropped connections here and there (mainly whenever the wind roars here in Gordon’s Bay), I must say that it runs pretty damn smoothly over my 1 mbps connection, and more importantly is turning out to be loads of fun.

In other words, if you are looking to add yet another South African FIFA 13 opponent into the mix, be sure to lookup CraigLotter on XBOX Live.

(I know, I know, not a terribly original nor fear inspiring gamer tag. That’s okay. All that it means is that you’ll feel even more silly when I beat you at footie – you know like when a poodle wins a greyhound race…)

fifa 13 on the xbox 360

gears of war xbox 360 marcus shooting reaver while riding on betty

First Impressions: FIFA 13 (2012) Games | My Reviews 12 OCT 2012

I have been playing the EA FIFA soccer game franchise since I was a youngster, first battling it out over the SEGA MegaDrive if I remember correctly, before moving on to the various iterations on PC, PSOne, PS2, and XBOX 360.

In other words, I’m pretty damn familiar with the game.

This year marks the release of FIFA 13 and I must excitedly announce: this is by far the BEST FIFA release ever!

Although the graphics front hasn’t really advanced since the last couple of outings due to the console hardware restrictions, the developers have successfully managed to eliminate many of the minor gameplay niggles, as well as the annoying commentary glitches that had somehow managed to creep in the last two or so iterations.

Of course the most major addition to this year’s polish and release has been the removal of the old, almost automatic defensive system (which can be turned back on for gamers unable to adapt), in favour of a more manual system, which basically means you now need to get a whole lot smarter and skilled in defending, both in one on one situations as well as in terms of defensive strategy!

And yes, this means slide tackles have just become cool again.

My personal favourite of the new system is the ability to stick a foot out, which makes it a lot easier to intercept a travelling ball, trip up a player, or if you have to, just outright foul him in the hopes that the referee happens to be looking elsewhere (needless to say, the third isn’t actually a possibility).

The end result of the changes means a very fluid game, far less frustrating midfield grinds, a lot more scoring opportunities, keepers that don’t hold on to each and every shot fired at them, and in general, just a faster, more realistic, and more importantly, more enjoyable gaming experience, particularly when playing against another human opponent!

Of course there are a host of game modes, customizable options, key mappings and what not for the hardcore fans, and combined with a fantastic aural experience as well as a pretty slick presentation interface, FIFA 13 is no doubt an absolute winner this season.

Seriously, I can’t wait to take another crack at it again! :)

A Market, a Walk, and Magic Mike My Life 09 OCT 2012

Another weekend past, another market stall manned. As per usual Friday evening was all but wiped out by the frantic market prep, with Chantelle massively behind thanks to her big 80 cupcake order which she needed to deliver in Bellville on Friday afternoon. In an effort to make things a little easier, Jessica slept over at the Montgomery pad, but even this wasn’t enough to prevent Chantelle from only getting a handful of hours of sleep!

(That said, Andy probably didn’t get all that much sleep either – she gave birth to a beautiful little boy in the evening, welcoming little Aaron into the Snyman family! And on the topic of babies, my sister Claire is due next Friday as well, which needless to say is pretty exciting for the whole Lotter clan!)

In any event, I opted to setup and man the stall myself on Saturday morning, giving Chantelle a chance to try and grab a little sleep before driving through to join me later in the day. This plan went smoothly enough, though unfortunately the Willowbridge Slow Market organisers again chose to put us on the opposite side of the market between the Dog Food and Tupperware stalls, meaning our visibility was pretty low and we lost out big time on what should have been a very good market thanks to the weather and the time of the month. Oh well, we are evaluating a few new options in terms of markets, so we’ll see for just how long we’ll stick around with Willowbridge then.

After a little bit of a disappointing market, Chantelle and I next spent some time with Jessica and Cheryl at the Montgomery pad, with me spending a lot of time trying to get Jessica to stand up unaided. (And much to my surprise, she managed this feat a few times, standing for a good 10 to 20 seconds before realizing what she was doing and grabbing the nearest ledge).

Following that, I convinced Chantelle and Cheryl to join Jessie and myself for a trip to Door de Kraal recreational dam, where we made the most of a pretty dusk and loads of bird life for Jess to take in as we strolled around the dam (well, only about half the dam before turning back. Which if you think about it is almost the whole dam then).

Anyway, eventually bed time rolled around for young Jess Jess, and Chantelle and I opted to head out for a supper together, the first time we’ve gone out on a little evening ‘date’ in a very long time. Panarottis ended up being our dining spot of choice for the evening, and we enjoyed a delicious and leisurely supper in each other’s company.

Dropping her back at her folk’s place at 22:00, I then made the short trip through to Ryan’s pad, where I met up with him to battle it out over the XBOX 360 controller and his new copy of FIFA 13, a game which I must say is pretty damn awesome – the guys at EA seem to have got this one very, very right!

Midnight saw my return to the house, where I slunk into bed for a very good night’s rest. (Thanks Jessica for playing along!)

Sunday morning was up and early, and while playing with Jessica in the lounge something very special occurred – she took her first steps! And seeing as everyone was there to witness it, we pretty much had her walking up and down for at least the next 30 minutes! Tears of joy from Mommy and Ouma, and of course plenty of video snippets, which I’ll post up tomorrow for everyone to see.

Of course, this momentous occasion needed to be celebrated, so we all went out for breakfast, the initial plan being to take advantage of Spur’s cheap breakfast but in the end being won over by Panarottis brilliant breakfast pizza (seriously, Panarottis two days in a row!).

With breakfast done, we split up, Chantelle, Jessie and I first heading out to Discem to pick up some baby supplies, before popping in for a quick visit with Mom and Dad before they headed out in the afternoon for the Church’s fundraiser tea at the Durbanville Rose Garden.

Back at the Montgomery pad in the afternoon, Jessica and I went for a lekker afternoon nap, while Chantelle made her way back to Gordon’s Bay to kick off the epic clean that was needed to transform the hurricane hit kitchen and braai room back to their sparkly clean selves!

Evening eventually arrived and with Jessica safely tucked in bed and a pretty knackered Chantelle, the two of us clambered onto the braai room couch and proceeded to chow McDonald’s while watching the male stripper movie Magic Mike – which is seriously, seriously a bad movie. Bad acting, bad dialogue, a plodding plot and just a going nowhere story, not even Tatum Channing’s abs and dancing could save this one (according to Chantelle which makes it more legit).

Right. And that was the end of yet another market, but more importantly, Jessie milestone weekend.