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Anime Download: Master of Martial Hearts Anime 15 SEP 2010

On the way back from school Aya and best friend Natsume come across to fiercely dueling women – a stewardess versus a shrine maiden – who claim to be fighting as part of Martial Heart (or Platonic Heart if you’re watching the original Japanese).


Martial Heart is a mysterious women-only fighting tournament in which the ultimate prize is the granting of a wish, whilst the price of failure is a descent into the Dark Realm. It so happens that Aya’s mother was once a champion fighter and having being taught by her, Aya steps in and in the process strikes up a friendship with the shrine maiden Miko.

However, Miko soon disappears and it would appear that in order to find and rescue her, Aya will have to take part in Martial Heart. But as the battles continue and Aya advances deeper and deeper into the truth behind Martial Heart, she begins to learn some rather unpleasant truths about herself.

But these are nothing compared to the dark secrets at the heart of it all…

Master of Martial Hearts or Zettai Shougeki: Platonic Heart is a five part OVA that was originally released in 2008, directed by Yoshitaka Fujimoto and with animation produced by ARMS. If you’ve ever watched fan service laden fighting shows like Ikki Tousen and Air Master before, then you kind of know what to expect from Martial Hearts. Loads of exploding clothes, plenty of panties and bras, and maybe even the odd nipple or two.

Still, there looks to be some interesting fights to be had with a rather varied cast, so the show may just prove to be a little interesting, though I’ll only be able to tell for myself once I make it past episode 1 (hey, it’s a busy month, you know with me buying a house and all).

Anyway, thanks to FileCrop, I have unearthed the following MegaUpload download links for you, just in case you want to see what the series is all about before you go and spend some money on it!



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Center-Line Combat Philosophy Martial Arts 17 JAN 2009

Center-line fighting is a technique whereby a fighter attempts to control the movements of another fighter in order to gain the upper hand. The premise of this philosophy is the division of the body into 5 main center-lines.

Center Line DiagramYour main lines are the lines running vertically through the center of the body, i.e. one in the front (chest) [Line 1] and one in the rear (back) [Line 2]. These lines indicate the weaker parts of your body and every fighter strives to protect these faces. The outer lines [Lines 3 and 4] lie concurrent to your arms and legs. These lines are your strongest lines and are where attacks are generated from. Your Mother center-line is the line running parallel to your collarbone [Line5]. It is this line that you use to manipulate your opponents with. Likewise, it is the center-line that you try and line up against your opponents. By manipulating their mother center-line you control the direction that their other center-lines are facing you at.

The body is further subdivided into two zones, the live and the dead zone. The live zone is the front of your body. This zone can be defended. The dead zone is the back of your body. This zone is more difficult to defend. Thus the dead zone is one of the primary focus points for any attack.

The goal of Center-Line philosophy is to close your main center-line faces and line up your opponent with your strong outer center-lines, using your mother center-line to line up your body’s faces. Your mother center-line controls the direction you are facing. By controlling this line and manipulating the opponent’s mother center-line, you can force them to provide openings for your attacks. When fighting, you try and manipulate the opponent’s outer lines to lead you to a situation where their inner lines are open to your attack. This fighting style lends to fighting opponents in a side-on manner as this position allows you to turn your vulnerable main lines away from the opponent’s strong outer lines and at the same time line up your strong lines on your opponent’s body.

If both fighters employ this mentality then the fighting immediately lends itself to a circular fighting pattern, whereby both fighters circle each other while facing each other side-on in order to open the opponent’s main line. A skilled practitioner of this philosophy will attempt to block or strike an opponent such that during the movement their center lines will be exposed to a secondary attack or counterattack. The ideal situation for an attacker would be to open the opponent’s center line running through their back, in other words, the dead zone. This center line is the weakest because the arm and leg joints are such that a person cannot defend that face successfully. The front center line face is vulnerable but is relatively easy to defend using a combination of hand and foot blocks. The outer lines are a person’s attacking lines so they are usually strong and are able to fend off attacks.

This kind of fighting can be applied to any martial art style in practice. However, it is particularly effective in styles that stress close hand-to-hand fighting where body manipulation is a key practice. This is because each punch and block can be used to try and turn an opponent into revealing a center line. Combined with style that emphasizes fighting in circles and small foot movements, Center-line fighting is a powerful way of manipulating and controlling an opponent’s physical body and mind. If you are able to control the way in which an opponent moves their body and presents openings to your attacks, then you have essentially broken down their fighting style and have mentally triumphed over them.