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Final Fantasy X Cosplay: Rikku (Unidentified) Cosplay 22 AUG 2010

Let’s head back to gaming for this week’s Cosplay Sundae trip, looking up one of the perennial favourites in the gaming world, the legendary Final Fantasy series. Today’s cosplay on display takes a shot at one of the characters with the most mixed fan reception that Square Enix has ever had to deal with: Final Fantasy X and X-2’s Rikku!

Who, little old innocent me? I swear I didn't steal your lunch money!

15 year-old Rikku is a young and impetuous Al Bhed who first befriends and aids Tidus as he arrives on Spira before moving on and joining Yuna’s entourage of guardians. She speaks both English and Al Bhed and as a character class in the game, Rikku falls somewhere between that of a thief and a chemist. She comes across as a bit childish at times, but she is often the shining light of the group, always being cheerful and coming across as eternally positive.

Rikku was designed by Tetsuya Nomura and voiced by Tara Strong and Marika Matsumoto in the English and Japanese versions respectively. Of course, none of that is particularly important for this post as it is none other than an America cosplayer going by the handle of missfawn that brings Rikku to life in this particular photo shoot. Note the great costume detail and as a whole, this is one Rikku that has been done pretty right! :)

I'm not exactly sure how she would avoid cutting herself with her own blades had they been real.

She may not be the strongest fighter, but she'll certainly rob you blind!

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