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Fire Damage, Plankies, and Lunch at 365 Bistro & Simply Coffee in Pringle Bay (2017-02-25) Photo Gallery | Travel Attractions 02 AUG 2017

Earlier this year, the area surrounding Pringle Bay (a small coastal town along the Hangklip Coast, between Betty’s Bay and Rooi Els) was ravaged by a massive veld fire.

Although fires are commonplace here in the Kogelberg Biosphere Reserve area, this one was particularly bad thanks to immensely strong winds that fanned the flames all the way to the doorstep of Pringle Bay, taking out a couple of the boundary houses in the process, and burning literally on the doorstep of Chantelle’s aunt and uncle’s home.

(Apparently, it was only through a freak change of wind direction at the very last second that the town of Pringle Bay actually emerged relatively unscathed from this inferno.)

A couple of days after this disaster, Chantelle and I decided to take a scenic drive out along the picturesque Clarence Drive, and along the way decided to drop in on Pringle Bay to survey the damage.

The devastation was eye-opening. Many of the surrounding hill faces were now completely reduced to sand and stone, with only the blackened remains of bushes poking out here and there, the result being an eerie, almost alien landscape left to drive through.

Amazingly, despite the scale and proximity of the fire, it appeared that less than a handful of homes were actually razed, quite astonishing considering that some of the open plots sitting right in between the houses were burnt!

Making our way back to the center of the town, we decided to do a little exploring and head out towards Hangklip, seeing as it was a road that neither of us had actually ever driven before.

We ended up following the bad gravel road all the way to the (rather dilapidated, though some would say charming) Hangklip Hotel, turning around at its famous Plankies pub next door – all whilst under the watchful eye of a local baboon who was busy tucking into the leftovers of what had very obviously been quite the party the previous evening.

Back in Pringle Bay proper, we strolled around some of the lovely little establishments that seem to be popping up all over the town these days, before settling in at Simply Coffee, the coffee shop section of the super popular Bistro 365 & Simply Coffee restaurant hub.

And I’m rather pleased that we did. The food – and beer – was particularly excellent!

(Apparently the coffee shop runs during the day, before closing for the evening when the upstairs Bistro tweaks the menu and takes over).

Surprisingly enough, I didn’t nearly take as many photos on the day as what I normally would do – so all the more reason to visit again I guess…

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Not bad for an impromptu afternoon’s exploring then.

P.S. Clarence Drive alone is ALWAYS worth the drive!

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Jesus Saiz: Checkmate Vol. 2 #11 Cover (2007) Comic Book Art | Comic Books 13 APR 2013

Issue 11 of the 2006 Checkmate comic book series from DC Comics, entitled “Corvalho Part One”, sees Fire, currently the Black King’s Knight, trying to break free from Amanda Waller’s blackmail in a move that will shake the agency from top to bottom. Outside of that, Checkmate is drawn into the politics of Santa Prisca which appear to have possibly been manipulated by Bane. Friction begins to rise as the other three Royals suspect Waller has a hand in things she should not.

Written by the team of Nunzio Defilippis, Greg Rucka and Christina Weir, with interior pencils from Steve Scott, Issue 11 is wrapped in the fun “burnt through” cover courtesy of the always hot Fire and artist Jesus Saiz:

Review: Justice League International #5 (Mar. 2012) Comic Books | My Reviews 08 MAY 2012

We’re well into the first big Justice League International story arc now, and issue 5, entitled “The Signal Masters” comes to us courtesy of Dan Jurgens behind the keyboard, and penciller Aaron Lopresti and inker Matt Ryan on the visuals.

Peraxxus is well on his way to ripping apart the Earth as his planetary dismantling mining operation continues full pace, and with the Justice League International group already put in their place once through the alien and his giants’ awesome power, they’re very much in need of a regroup and a plan of action – fast!

Dan crafts an excellent story here with a unexpected Trojan horse twist as the League are forced to put aside their differences, come up with a plan and then work together to execute it. It still feels strange to have Booster Gold of all people in the front and center as the team leader, particularly because Batman now basically takes a step back and waits for his orders, but once you’re over that, this is a really enjoyable, action-packed yarn that sees Godiva, Rocket Red, August General in Iron, Booster Gold, Batman, Ice, Fire and Guy Gardner put through their respective paces, especially Godiva who questions her very role in this super powered group.

Aaron Lopresti and Matt Ryan work well to produce some solid, detailed visuals, which are perhaps not particularly exciting, but certainly more than enjoyable enough and which are well suited to a super hero title.

So certainly not a bad read, and a good end to the first big story arc!

Review: The King of Fighters: Another Day Anime | My Reviews 27 OCT 2011

The King of Fighters: Another Day is a short five minutes each four part ONA anime series that was produced by Production I.G. and directed by Masaki Tachibana as extras to the KOF: Maximum Impact fighting game release from SNK back in 2005.

The four short stories all revolve around a single plot with an unknown devastating fire breaking out in Southtown and four separate groups getting caught up in it.

The first episode has Soiree Meira trying to lead the rescue operation in the midst of the affected area, before being drawn into a fight with Iori Yagami. The second episode has Rock Howard being drawn to a battle between Lien Neville and the assassin Billy Kane, before jumping in to try and save Billy Kane who get tossed over the edge of Geese Tower. The third episode features K’ and Maxima attempting to extract information on the kidnapped scientist Makishima, but their hacking attempts are detected and leads to a scuffle onboard a underground tram with Leona, Ralf and Clark.

Finally, the fourth episode ties all the events of the first three episodes together, reveals Ash Crimson and then gives us a fight between Kyo Kusanagi and Alba Meira. Nice.

Because of the extreme short length of the episodes, there isn’t much all to say about the story, but the way they are interlinked is well done and for fans of the fighting game series, it is pretty cool to see some of your favourite KOF characters get some proper screen time.

Other than that, this really is a showcase for the artists, as we get treated to some fantastic and detailed artwork, with smooth animation and great fight choreography, which means that all in all, King of Fighters: Another Day looks pretty darn good.

Oh, and it sounds pretty cool too.

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Students and Fire don’t Mix General Nonsense 10 AUG 2007

stellenbosch res eendrag on fireStudents, note that this is why there are strict rules about bringing in microwave ovens or stoves into a residence. Disasters like this happen:

Eendrag, one of Stellenbosch’s oldest residences had it’s entire top floor gutted by a huge fire that started yesterday morning. Extensive damage has been done to the residence building, and although there are no fatalities reported, one or two serious injuries are known to have occurred.

For more info, click here

I’m betting it was a drunk student who had just woken up with a major hangover who then accidentally bumped over a half-empty bottle of Tassies onto an open gas flame stemming from their lighter that was trying to light their cigarette/joint, all while they were hopefully trying to deep fry some chips – everyone knows res food is bad. Unfortunately their crisp, dry and very flammable textbooks just happened to be lying close by.

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