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A Long Walk My Life 04 JAN 2010

Actually, over the course of this past stretch of leave, I did in fact discover a great new little exercise routine to keep me busy and my blood pumping over all those days spent alone at the pad in Gordon’s Bay – I shall call it “The Long Walk”.

I have no idea what made me do it, but one day I simply decided that I needed some fresh air and get a little more sun (playing games indoors all day tends to eat away at your vitamin D production after all you know), and so I dutifully pulled on my training shoes, grabbed my shades and good old Minnesota Twins baseball cap, and then went in search for my iPod.

I had just previously downloaded Eddie Izzard’s classic The Circle comedy routine and so I loaded it on the iPod (damn Ubuntu Karmic Koala refused to synch with the device I might add!) and pressed play. And that was the last I was to see of our pad for then next hour and forty minutes!

My brisk walk took me all the way outside of the complex, down Faure Marine Drive towards Gordon’s Bay past the Pick ‘n Pay, the Graveyard and Wonky Donkey, down alongside main beach (which was cooking all Summer long just by the way), up past Chantelle’s guest house, past the Navy training college, down alongside Bikini Beach, hitting the turn around point finally at the end of the cul de sac overlooking the sea!

A good 50 minutes to get there (and Eddie was still happily blaspheming away), and without so much as a pause to check the time, I walked around the circle and started the journey back – which obviously took another good 50 minutes to complete as well as a couple of tracks from Blue October seeing as Izzard had finally signed off just before I hit the complex again.

And so my new routine had started. With lots of Ricky Gervais and Eddie Izzard audio clips and podcasts to entertain, the long walk became a staple part of my holiday activities – so much so that I’m looking to continue with it over the weekends now that I’m back at work – though of course that all depends on whether or not I can convince Chantelle that she needs to join me on those sparse weekends where she actually has off for a change! :P

A Trojan in Our Midst My Life | Sport & Health 01 JAN 2010

Well, the new year is now upon us and like most, I’m sure you already have that scrap of paper with all your new year resolutions tucked neatly under the phonebook, just in case you accidentally lay eyes on it again come the end of the year.

Now as I mentioned previously, I had surprised Chantelle by purchasing an elliptical trainer (or Orbitek as you might know it as from all those darn TV commercials they used to run a while back) for Christmas, and can now proudly say that as a man, it is currently standing fully assembled in the main living area, neatly tucked away in our newly created little fitness corner, complete with sagging exercise ball.

Actually, on that point, the thing turned out to be a bitch to assemble, thanks to the guys over at Trojan royally screwing up the package by forgetting to add one crucial metal washer to our kit – something that forced me out of my comfy home and all the way through to the mall in search of a hardware shop open on the day after Christmas. Needless to say, I wasn’t impressed – and our Trojan now sports a rather large, over-sized and out of place washer on its rear arm mechanism.

Anyway, outside of that slight mishap, I must say I’m quite pleased with Trojan’s Ellipti-Pro 300 elliptical trainer. The thing is nice and sturdily built, capable of handling a max weight of 120 kg, comes across as a visually attractive (if a little on the large side) package, and features a nifty little electronic board that provides you with all the functionality you would expect from big brother over at the gym – sans built in TV screen of course!

The idea is to provide Chantelle with a nice platform to use on those days that she works too late to maker her gym classes or perhaps something to get her up and going as she takes in the latest 7de Laan broadcast in the evening or on a Sunday in its horrible omnibus format – a good plan if I say so myself as you’ll notice how cleverly placed the machine is in order to provide a great view of the TV as one happily chugs along to EARN that all important pizza takeaway meal you were hungering for as you drove past Scooters next to Pick ‘n Pay earlier in the day.

Our little "exercise corner". It's cute, I'll give it that...

Needless to say, I too plan on making use of Chantelle’s shiny new toy when she isn’t looking, which kind of makes this fall slap bang onto my New Year’s resolution list then I suppose! :P