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Anime Download: Queen’s Blade: The One to Inherit the Throne Anime 07 MAY 2010

Now that the female warriors have all reached the capital of Gainos and seen off a last ditch attempt to stop them courtesy of the Swamp Witch, the Queen’s Blade tournament can finally kick off in ernest.

Alliances and friendships need to break and reform as the warriors slowly get paired off against one another and as the unforgiving battles ensue, the greatest prize of being selected Queen of the continent still sits firmly in each’s mind.

Reina, the wandering warrior continues her quest to become as strong as what she possible can, but unbeknownst to her there is more to this tournament than just what can be seen on the surface. Sinister forces are on the move, and the current Queen is already plotting to oppose them… however she may not exactly be quite what she seems!

Season 2 of Queen’s Blade, entitled The One to Inherit the Throne (Gyokuza o Tsugumono) or The Evil Eye in the official English adaptation, consists of 12 episodes and saw the light of day in 2009. As with the first season, it sits firmly in the ecchi realm giving us more buxom, underdressed girls in g-strings swinging their weapons at one another and to be honest, they’ve gone and pushed the “let’s see what we can get away with without being labelled pornographic” envelope even further this time around, with the sentient fire staff Funikura’s “punishment method” against its bearer Nyx being a great example of this.

So it’s nipples, swords and sorcery once again, but with a decent amount of intrigue, mystery, drama and story to carry it through and make it not a complete waste of time.

It is surprisingly good but you’ve got to watch it and forgive the fact that there is a lot of blatant fan service that is going to be shoved in your face, making it perhaps a show you are not going to be enjoying with your significant other!

But if you are curious and want to see with the Queen’s Blade saga is heading, I’ve done some searching on the file download sites like MegaUpload and Mediafire and have come up with this handy little download list:


Anime Download: Detroit Metal City Anime 30 APR 2010

Soichi Negishi is a shy, reserved and gentle fellow who loves the sounds of sweet Swedish pop and dreams of a career as a successful pop artist. Of course, dreams don’t exactly pay the bills and so in the meantime, he has accepted the position of leader singer and lead guitarist for a rather raucous Death Metal back called Detroit Metal City, or DMC for short.

The only problem with this arrangement is that his death metal alter ego, Johannes Krauser II happens to be akin to a demon straight out of Hell! And it gets worse… try as he may like Soichi is struggling to keep the real him and Johannes apart in real life – with absolutely hilarious consequences of course!

Detroit Metal City is a twelve episode anime OVA that saw the light of day in 2008 and weigh in at about 13 minutes an episode, but those thirteen minutes a pop may just be the funniest minutes you have yet to experience.

Aside from the fantastic music skill on display, the absolute comedic brilliance that pits the depravity of Johannes against the naivety and sweetness of Soichi in a real world setting, combined with an absolutely deranged set of supporting characters will literally have you laughing out loud from start to finish.

The scenarios, gags and just plain fun, shock value and stupidity is hard not to enjoy, making DMC a surprisingly excellent watch – packaged up in a nice convenient pocket-sized helping.

Animation style is certainly nothing to write home about, though I guess it scores points for being original, but if you can avoid moaning about that (apparently the manga on which it is based is drawn even worse) then there is absolutely no reason if you are not an easily offended person to give this one a bash!

As per usual, I’ve crawled and scratched about on the file download sites Megaupload and Mediafire a bit to dig up what I can, and so without further ado, here’s a download list for Detroit Metal City!



Anime Download: Queen’s Blade: Wandering Warrior Anime 23 APR 2010

Every four years there exists a major battle competition known as Queen’s Blade that attracts female warriors from across the lands, held at the capital of Gainos and which was created in order to choose the continent’s new Queen.

It is a honour to participate and a must if you are seeking power, meaning that the world’s best warriors soon find themselves onroute to this prestigous event.

But not all warriors come with enitrely noble ideals of course.

Elsewhere, the Count’s daughter Reina Banshu is young woman dissatisfied with her current gilded life and the solitude she experiences by being trapped behind her father’s citadel’s walls. Eager to test her mettle with a sword and follow in her sisters’ footsteps, Reina seeks to leave the safety of her confines and become a real warrior, but the path that she has chosen is a difficult and dangerous one…

… and it doesn’t help if you start out your quest by going after one of the deadliest, shape-shifting assassins in the Swamp Witch’s employ either!

The first season of Queen’s Blade entitled Wandering Warrior (Ruro no Senshi) consists of 12 episodes and is a good mixture of a fantasy setting with some magic and sword-slinging tossed in. There is loads of action and fighting to be had, as well as plenty of humour and just that little bit of drama and intrigue to accompany it, but of course as most people out there would know by now, Queen’s Blade is pretty much all about one thing…

Loads and loads of unabashed fanservice shoved in your face and down your gullet, complete with uncovered nipples, loads of g-strings (snakes as panties anyone?), and girls wetting themselves. So definitely not a series for your kids then, and probably not one you should be watching in the company of a partner that you wish to impress.

However, it caused quite a buzz in Japan and on the Internet when it launched in 2009, making it a particularly popular hit – even if half the channels showing it had to HEAVILY censor it. But of course the uncensored epsiodes soon saw the light of day thanks to the non-controversy shy channel AT-X and so after scratching about on Megaupload and Mediafire a bit, here’s a download list of the first season of Queen’s Blade: Wandering Warrior that I’ve managed to locate on these file download sites.

Just in case you were curious of course…

(C’mon, who wouldn’t be curious of a pink shapeshifting swamp demon who squirts acid from her breasts at her enemies!?!)


Free Microsoft Anti-virus for Windows CodeUnit 31 MAR 2010

Free stuff is always good, especially when it is of a good quality nature and while I’ve long used AVG’s free anti-virus offering (after having ditched the very user unfriendly ClamWin) on my personal machines, I’ve now found myself shifting over to Microsoft’s very own offering, namely Microsoft Security Essentials – free to use for anyone running a genuine copy of Windows.

It provides, as all anti-virus packages do, real-time protection against viruses, spyware and other malicious software, is particularly easy to install and integrates rather nicely into Window thanks to the fact it comes from the same software development house. As per the norm, updating is all automatic and in general it runs nice and seamlessly, without bothering you too much at all – and in general is just a pretty efficient, background-running, non-obtrusive Windows application.

And it features a nice shiny green icon too – which obviously must mean it’s on the good side of the Force.

(On the plus side, it seems to work pretty nicely as an anti-virus package as well).

So there you have it. If you are looking for a cheap, powerful way of protecting your PC and are perhaps tired of forking over all your hard earned dosh to guys like Symantec, go ahead and give Microsoft Security Essentials a spin on your home machine! It’s not half bad at all! :)

Related Link: http://www.microsoft.com/Security_Essentials/

IPInfoDB: Find an IP or Domain’s Physical Location CodeUnit 13 FEB 2010

IPInfoDB is great free online service that aims to provide you with the geographical location of any IP address or Server Domain. Amongst the services available on the site is a simple web-based IP geolocation lookup, a full IP geolocation API that can return data in either XML, JSON or CSV formats and an API that can generate IP CIDR by country for iptables or htaccess blocklists.

They even provide a handy copy of their SQL database (updated on a monthly basis) and feature a nifty e-commerce fraud detection API that helps developers match and correlate IPs to physical areas quickly and efficiently.

Using their simply online tools is as easy as typing in an IP or domain name and as an example, entering codeunit.co.za resulting in the following being returned to me, bundled together with a useful Google Maps map.



AVG: Protect Your Computer for Free CodeUnit 09 FEB 2010

We’re well into the era where you don’t go out to a bar/club without carrying a packet of condoms on you right? So why is it that so many people still feel like taking their brand spanking new PCs out on the untamed roads of the Internet without carrying some sort of protection?

As anyone in the business of PCs will tell you, not having a anti-virus application installed on your machine if you are intending to connect it to a network is tantamount to committing PC suicide. The problem is of course, that the majority of good anti-virus applications are quite expensive, thus putting them out of the reach of most small home owners. So what to do?

Well, there certainly are a couple of free ones out there like ClamWin that does a fair job, but to perhaps get the best protection which money can’t buy (because its free), you could always look towards AVG, one of the most popular anti-virus vendors around. In order to get some buy-in on their pretty good commercial releases as well as understanding the fact that it is better to try and tame the Internet wherever you can if you can help it, they offer alongside their commercial releases a slightly stripped down version of their anti-virus software entitled AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition 9.0.

Perfect for the home user, AVG comes bundles with all the necessary tools like on-access scanner, email-scanner, deep scanner, etc. and after a slightly hefty download of about 78mb turns out to be a piece of cake install that even the most basic of computer users can manage. The application is kept up to date with new virus definitions on an almost daily basis and apart from the little advertising banner stuck on the bottom of the main interface, AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition is almost perfect.

Highly recommended, particularly if you aren’t yet running an anti-virus piece of software on that neglected home computer of yours!

(Oh, and have I mentioned they even have a version for Linux?)

You can download the latest releases here. There, now don’t you feel a whole lot safer already? :)

Related Link: http://free.avg.com/za-en/download