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Turning 31 My Life 10 MAY 2011

Tomorrow I will be officially 31 years of age. Yup, now well and truly on the slippery slope downwards, towards the dreaded “old age” that will eventually catch up to all of us. A lot changed in one year, and from having a lot of goals in front of me, and perhaps being a little despondent and questioning at this exact point a year ago, I am now down to only a handful of life achievements that I aspire to, or that I can at least think of.

Case in point. I now have my loving wife, my comfortable home, my beautiful daughter, I’m earning a decent salary in a field which I enjoy, I have a reliable car for a change, and my journey towards that elusive black belt continues at a steady pace.

So what does this mean for me and the things I still want to achieve in life?

Without a doubt, one of my crowning achievements in life! :)

Well actually I’m in a pretty rosy position, considering that I literally only have four identified achievements that are of any importance to me – and best of all, all four of these “life” goals are actually very, very achievable. And so in no particular order…

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